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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Cody.  You've already gotten a few responses to your post in the Legal topic, including from someone who resembles me quite closely.  

Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Cody & thanks for jumping right in. Happy New Year! 

Robert Pigott

Hey everybody! My name's Rob! I'm based in Queens, NY and I'm a freelance doc editor and assistant editor. I heard about this lovely community through a friend in the industry and I'm glad to have joined! I'm always looking for filmmakers to collaborate with editorially and I love helping out any way I can when it comes to giving feedback. Thanks and I'm looking forward to diving into this community more throughout the year!

Doug Block

Great to have you joining us, Rob. We're a lovely community, indeed.

Ali Ozbora

My name is Ali Ozbora. I am the founder of Velocity  Istanbul and the creator of ‘People Of Coffee’ initiative. I have worked for more than 15 years as a managing director for several multinational advertising agencies and won numerous international awards in Cannes, Golden Drum, Epica and Effie. In 2012 I have found Velocity Istanbul. People Of Coffee is my first feature documentary.

Alexander Newick

Greetings D-Word Community, 

It is wonderful to be here. I am a composer and music producer. It would be great to hear from any filmmakers looking for bespoke soundtracks and sound design for their works. Please visit my profile to read about my history and experience (previous works and publishers etc). Put simply, I have worked on soundtracks for film and on production music for BBC broadcast but am looking to "cut my teeth" in the world of documentary film music composition. You can visit my soundcloud page (listed on my profile) to hear my latest works (a mostly orchestral album) plus some older production music or simply contact me to natter about possibilities. Great to be here. Alexander (P.s. sorry about the "serious" looking photo... I am really a very upbeat guy :) ) 

Mehrdad Fahim

Hello The D-Word Community,

I am Mehrdad. I have studied image and media technology and computer animation. In the last 25 years, I have been involved in the design, internet and game industry. Recently I am switching to what I have always dreamed of and that is animated short film. I have a great interest in documentary film and I am planning to make my first animated documentary short film. I hope in the near future to share my ideas and work in the topic "Works in Progress" and look forward to your opinions, critics and suggestions.
I was just surfing on The D-Word website for the first time and so far I couldn't find any topics about animation but without doubt there will be a lot that I can learn from this great and cool community and use that in my animated short films.

Happy to be here and I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

Doug Block

Ali, Alexander and Merhdad, a warm welcome to The D-Word to you all. Great to have you here with us.

Hauke Lorenz

Hello D-Word Community,

my name is Hauke. I'm writing my masters in Digital Journalism at on "Docs on Demand". The example is my own documentary "Viacrucis Migrante - Migrant Crossing" I shot it at the Guatemala-Mexico border.

If you could help me with a contact, whom to interview for my thesis, I'd be very thankful.

All the best from Hamburg in Germany!


John Burgan

Greetings all. Remember that you don't need to "sign" your posts at the end as your name and photo is displayed automatically at the top of every post...

David Manning

Hi D-Word,


Just wanted to say hello.  I'm David Manning, and I think I've lost my mind...I've decided I'm going to make three separate documentary films in the near future!  So please wish me luck and feel free to tell me how crazy I am.  I'm trying not to become dejected or intimidated.  


I come from a stills background, so I have a visual language I can work with, but everything else has been a crash course.  I'm actively attending doc film school (aka reading everything I can get my hands on from the net).  I'm pleasantly surprised by how filmmakers share their experiences.  I plan to join that group, and hopefully have something to add to the conversation.


Most of my technical questions have been answered.  I'm confident with a camera.  Adding more dimensions to storytelling in my imagery is the challenge. I wish I was best friends with a good editor!!


Please be patient with me.  I don't have a breadth of experience in film, but I do with photography.


Best wishes and thanks for having me,



John Burgan

David - welcome, but please note that you don't need to "sign" your posts at the end as your name and photo is displayed automatically at the top of every post...

Erica Ginsberg

Oh wow, John, this makes me want to reintroduce myself and not listen to your cogent advice.


P.S. Seriously though, welcome to all our new members. And David, you are crazy but you have found the perfect spot to connect with other crazy doc folks.

John Burgan

What the heck, everybody's doing it! If you can't beat them, join them!


Doug Block

Took you long enough to join us, JB.  What's it been 14, 15 years?

