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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Peter Gerard
Topic host

Hi Pierre
You actually just have one profile photo, but on the d-word, profile photos are only visible to logged-in users. The preview you are looking at hides your photo so you can see what your profile looks like to someone who hasn't signed up to the d-word.

Rui Filipe Teixeira de Sousa Barroso

Hi People! Due to a project I'm currently working on, it would be very usefull to obtain information about: total hours of documentaries produced in the USA (per year); type of documentaries (nature,history, science, others...), main tv channels whith significant amount of of documentaries exhibition, total amount of hours actually exhibited, % of exhibition in prime time. Can someone help and direct to some site or institution able to provide this information? If not all, at least part of it. Ant help would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance.


Erica Ginsberg

Great question, Rui, but wrong topic. This one is only for questions related to technical questions related to The D-Word interface itself. We normally frown on double-posting, but I would recommend you repost your question in the Marketing and Distribution topic.

John Burgan

My fellow Co-Host Erica is correct, but as Rui is not yet a Pro member of The D-Word he won't be able to access the Pro-Only Topics such as the one mentioned. One solution would be for Rui to apply for Pro status, if he is eligible...

Michael Angelo

Silly question but when you post and want to receive email notifications about just your post do you check:

"Notify me by email when I'm mentioned in a post"

I checked this option, then commented on someone's post, they replied, I was not notified. I'm on a variety of industry blogs and I'm used to getting email notifications to topics I subscribe to or to any threads I post or reply to, not the entire topic page. Is there a way to do this? 

 Thanks in advance!

Erica Ginsberg

Michael, you will only receive a notification if the person tags you in the post.

A good reminder to us all, if you are responding to anyone's post more than 2 weeks after they posted it, a good idea to tag them by clicking the little envelope icon and entering their name.

Since D-Word is set up to be more conversationsal than threaded forums, you would rarely get tagged if someone responds fairly quickly. Yet I'll test it out to see if you do get notified. If not, let us know.

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Michael Angelo

I'll add the tagging request to post, thank you.


Would be lovely to add to settings in the future "notify me when there are responses to threads I comment on or make" It would bring functionality to next level tho incredibly grateful for the forum so hopefully people tag in the future especially when I request it ;)


Thank you D-Word, so great this exists!


(Anyone that wishes to reply, please tag me in your post, thank you)

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