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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Kai Simmer

In reply to Kai Simmer's post on Thu 20 Jul 2017:

In reply to Erica Ginsberg's post on Thu 20 Jul 2017:

 Hi Erica, thank you for the reply.

I have a way forward. 1 hour later.

In the event that this can help others:

After clicking into the 'Topic' you want, you then go down to the 'Teal' bar at the bottom and then click on the 'Jump to' window and then click: 'Jump to today.'

You will then be taken to current posts where you can make a new post.

* I will make a note about this and email it to myself so that if in a year I need to post again I will know what to do if I have forgotten.

Vivian Kleiman

It was a chilling moment when I stumbled on the profile of d-word member Peter Wintonick who passed away a few years ago. I understand the hesitation, but shouldn't we find a way to move the profile of such folks over to ... perhaps "In Memorium" and let them rest in peace?...

Bennet ugoeze

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John Burgan

In reply to Simon Morice's post on Wed 6 Sep 2017: 

That is actually the new post box, Simon, it's not a fault but the way conversations at The D-Word happen. Conventional discussion boards work whereby members create "new" posts / threads in the way you are probably thinking of - i.e. "Codec problem" or "distribution question", but at The D-Word you join in an ongoing discussion by selecting  the most appropriate Topic (and one only, double or multiple posts are not desired) and make your comment. Some people find it a little unusual at first, but as our Community has just reached its 18th year with some 15K registered members, it seems that enough folk find it valuable.


Hope that explains things!


Doug Block

There's also the all-important search engine if you're looking to find specific information on something. Chances are we've discussed it all sometime in the past.

Simon Morice

In reply to John Burgan's post on Wed 6 Sep 2017:

In response to a support mail I am publishing my comments here.

I find the discussions a bit counter intuitive the most recent posts are at the end, and the new post box is also there. You have to trawl through everything to get to it. As time progresses so post hunting becomes somewhat archaeological. Perhaps you could suggest the devs make it possible to order by most recent post and to thread discussions?

Bill Jackson

In reply to Simon Morice's post on Wed 6 Sep 2017 (

I have my preferences set to show only 10 new posts in a category and just one previous unread post. That works well for me, and I find it cleaner and easier housekeeping than other types of discussion websites. I think once you have visited most of the categories (so that you have unread and read posts) and set your preferences the way you like it, that it will be very efficient.

John Burgan

There's quite a lot of customisation available, for instance you can hide Topics that are not of any interest to you, also sort them by name, category or posting date.

Erica Ginsberg

You can also use the search bar if there is something specific you are looking for.

Elizabeth Westrate

I know I am extremely sleep deprived, I may also be extremely dense, but how do I simply edit a post that I made?

Erica Ginsberg

If it is within 15 minutes of making the original post, you can click the thing at the top of the post which looks like a wheel. That will bring up four more icons including one which looks like a pencil.

If it is beyond 15 minutes, you may need to just post an amendment in a new post, or, in the event of some kind of deeply embarrassing drunk post, call a favor on one of the hosts to edit for you.

Elizabeth Westrate

Ha, it's just typos and bad grammar. Nothing scandalous, unfortunately. I'll save my favors for a true Anthony Wiener moment.

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