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Subhash Todkar

I am 72 years old Indian journalist. I travel throughout India for historical study & search. I saw 280 miles from Mumbai (India ) on Allamprabhu mountain, one oil lamp burn continuously  from last 850 years. It is a wonder of world. Priests of Allamprabhu temple take care of this lamp by using groundnut oil. In 11 th century honorable Allamprabhu founded parliament, which is the first parliament in the world. This wonder is unpublished yet. Any producer is interested to make documentary on above subject please contact me along with details of documentary production experience.


Mobile - ( 91 ) 982 201 8041

Julia Guest

In reply to Subhash Todkar's post on Sat 29 Apr 2017:

 It does sound intriguing.. and a quick google search on the temple suggests it has a significant place in Indian culture too, being a shrine where Muslims and Hindus prayed together and both still visit.  It sounds a great idea for someone to develop.  I think the Greek democratic forum predates this by a few hundred years though.  Channel 4 did a very good two part series on the history of democracy in Greece.  However I am deeply committed to another development.. good luck finding the right partner for this.


Marilia Angove

Hi, I have just become a member of D-Word. Portuguese by nationality although self-adopted Welsh, living in Cardiff, where I am an academic and a documentary producer amongst others things. I am looking to network and develop my producer skills. Currently on post-production phase of my second feature documentary.  

Bill Suchy

Hello Everyone, I've been writing, producing & directing documentaries for over 30 years, mostly for or in partnership with various PBS channels. Most of these docs are owned by PBS.  I am now making docs independently so I retain full copyright and am looking forward to working with distributors to sell my docs and other projects to the national and international markets.  I hope to expand my knowledge and network by participating in some of the conversations on D-Word.    

Marcus Thorne Bagala

Hey folks! 

I'm an NYC based composer and sound designer. I'm a contributing music composer for NPR's This American Life and for NYTimes The Daily, I've also composed music that was featured in NFL Networks show The Timeline. 

I got my start in narrative films and tv as a additional music composer for shows like The Affair and Ray Donovan. Since then I've scored numerous narrative shorts and a feature but recently I've been trying to shift my focus towards more documentary work and am hoping to hang around this board and learn more about the doc scene in NYC and in general! 

If anyones looking for music for their film and wants to give a newbie doc composer a shot, I would be happy to cut you a great deal! 

If you want to learn more about me or hear some work examples, you can check out my website here:



Nilosree Biswas

Hi Fellow Fraternity, Greetings from Bombay. I am a documentary filmmaker/ author. I am passionate about telling stories that many wont connect with India. After a hiatus of few years I am just starting to plan a documentary in the backdrop of Kashmir conflict for which I am looking at co-producers and building a team comprising of members who have a knack for stories from conflict strife societies. My last independent work was "Broken Memory Shining Dust". All the best to all.

Kelsey Marsh

Hello Y'all!  I'm Kelsey, an emerging filmmaker in Washington, DC. Currently freelancing at Discovery, and am completing production on my second independent doc ROLLING OUT. Eager to learn and collaborate, and look forward to being an active member of the D-Word community.