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Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

Virendra Valsangkar

I tried to post with embeded video in the topic 'funding (europe or elsewhere)' with the help of attach file option. But that didn't work. It says 'done with error on page' . Is there any restriction on video attachment? my file size is 87 MB and its .dat file.

Sahand Sahebdivani

I think embedding video's is restricted to certain topics, but the techno guys better answer that.

John Burgan

I'll wait for Peter to confirm, but I think the limit is much lower, probably about 10% of what you were trying to upload. Secondly .dat can be just about anything, a text or graphic file. There are more useful video formats – best of all is to upload to your own website or Youtube/Vimeo and paste a link – we don't have the resources right now to host large video files on our server.

Christopher Quinn

I have a friend who is looking to hire a local cameraperson in Nairobi. I am new to d-word and wanted to know the best place to post a message for this. Classifieds? Can anyone lead me to the right place? Thanks

Doug Block

Classifieds is exactly the right place, Christopher. We have both a member's only and public classifieds, and you could post in both. The Classifieds are actually the only place where we encourage double posting.

michael birnberg


I was previously an enthusiast at the D-word. I posted a doc proposal document file on the forum on Sat 1 Aug 2009. The document contains personal information and is showing up in google searches as well as other sites that are hosting it and making it downloadable to the public. Please please remove this post and the document from your site. My name is Michael Birnberg and the document is In Good We Trust. Please let me know when this has been done. Thanks


Ben Kempas

Michael – As explained across the site, Enthusiasts can only access our clearly labelled Public Topics. These may be indexed by search engines.

If your producer applied for this, she would qualify for full Member status. Our Members-Only Topics for documentary professionals are private and you can't find a word from them outside The D-Word.

We usually don't delete anything here, as every post is part of a continuous conversation. So we urge everyone to think twice about what they're saying online.

I have made an exception in your case, as the document attached to the post contained potentially sensitive financial information. It's all gone now.

However, search engines only re-index sites every now and then. So the information may remain in their cache for a little while and show up in results.

Ben Kempas

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Delaney Ruston

Hello, I am new to D word. I can not figure out how to post a question. The help place says to go to the end of category of posts and there should be a space to post a new question, but when i do fhat for the Research/archival section, I do not see the post area. Thank you so much, Delaney