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Doug Block

In reply to Marsha Emerman's post on Sat 23 Sep 2017:

Thanks for introducing yourself and a huge pleasure to read what you've been up to.  To complete your first major film at 52 should be an inspiration to us all! And to have such a successful release of a 10-year project, well, need I say more?  Hope you'll make yourself at home here on The D-Word. Welcome aboard!

Stephanie Moussa

Hello all!

My name is Stephanie Moussa and I am the Social Media Co-Ordinator for the award winning Journalist & Filmmaker; Ms. Daizy Gedeon! Recently we have travelled to Lebanon to being filming the sequel to a Documentary: Lebanon Imprisoned Splendour, which I have attached a synapse of the film.

Below is the website where you can purchase the multi-award-winning original documentary film featuring the late Omar Sharif called - Lebanon…Imprisoned Splendour which was a 1998 entrant in the Academy Awards.

This time around, we explore the resurgence of Beirut and its reputation as a business and banking centre in the Middle East, a playground for the rich, famous and fussy trend-setters by highlighting the lifestyle, beach culture, nightlife and party scenes that rival New York, London, Paris, Ibiza and St Tropez.

Our goal is to rally the largest and broadest audience for this film to ensure the widest exposure for our Lebanon story.

We would love to keep in contact with you all, and keep you updated on the progress of our Documentary Film. Below you will find the link to our website as well as the link for the trailer for the current film project and our social media platforms - so please connect with us! This film aims to change the world...






Website for the Documentary:


Link to the new trailer:


We would love to spread the message of Lebanon as it should be seen. Help us accomplish this mission.


Thank you

John Burgan

Welcome to The D-Word, Stephanie. The way our community works is for a wide and diverse group of documentary professionals around the world to hang out online and shoot the breeze together, sharing experiences good and bad, advice, tips and of course telling each other about what we're working on. Whilst many of us have great working partnerships, it's who you are and what you do that matters most.

As such, although it's great to hear that you are enjoying working with Ms Gedeon (who may of course also apply to join us), you have actually told us very little about yourself, about your background, your experiences, those things that make your heart beat faster... so please take a moment to share!

Tim Vece

Hello.  My name is Tim.  I've been editing for almost 28 years now.  My dream out of college when I graduated with a degree in Cinema and Photography was always to be an editor.  Dark rooms and late nights have always been my most energetic and creative time.  I was never interested in production, only post.  Documentaries were always my favorite genre of film.

I began cutting 35mm film on a KEM flatbed.  I really miss that machine.  The tactile way of working, the clicks the splices made on the sprockets, and the danger to your forearms and shirts while working with a guillotine splicer will always be with me.  Had to switch to an Avid in the early 90's, but I didn't go without a fight.  I'm happy with my Avid.  We get along fine.  It rarely crashes on me and I don't compare my Avid to my first love, the KEM, anymore.  

So, for 28 years I lived in the Ad Agency/TV commercial world.  It was fun.  I was lucky.  I was able to do what I love and do it everyday while providing for my family.  During this time I always kept one toe in the documentary world.  Usually for passion projects.  Now, I'm older.   My kids are grown and I feel the documentary format pulling me back in.  This time I'm going to listen.

Stephanie Moussa

In reply to John Burgan's post on Wed 4 Oct 2017:

 Hello John, you are correct, forgive me for not giving you enough insight into my context! 


My name is Stephanie, and I love all things creative! I love making puns, watching musicals and basically enjoy anything creative! I received this job opportunity out of no where, this is why i believe that everything happens for a reason! I have just graduated university recently, with a degree in Advertising & PR - which i found my love for social media... I am also a very big fan of story telling, which is what i believe every documentary does, and this is how we change the world, by allowing others to see sides of situations/countries/peoples/events etc in a different light, so we hold much more power than we know! My parents are of Lebanese origin, so I am first generation Australian, but the love I have for Lebanon is a love I have never experienced before... I hope to show you all a side of Lebanon you will never get to see in the media!