- Doug

Mark Belden

Hey D-Word,

I'm an editor living in NYC and looking to get involved with the local documentary community. I shoot and edit documentary style promos along with commercials by trade, but I want to get involved with other doc makers and work as a team.

My recent favorite docs would be: Tomorrow We Disappear, Dark Days, Florida Man, Oxyana.  

I actively look for docs with strong cinematography. Think cinematic, creative, and not so much Ken Berns (nothing against the guy though). If you have any recommendations please let me know!

How I can help:


Aside from my love of editing and shooting, I also love marketing and market research.

Years ago I helped grow a reality web series on YouTube channel organically (each video getting over 20k views). Since then I went on to grow email lists, traffic to sites in my free time. Its certainly a helpful skill to have as a creative.

My goal:

I'm looking to get involved with the local doc community and meet more filmmaker. I'd love to help out on set or in the edit. I have all of my own gear and am looking to grow my skills as a filmmaker.

Thank you!

- Mark 

Steve Byrne

Hello everybody ...
I've been a lurker for a bit, so figured it was time to introduce myself. My name is Steve Byrne, and I am involved in a couple different components of the doc world that folks might find of interest.
First, I'm the executive director of Freep Film Festival, a doc-centric fest produced by the Detroit Free Press, where I'm also the entertainment editor. We're heading into our fourth annual event, which arrives March 30-April 2. 
I'm also part of the Free Press team that's working on a film tied to the 50th anniversary of the Detroit riot/uprising of 1967. It's will be built almost entirely from found footage. (I'm just an associate producer, and don't want to overstate my hand it.)
Aside from the Free Press stuff, I'm also a co-producer/director of a bio-doc that's in pre-production right now. Hope to be talking a little more about it as the year progresses.
Last: I co-host/produce "The Documentary Podcast." It's been on hiatus for much of the year, but we hope to get it ramped back up shortly.
Thanks to all who contribute to this site. It's great. 

John Burgan

We love it when lurkers emerge from the shadows...welcome, Steve. You sound like a busy guy, interesting projects - post more often!

Doug Block

In reply to Steve Byrne's post on Thu 19 Jan 2017:

Ditto what John said. Good to hear about all the things you're up to.  Keep us posted and feel free to leap into other discussion topics in all that free time you apparently have. 

Francesco Dragone

Hi everyone,

First of all let me say how thrilled and thankful I am to be part of this vibrant community (especially in a moment like this is heartening to land here)!
My name is Francesco Dragone and I am an Italian visual anthropologist/documentary filmmaker who  recently moved to US. I have more than five years experience in the field as director, cameraperson, editor and producer.
I have a strong background in Visual Anthropology and New Media as I graduated from Free University Berlin after a Post Graduation in Lisbon in the same field of studies.
I can be a great asset as a cameraperson as well as executive producer as I am able to speak several foreign languages.
I hold a BA in Portuguese and Spanish Literature, and I also have conversational skills in French and German.
I am very passionate about what I am doing, I am ready to commit 100% to a project and I have a very strong ethical sensitivity (fundamental in documentary IMHO) as well as technical skills.
I would really love to take part to new projects and be part of a crew is always a great learning experience. I know I can bring in a lot of knowledge as well and my unique European angle when it comes to film and edit. Refreshing for both sides sounds always like a win-to-win exchange.
I am based in Providence but willing to move to NYC or Boston or travel wherever a solid project may take me.
Looking forward to dive in the threads of this site and find new and fresh "ears and eyes" in the community! 
Please do not hesitate in contacting me for any further question!

Thank you for your attention,


Aaron Soffin

Welcome Francesco! 

Also, an introduction: It has been many years since I lurked around these D-Word halls. As of late, I've been back again and thought I'd take the opportunity to re-introduce myself.

I work as an editor, but took a long (6-year) break from docs to work in online education, partnering with content experts to bring their courses to life online. Six months ago, I got the opportunity to edit a feature doc about ISIS and Syria that will air on NatGeo in the spring. And getting back into the mess of an edit has made me want more of that in my life going forward :) So I'm on the lookout for the next film to edit at this point.

