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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Ditto, welcome Jesse! And Rick, too. Nice to have new blood to suck ;-)

Lenville O'Donnell

Forgive him, Doug thinks like a lawyer sometimes. But that's probably why he's so suckcessful.

Lauren Ezell

Hi! My Name is Lauren and I am a recent graduate of the University of Georgia with degrees in International Affairs and Telecommunication Arts. I am looking to continue pursuing a career in the Documentary industry, and am currently searching for a PA job, research assistant, or anything else needed to gain some experience!

Charity B Ellis

Hi everyone – Danielle Beverly also steered me into this awesome hive. We worked together in San Francisco, and even at Video Arts (hi Jesse!).

I am a freelance editor slash independent director/producer slash camera person...or what John Burgan described with the one-man-band picture over in the camera posts (though I really do like working with a crew!). Having started out cutting and scratching 16mm, I came to docs for the love of the art of film and the realization you can't think of a better story than reality provides. My favorite current project is a poetic feature documentary film I am directing in West Africa about the ancient art of griots, or djelis as they prefer to be called, and how it is evolving in the face of globalization.

I am terrible at blowing my own horn. I'd rather shut up and make the damn film...but I guess I am here to not be entirely silent...In any case, thanks Danielle!! You have been right these last two years...D-Word is awesome! Happy to be here.

John Burgan

You're quite the accomplished horn-blower, Charity. We're happy to have you here.

Danielle Beverly

Charity! Welcome! How about a pic of yourself? If you are too shy to provide one, I've got a lovely one on my iPhone I can send on over. ;-)

justin lovell

Hey guys,

Cinematographer, colorist, vfx artist.
Operate my own super8/super16 transfer facility so I can make it more affordable to shoot film with other filmmakers.

Rent out my super 8 camera packages and super 16 bolex, super 16 eclair NPR packages. If I'm shooting the project, I throw in supervised transfers at discounted rates.

Love to work in documentary and music video work.
Check the site or the blog for more info.

Nice to find this community forum.

Justin Lovell

John W. Poole

Hi all. I've been a member for a few years, but have been not-so-conspicuously absent the last couple of them. I'm producing short docs and video stories for NPR's Web site – after spending the last few years doing the same thing at What brings me back – besides the sparkling company and conversation, is that I'll be teaching a course at the Maine Media Workshops next month called "Short Docs for the Web." And I was going to troll around and see if you all have any good links/distribution sites I could refer my students to – besides npr and washingtonpost of course ;)



Amy Overbeck

Hi! I'm a FCP/Avid editor. I'm back in Washington DC after several months of feature doc editing in LA. I have a wide variety of doc and news experience. Would love to find filmmakers and/or producers in the DC area interested in collaboration and/or editing services. Thanks!

Doug Block

welcome charity, justin, john and amy. sheesh, it's hard to keep up with all of you.

Diana Weilepp

Hi, I have been a member for some time, but have been absent from this site for a year or two. Just wanted to reintroduce myself. I am a filmmaker and cameraperson currently making my final film about a political songwriter (in German "Liedermacher)starting to also become a political activist. He walked from Dortmund to Munich in order to make people more aware of the decline of social responsibility in Germany. On e of the few people left who still get up to do something.
Looking forward to some new exchanges here at D-word.


Ben Kempas

I just welcomed you back in Documentary Films .

Just to clarify, Diana's "final film" does not mean that it will be her last. It's her graduation project at the film academy.

Michal Stein

Hi, we are producers team "Luxema". Focusing on documentary, telenovelas, TV programs. Among our teams` films: The day I approach myself- participated in Edinburgh Film Festival 2004, European Short Film; La Bataille de Tchernobyl. Film de Thomas Johnson (We shoot Russian part);Miracle of Daniel Charms; documentary serials about well-known people, Hollywood stories (about American film stars: Oliver Stoun, etc...
Founded by the Russian and the Dutch TV producers in 2006, Luxema b.v. (and its Russian subsidiaries – Luxema Film ltd.) is an independent production company for audio-visual programs of the performing arts – whether these be documentaries, portraits of artists, or the genuine rendition of live performances. Hence, our core activities focus on the development of new film projects, the quest for partners to secure co-production agreements and, of course, the final audio-visual production
Looking for this forum members` advices about European and Noth America documentary market.

