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Dword_avatar Vania Del Borgo


Public Bio

Vania Del Borgo was born in Rome but grew up in New York. After earning a B.A. in Government from Oberlin College, Ohio, she worked as a subeditor and research director at The Nation magazine. In 1989 she moved to London to earn an MSc in European Studies from the London School of Economics and started working as a researcher and later as a producer/director on a range of history and culture documentaries mainly for Channel 4. Among her UK credits are Dead West: The War on the American Desert (1994), The Hanged Man: Nigeria’s Shame (1995), An Open Letter to India (1996), Letters from America (1997) and Love Me Tender (1999).

In 1999 she moved to Rome and worked as a producer/director for RAI’s thematic satellite channel RAI SAT ART and for the current affairs documentary series C’era una volta, broadcast by RAI 3. In 2002 she joined the independent production company Doclab, where she was responsible for coordinating project development and co-productions and where she co-wrote and produced the award-winning feature-length documentary Excellent Cadavers (2005), about the murder of the anti-mafia magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, directed by Marco Turco, as well as a number of one-off history documentaries, such as On Assignment for Mussolini (2006), The Rosselli Files (2007) and Michelangelo Revealed (2008). In 2009 after developing and co-writing Nato’s Secret Armies, a documentary about Europe’s post-war “stay-behind” networks, directed by Andreas Pichler and produced by the Milan-based independent MIR Cinematografica, she decided to dedicate herself fulltime to creative documentaries, working as executive producer with Cristiano Barbarossa on his A Slum Symphony (2010), following five children through Venezuela’s national orchestra system, produced by Verve Media Company, among other projects.

She was most recently executive producer for Gustav Hofer and Luca Ragazzi’s documentary road-movie Italy Love it or Leave it and is currently developing One Meal at a Time with Alessandra Populin (Tailsfilm Production) and Days in Maremma (Made in Copenhagen/ Denmark).