I am very honoured to be accepted on this forum, and I hope to connect with you all, and hear/see your stories too!




Tiffany Ellis

Hello D-Word! So excited to have joined this community. I'm a producer & director working on my first feature project after creating shorts and branded content for the last 10+ years.

My projects tend to focus on music, dance and performance in cultures around the world, often by design but occasionally by kismet. I produced the web series 80 Faces: Eighty Years, Eighty Stories for the American Dance Festival and I have collaborated on projects with indigenous communities in Australia, South Africa and Hawaii. I served as Post Production Supervisor on award-winning PBS documentary Na Kamalei: The Men of Hula and created short oral history films with Australian Aboriginal communities for Voices of the Wheatbelt, a photography exhibit about contemporary Noongar lives that toured nationally in Australia in 2010. I was also a producer on the Inner Strength web series for Nike, which chronicles athletes including decathlete Ashton Eaton, quarterback Marcus Mariota and comedian Kevin Hart.

I have an MS in Visual Anthropology from Oxford University and studied film production and history at Occidental College in Los Angeles. After spending most of my adult life living out of a suitcase following curiosity, unique opportunities and interesting projects (and living in ten different cities over the last fifteen years), I now split my time between my hometown of Portland, Oregon and Toronto, Ontario. 

I am thrilled to be part of the D-Word community after being introduced to it by Doug Block at HotDocs this year. So often I feel like a lone ranger working on these kinds of projects and it's nice to have a group of like-minded people at my fingertips! Look forward to staying connected.

Antonio Lobo

Hi colleagues!

I am Antonio. I am producer/director in southern Spain.  I have directed three documentaries up to date. i also have been involced in production. Now I am getting some camera skills with a very basic Canon XA30. (I started with two HF10s long time ago so...  I am improving !) 

I am willng to work on a more international level as I see little funding oportunities from here.

This comunity looks like very interesting! Lets see... ;)



John Burgan

Welcome to The D-Word, Antonio! We love Seville (well I do!) Have a look around and post more...

Andrea McGurran

Good morning... I am Andrea, and I am beginning my move into documentary filmmaking after over a combined 36 years in freelance investigative journalism, travel writing and photography, ghost-writing, book creation and writing, textile design, art, and more.  My husband and I worked together to create a presentation for a private event we arranged for former air cadets who attended one of many training camps in southern Alberta, Canada, and my work was so much appreciated that over 200 people wanted a copy of the "documentary" as they called it.  It dawned on me that this was a path that I should pursue.  Together, we are working in our evenings, after work (his) and teaching (I teach during the day) to research a number of amazing ideas and have created a corner of our basement for our pop-up studio for filming work.  I am not saying a lot at this point, as we are keeping the topics hush-hush, but we are looking at a travel series, a course, and an expansion of the original documentary that we made.  We are working at this point with a much loved Canon 60D (thank God for live-view!), a Manfrotto tripod, a Chromakey green screen, and a Rode, camera-top microphone.  And for anyone who has had issues with the Rode basic interview, camera-top microphone, with clicking and hissing on the audio, we tried all the attempts by others to eliminate it, but found it less time-consuming to simply clean the audio up with Audacity software.  We are also using a collection of different art and video softwares to give us the look and affects that we want.  Despite its controversy across the Internet, if you have a good imagination, VideoMakerFX can be a useful tool from a design and marketing perspective.  Otherwise, Videopad, Wavepad, etc. and HitFilm4 Pro are proving very helpful.  I could go on, but I have found a good combination of softwares that I have not got space to mention here, that are allowing us to create and make our imagined ideas real.  Hope to chat with you all at some point.  The best part about this journey we are on is that we are always continuing to learn something knew. 

Becky Goldberg

Hello, my name is Becky and I am a non-fiction editor in New York City. I cut docs for tv (you know, documentaries but with commercials.) I look forward to being a part of the community!

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