Steve Ladd


Public bio

Since 1996, Steve Ladd has provided internet and media marketing services for a wide range of clients, including media producers, documentary distributors, nonprofit organizations, and small businesses. Among Ladd Media's clients are Native American Public Telecommunications, the Center for Asian American Media, New Day Films, Bullfrog Films, California Technology Assistance Project, Rob Reiner's Parents Action for Children (I Am Your Child series) and Video Librarian. Ladd has also produced several web sites for producers, including two for PBS Online: "New Muslim Cool" and "Fight in the Fields: Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers Struggle". Prior to establishing his consulting business, Steve Ladd served for 10 years as Executive Director of The Video Project, a national producer and distributor of over 300 top-rated educational and documentary films, including Oscar and Emmy winners. At The Video Project, Ladd was responsible for overseeing or implementing marketing, distribution, fundraising, new acquisitions, contracts and public relations, and directed the production of several educational titles. He is currently working again with The Video Project ( and its new parent company, Specialty Studios, to build a media business that will provide a full range of distribution services to social issue filmmakers.