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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Claudio & Abhi. Good to have you here! 

Evan McGillivray

Hey, Just wanted to say hello. I am living in LA getting my start in Commercial editorial, working on my first feature doc, in the development stage. 

Jem Moore

Hi All,

I jumped into making films in 2008 by editing together some footage for a small classical music festival in KC. I loved it so much I bought a camera and off I went. I have one feature doc that played some festivals, and a gaggle of short docs that are mostly character studies. I love all the aspects of film making, and I am looking forward to learning more here from all of you. This is my third career, and hopefully not my last. Cheers! 

Sharon Wood

Greetings all,

After lurking for years, I plan to be a more active member now that I'm starting to put together a trailer and rewrite my treatment for a feature doc about a 17th century Ottoman travel writer named Evliya Çelebi.  Curious, cosmopolitan, funny, a great storyteller, and devout Muslim, he saw the Europeans as the Other -- which didn't stop him from talking with them.  Take a little Cervantes, a pinch of Rebelais and Shakespeare's comedies, and you'll get a very general sense of how Evliya wrote -- though he's also remarkably unique in his ability to bring his world vividly to life.

I've been slowly edging toward the film for some time, and got a boost this past year by a Fulbright Fellowship in Turkey. Evliya traveled for 40 years and wrote a 10 volume manuscript, of which more than enough has been translated to English for filmmaking purposes.  Here's hoping I won't have to travel anywhere near as long as I'm getting started at a much older age than he did.  If you're interested in Evliya, there's some posts about him on my blog:

Down the road I'll be pursuing European co-producers but for the next few months, it's trailer and treatment time.  Glad to be an active D-Word member at last.  My pal Vivian Kleiman has always sung your praises and I look forward to doing so too.


Fausto Garcia

Hello Community,
I am a universitary professor, and participated as producer in fiction films, and discovered the educational power of documentary films in recent years. So I started studying and then working on educational films. I recently produced and co directed an internet episode of a documentary about Argentinean Youtubers ( I am also working on some small fiction and non fiction projects related with ethics and decision making for entrepreneurs. Hopefully these projects will be finished by august 2017.
I usually develop these films in spanish, but I wonder whether it could be a good idea to translate them to English.
I recently discovered D-word community and hope to be helpful. Just starting to understand how it works.
Thanks for reading and best regards!

Sergio Salgado

Hi D-Word! I'm an independent filmmaker based out of Chicago. I do commercial and documentary filmmaking under the name: Furnace FPS. I've done several personal documentary shorts and I DP'd my first feature doc in 2015. I hope to learn and contribute to the community. I joined D-Word a while back but I am always a bit slow to join in the conversation. Hi!

Bryce L Taylor

Hello, I'm new to the D-Word.  I am currently an educator and mostly make educational videos to show off cool projects that teach engineering and science.  I'm hoping to expand the kinds of projects I'm working on in the near future, including doing more documentary work.

Helena Diógenes

Hi, I'm a independente Photographer and filmmaker. I Live in Brazil and always travel for a lot of places. I like people and real life. Hi, I'm a independente Photographer and filmmaker. I Live in Brazil and always travel for a lot of places. I like people and real life. Now I 'm making a documentary about life in the street.

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