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Dword_avatar John Keltonic


Public Bio

I've composed music scores for many documentaries, including:

Ken Burns "The Roosevelts" – original music for PBS trailer
Olympics – NBC Sports – One-hour special "Their Finest Hour" with Tom Brokaw, primetime broadcast as part of the Olympic coverage
"Water Blues, Green Solutions" PBS, premiered Summer 2014
"Gateway To Auschwitz" – new film to be shown at the Auschwitz Museum in Auschwitz, Germany, premiering 2015
“Autism Is A World” – nominated for Academy Award (Best Documentary)
"Rescue in the Philippines" PBS Documentary
"Pushing The Limits" – new PBS serie
"The Chaplains" – PBS, premiering in 2015
"Suffer No Fools" – PBS, premiered June, 2014
"The USO" – Film by Academy Award winner Gerry Wurzburg
"For The Love of Their Brother" premiering in 2015
"The Mystery of White Tails" – New PBS special, narrated by Peter Coyote
"Heliophysics" – NASA series
"Birth of A Colony" – new PBS documentary
"Eruption of Life" – Mt. St. Helens Film
"Stone Age America" – PBS NOVA special
"Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton" – PBS
"Sam's War" – History Channel
"The Last 600 Meters" – PBS Special
"We Heard The Bells", PBS"The Adventists" – PBS documentary, many awards
"The Human Spark" – 3 hours PBS series with Alan Alda
"Justice" – new PBS series, sponsored by Harvard, airing weekly since October, 2012
"Global Focus" series, hosted by Robert Redford
"Betty Ford" – PBS Special produced by MacNeil-Lehrer Productions
PBS "Explorers" national promo campaign
"The Constitution" – film airing in the National Archives
"The Power of Forgiveness" – PBS special
"The Retirement Revolution" – 2 Hours PBS special (WTTW)
"The Retirement Revolution: The New Reality" – follow up PBS special
"Walter Cronkite" – PBS American Masters Special
"Exploring Space” – PBS, 2 hour series
"Harvard" – film about this prestigious university
"Everglades: River of Life" – PBS 2 hour special
"Global Harbors" PBS Special
Media General – TV News themes – regional Emmy for music
"Concorde: Supersonic Dream" PBS NOVA series
"Albert Schweitzer" – PBS documentary
“Bonhoeffer” – PBS, 90 minute special, many award
"President Kennedy Has Been Shot” – CNN, 1-hour documentary
"Code Blue: Lung Cancer" – PBS Special
“Over Alaska” – PBS 1 hour, regional Emmy, best original music
"Veggie Tales: Tuba Warrior" – DVD by Big Idea Productions
“Korean War Stories” – PBS, narr. by Walter Cronkite, awarded National Emmy for best Historical Documentary.
“Land of Revolution” – Discovery documentary
“Heaven on Earth” – PBS, 2 hours, narr. by Ben Wattenburg
"Thumper" – music score for interactive children's CD-ROM for Disney Corp.
“Bringing Down A Dictator” – PBS, narr. by Martin Sheen, Peabody Award Winner
“Monumental Arizona” – PBS 1 hour special
“Everglades River of Life” – Discovery Channel Documentary
“The Other Holy Land” – Hallmark Channel, 1 hour presentation
“D-Day: Beneath The Waves” – Discovery Channel, 1 hour
“The Truth Project” – PBS Special Documentary
“The Making of The Leopard Son” – Discovery Channel, 1 hour documentary
“A Force More Powerful” – PBS, 2 hours, narr. Ben Kingsley, numerous awards
“Gun Power”– Discovery Channel, 2 hour documentary
“West Point” – PBS, 1 hour, narr. by Walter Cronkite
“Murder For Hire”– Discovery Channel, 1 hour documentary
“The Supreme Court” – PBS, 1 hour documentary, also plays hourly at Supreme Court
“Coma: The Silent Epidemic”– Discovery Channel, 1 hour documentary
“Boatworks”- PBS series, 13 1/2 hour shows
“In The Footsteps of a Bear” – Discovery Channel, 1 hour documentary
“Pets: Part of the Family” – PBS 13 part series, narr. by M*A*S*H's Gary Burghoff
“Cybersurgery” – Discovery Channel, 1 hour documentary
“Nile: River of the Gods” – Discovery Channel, 1 hour documentary
... and many others...