Amy Hsiung

Hi everyone,

A good filmmaker friend of ours told us about this site. Species-Being Films is a small 2-person production company at the moment (Amy Hsiung and Thymaya Payne). We just finished our first documentary feature called "Love Limits." The trailer and additional information about the film can be found on our website –

Love Limits tells a quirky love story about Warren Barrow, an 81-year old African American man and Cory Rudy, his 37-year old Caucasian girlfriend. Both Warren and Cory live with the debilitating effects of cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Despite their physical and mental disabilities, they have an ability to comprehend and love each other deeply. The film captures through interviews, observational documentation and dynamic cinematography, the relationship and lives of Warren and Cory, as well as the inspirational real people whose lives have been transformed by them. The film goes broader then just your typical film about disability as it also explores complex notions of community, family and finally love. Love Limits begs the question – are there ever limits to one's love?

We're excited to get this film out into the world and share it with others. Please check out our website for the film. We look froward to having discussions and sharing experiences with others in this forum!

Species-Being Films
Amy Hsiung
Thymaya Payne
Love Limits –

Doug Block

Welcome, Michael and Amy. Great work you're both doing. Amy, we don't have company memberships so Thymaya would need to join to participate.

Lenville O'Donnell

Justin, welcome. The recommendation by Stephen that you are a superior Super 8 colorist got my attention. I met, just tonight, a former Vietnam fighter pilot who rigged a Super 8 camera in his cockpit and shot some apparently (from his description, I haven't seen it yet) stunning historical footage of Vietnam and the Philippines during the Vietnam war. He cut it into a 40 minute piece, which exists only on Super 8 and has never been cleaned up or transferred. Is this the sort of thing you do?

Mark Steinberg

In reply to Martin O. Garcia's post on Thu 24 Apr 2008 :
Martin: I'm with an organization focused on international affairs that might have an interest in using "Boliano 52" as the centerpiece of an event. Do you know how I might go about contacting the producer/distributor?

Ochen Vincent

Hi all,
My name is Vincent.
I love nature, they are us. If these animals and
plants should die, mans spirit will die of lonelyness.Therefore I aim to
make wildlfe documentaries .
Most scientists agree that life on earth is now faced
with the
most severe extinction episode since the event that
drove the Dinosaurs extinct. Biologists estimate that as many as
27,000 species are becoming extinct each year.This translates
into an astounding 3 species every hour.
Instead of global climate change, Humans are the
cause of this latest mass extinction. WE CAN DO BETTER

Doug Block

We certainly can, Vincent. Or is it Ochen? The relevant question is are you interested in documentaries? Or, better yet, work in the profession? If so, we're happy to welcome you here.

Ryan David Jahn

Howdy, all.

Name is Ryan David Jahn. From 2004 till a little over a month ago, I was working in reality TV, always waiting for a time when I could make my own film. When the season of the last show I worked on ended the first week of May, I decided to stop waiting and actually shoot something.

For the last month I have been shooting and cutting interviews for my first documentary, tentatively called "Fingered: A Brief History of the QWERTY Keyboard." When I first started working on it, I wasn't sure there was enough of interest to make a documentary, but now I find there's too much – controversy over QWERTY among economists, among historians who argue about why it was developed, among those who use the Dvorak keyboard, an alternative invented in 1932, and allegedly a bunch better, and so much more.

Anyway, I'm sort of drowning in an ocean of QWERTY information right now and loving it. The interview are coming along nicely, I've also found some great government training films for typists, and while there's a lot I find myself fumbling with as I go through this process for the first time, I'm having a blast.

Rob Appleby

Ryan, that sounds like a really interesting and potentially humorous subject. I've never understood why apple keyboards have the y and z in the wrong places. It's the kind of big-endian small-endian issue that can be really entertaining to work through, fanatics on all sides – like esperanto and all those other artifical languages. And great that there's no human rights violations involved – although I'm sure that some of your inventors/faddists would probably claim that there are.

Ryan Matwiy

Hi there, I am sort of new to this whole field. I studied journalism at Concordia in Montreal and went to work for the the corporate sector as a communications advisor. Now that most of my college debts are paid, I am going to follow the main reason why I toiled for so long; I am going to make a doc about Canada's legal and penal system (...details on the exact nature will come at a later time). I just wanted to say that this is a great site and I look forward to using it regularly and finding out about everyone else's projects.


Jason Caminiti

Hello everyone,

My name is Jason Caminiti. I have been involved in Public Access for about 10 years off and on. I started producing more artistic pieces in the past year and a half since I moved to my new city. I got caught up in a documentary by accident, but find I really like the process. My current project is on a Pawtucket, RI which has revived itself using the arts. There are mills and old industrial spaces that have been turned into artists lofts and workspaces. I am making this to bring back to my city which is in a similar situation with empty mill buildings.

I have been lurking for a few weeks, and have found a lot of useful information here. So thanks to everyone for your insightful posts, and I hope to participate and learn more as I go along.