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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Michael Angelo

Silly question but when you post and want to receive email notifications about just your post do you check:

"Notify me by email when I'm mentioned in a post"

I checked this option, then commented on someone's post, they replied, I was not notified. I'm on a variety of industry blogs and I'm used to getting email notifications to topics I subscribe to or to any threads I post or reply to, not the entire topic page. Is there a way to do this? 

 Thanks in advance!

Erica Ginsberg

Michael, you will only receive a notification if the person tags you in the post.

A good reminder to us all, if you are responding to anyone's post more than 2 weeks after they posted it, a good idea to tag them by clicking the little envelope icon and entering their name.

Since D-Word is set up to be more conversationsal than threaded forums, you would rarely get tagged if someone responds fairly quickly. Yet I'll test it out to see if you do get notified. If not, let us know.

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Michael Angelo

I'll add the tagging request to post, thank you.


Would be lovely to add to settings in the future "notify me when there are responses to threads I comment on or make" It would bring functionality to next level tho incredibly grateful for the forum so hopefully people tag in the future especially when I request it ;)


Thank you D-Word, so great this exists!


(Anyone that wishes to reply, please tag me in your post, thank you)

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Tony Massil

Just wondering if there's a way to tag someone to a post after I've already posted it. I can't find the little envelope anywhere when I hit the "edit" button on my already posted... post.  thanks!

Niam Itani

No, unfortuantely, Tony. You will have to find a reason to create another post and tag the person in it :) 

Bernard Bull

I just created an account on d-word after learning about it in a book. I am a University professor, author, and researcher on topics related to alternative education, educational innovation, and self-directed learning. I'm just in the early stages of my first attempt at a documentary, so I would certainly not consider myself a professional. I came to this site because it was suggested as an excellent community for aspiring, new and experienced filmmakers; but it appears to be limited only to experienced filmmakers (with the exception of a few general public topics). Is that accurate or am I possibly missing something on the site. Any help is appreciated. I'd love to learn from the community as I work on my first documentary.

Erica Ginsberg

Bernard, yes indeed most of the topics are private for professional members only. The topics open to first-timers include a classifieds topic, Introduce Yourself, a few archived seminars, and the Mentoring Room which is a good place to ask questions if you are getting started.

Erica Ginsberg

Forums on Creative Cow can be helpful for technical advice. I would also check out No Film School and stay on top of articles from Indiewire and Filmmaker Magazine. It might be worth it to join the IDA to get access to their Doc U online and magazine articles in print and online. In Milwaukee, while I am not aware of a regular documentary filmmaker meetup, I know Milwaukee Film was, at one time, trying to do more year-round programming than just the film festival. I'd also recommend you try to connect with Brad Lichtenstein at 371 Productions since he seems to have a very good handle on everything happening doc-wise in your town. 

In any case, if you have some specific questions, I'd recommend posting them in the Mentoring Room. D-Worders can be very generous with suggestions.

Summers Henderson

What happened to Public Classifieds?  It's showing as an Archived Topic.  

Doug Block

We're winding down the public area of The D-Word, Summers.  Topic by topic.  It's open to search engines, for one thing.  But we want pros here, for another.  So just one Classifieds topic.

Margo Precht Speciale

When I google my name, my past D-word comments and posts come up.  How can I stop that from happening?

John Burgan

This is only for the 3 Public Topics that are searchable (Mentoring Room, Recommended Docs, Help with The D-Word). All the Professional Topics (currently 44 of them)  are closed off to the internet.

Garret Savage

I created a D-Word film project page for "One October." I'm listed at the Producer right under the title of the film. But if only one crew member can be listed, I want our Director/Producer/Editor Rachel Shuman to be in that spot. Is there a way to change this?

Lalita Clozel

Hi! I'm looking for filmmakers in and around Washington D.C., and was wondering if there's a way to post by location. Thans!

Peter Gerard
Topic host

In reply to Garret Savage's post on Fri 21 Apr 2017:

Hi Garret Savage - sorry this took me so long to reply to. Our film pages are not super advanced, and the way it chooses which credit to show at the top is by looking for a credit that is exactly "Director" or "Producer". Unfortunately if you list a credit with multiple roles like that, the system doesn't match it for the top credit on the page, so if you want Rachel to show up at the top, simply change her role to just "Director". You can probably add a second credit for her other roles.

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Matt Faw

Hi D-Word!  Great platform here, much respect!


I want to make sure I post in the right thread.  I'm seeking recommendations for an apt producer for my brain science doc-in-progress.  Thanks!

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