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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Steven Fischer

Hey, everyone. Last year I produced Old School New School, a documentary exploring how we can tap into our full creative potential. Features actor Brian Cox, legednary cinematographer William Fraker, jazz great McCoy Tyner and many more world class artists. Check it out, and please share the link with colleagues and friends.

Angela Alford

I'm a newbie and I've already learned so much reading on D-Word. Thanks for this great resource and community. I'm a recent graduate of the program at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies. I'm in post-production on my first film entitled "Granny's Got Game". It is the story of an amazing senior women's basketball team here in North Carolina. These women were pioneers of the game in the 1950s and are still playing now in their seventies! They've been together for almost two decades, so the team has become a support-system and they've become a family. It is such an inspiring story. I'm trying to do it justice despite my inexperience, and I'm glad to have D-Word to ask for advice.

Holden Kepecs

Hi Everyone! I am from New York City – making a film called – Star in the Ring – it tells the close to forgotten story of when Jews DOMINATED the sport of boxing. While this can be seen as a film geared to one group – it really tells the story of so many new Americans. So – it is an important part of Jewish history, American history and sports history. I am proud to say I have received a grant from The Righteous Persons Foundation and am close to finishing all shooting – heading for post. I can sure use help from those that have been through this adventure. Please take a look at my website and trailer:

and get in touch with me with any input. I am going to post questions and look forward to the groups help! Thanks so much!

Flore Cosquer

Hello everyone! I work for the Scottish Documentary Institute in Edinburgh ( We produce and distribute short and feature docs; we also run training programmes and organise an annual international pitching forum, The Edinburgh Pitch. I look forward to sharing all the opportunities our Institute offers... But first things first, I'm going to start exploring the impressive D-word resources!

Ilka de Laat

Hi there,

I'm a voice from the broadcaster's side of the biz. I currently work at CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) assisting the senior producers with commissioning original Canadian documentary programming for "Doc Zone," CBC-TV's flagship documentary series.

I produce trailers, promote our docs via social media, vet proposals, provide critical feedback on rough cuts, represent CBC at festivals and more.

I also package-for-air acquired documentaries for CBC's "The Passionate Eye."

I'll be attending Hot Docs this year – my last official hurrah before I take a year off for maternity leave. Hopefully during that year I'll be able to sift through this incredible website!

Doug Block

Welcome, Flore and Ilka (much congrats on the pending addition)! Look forward to seeing you both at Hot Docs (Flore, over many fine whiskeys at the annual Interdoc revelry). And great to have you online with us here.

Ben Kempas

Doug – Flore won't be at Hot Docs. Noé and Sonja and Finlay are going to be there.

Welcome Ilka!

Doug Block

Oh, too bad, Flore. Well, see you online then. We'll just have to drink to your health at Hot Docs.