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This is a topic where you can say which documentary has really impressed you, and why people should see it. Can be a recent one or an all-time favourite. Can't be your own though, sorry...

This topic is for praising the work of others, not your own. If you want to beat the drum for your own documentary, please don't do it here. Fans use our Public Classifieds, and Professionals have their own Shameless Self-Promotion topic.

We also have a Documentary Films topic for our Professionals where the debate is private and possibly more controversial. This topic here is for recommendations to the documentary-interested public.

Erica Ginsberg

Cool. Hoping to get to The Good Postman since I heard it was one of the faves from friends at Full Frame. Also excited to see The Messengers (which screened as a work-in-progress at Docs In Progress last year when it was still called Joseph's House).

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