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Help with The D-Word

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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Niam Itani

Thanks Peter, Ben, Doug, John, and everybody else!!! This is addictive. RIP Facebook, lol

Marj Safinia

Okay, a couple of other questions that come up for me -- just suggestions for the future "to-do" list, perhaps?

  • spell check for postings (I think we had talked about this at one point)]
  • when email notification of posting following yours occurs, can it tell you who posted after you instead of just saying "someone"?
  • John Burgan

    Most modern browsers will provide automatic spell check - and who's to decide the default spelling for an inbuilt D-Word checker - "color" or "colour"?

    You say tomato...

    Simone Fary

    Got the error the first time I tried to upload my photo. Was trying to do 3 different things at once, I'm sure it was because it was way too big and a TIFF. When I reduced it and converted to JPEG it was fine, but might be nice to give the specs for photos. Otherwise, a fabulous job, congratulations.

    Ben Kempas

    It would be nice if everybody could upload a picture than we can easily identify them with.

    This doesn't have to be a portrait of yourself, it can as well be a picture of your camera, your cat, or a still from a film you made.

    Margot Roth

    I'm not sure if this was covered already-- but i noticed in my first post when i tried to use a couple sets of dashes ( - ) it did a strike-thru thingie. I previewed the post first and changed it to single dashes. Is that a bug or are you not s'posed to use double-dashes? Cuz god knows-me-- and Emily Dickinson-we loves-the long-dash. -

    oh look i did it again!

    p.s. Peter et al: you guys rock! this was a LOT of work. wow.

    Ben Kempas

    Margot, welcome back! I think I'm going to upload your eye surgery picture as your user profile picture...

    I think we should get rid of the strike-through feature altogether. It's kind of a leftover from other markup tools, and it'll be more painful than useful.

    Erica Ginsberg

    Margot, is that an art piece by your friend you are using for your image? I was kind of hoping for the eyelid picture, but this one's pretty cool.

    I think you can do the double dash without it crossing things out, but only if there's a space between the dashes and the word -- like this.

    Ben Kempas

    John with a better memory than Erica? I'm impressed (by the search function).