Personally, I moved out to Berkeley, CA from NYC a couple years ago and am eager to find the D-Worders and doc community out here, especially as I struggle to re-imagine my political engagement in this unpredictable moment. I'm already appreciating all the new topics popping up in the past month. Looking forward to catching up on a lot of unread posts and reconnecting with many of you.

John Burgan

Welcome back, Aaron. Hope you'll be around here on a regular basis from now on.

Erica Ginsberg

In reply to Aaron Soffin's post on Mon 30 Jan 2017:

 Welcome back Aaron. Sounds like you have had some great experiences - even with the break from docs, understanding online education surely would be helpful for future docs as well. And congrats on your move. There is a pretty large doc community in the Bay Area and I am sure some of our local filmmakers based there (including fellow editors Nels Bangerter and Amy Ferraris) could advise further on ways to connect. If I may be shameless in making one suggestion, come join us for Peer Pitch West in Sebastopol this year. Even if you don't have a project to pitch, an editor's eye for feedback (and perhaps making a connection with a filmmaker looking for an editor or adviser) is always important.

Kyle Scoble

Hey Everyone, pumped to be joining the community and I can't wait to learn and grow with everyone. I'm a director and producer based in Long Beach California. Currently trying to push forward on two projects and see them through to the finish line. 

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Kyle.  Great to have you here.  And best of luck with your films.

Francesco Dragone

In reply to Aaron Soffin's post on Tue 31 Jan 2017:

 Thank you Aaron for your welcome. It's very exciting to be here and I am really looking forward to next week's webinar!
I'll dive in over the weekend and try to catch up with all the threads and topics, so that I can have a better feeling and starting my weekly presence on a couple of groups. Have you all a great weekend!

Eric Andrew Kuhn

Hello all! I'm a composer/musician working primarily in documentary film scoring. Excited to join the community here, and see all the wonderful support and lively discussion. Thanks for having me, look forward to learning about what people are making, and learning more about the documentary making process. 

Art Pharaoh

Hello D-Word, My producing name is Omnisense and I produce activist films dealing with cutting edge black project technology and covert operations.  In 2016 I released 4 full length films freely available on websites and youtube.  My first documentary is titled: "Covert Transhumanism: A Mind Control Documentary" and exposes heinous modern day ongoing human rights violations against what is known as "targeted individuals."  I am a targeted individual myself and have endured countless injustices in 9+ years of overt electronic harassment targeting. After a number of years of constant attacks I learned the style of modern day COINTELPRO, and have launched TI activism & an awareness campaign in opposition of these atrocities.


My other films are titled:

The Electronic Control Grid

The Invisible War: 21st Century Targeting

War vs. the Truth: Psychological Operations


I am also a music producer and have produced the full soundtracks of all of my full length films. If anyone needs royalty free original electronic music for their films you can contact me truthbalancemaat (at) and I will get back to you ASAP.  I especially like helping righteous activist films of all types. So if you need help with graphic design you can contact me as well.

Ana Francisca Ferreira Bastos

Hi guys!
I am no professional.

I've experimented a lot with film editing and I am always the one with some kind of camera absorving everything for further notice. I'm portuguese, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

But my field is classical music. I am an orchestra musician and i am starting now to script/idealize what would be a docu series on "ethnic + classical music" through the eyes of the musician herself, as I just purchased a very interesting armenian instrument that is remotely from the same family as the bassoon, my instrument. I wanna break the glass a bit on my own circle about the elitism there is from us, classical musicians, towards other musicians.

I came to you as an observer and a very curious person seeking to see what and how the profis do it. :)

As i said, everything is really still in the beginning but if you are curious and wanna know what I've up to:

Mimi Mutesa

Hi all! 


I'm a film student currently living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm just looking to get experience in the field particularly this upcoming summer in New York, so I thought I'd join a community that came highly recommended to me. My biggest film accomplishment thus far is a short documentary I directed called "Daughter of the Congo" about the immigration story of a girl and her family from Congo (DRC) to the United States. ( I'm also a photographer and you can see my work on my website at 

Happy to be here! Feel free to ask my any questions. 

Doug Block

Greetings, Mimi and Ana.  A warm welcome to The D-Word to you both. 

Christoph P. Schuetz

Hello D-World of D-Word ("World" sounds more fitable to me)!
I'm a documentary filmmaker searching for fellowship, inspiration and a mentor/ mentress who can help me developing my doc-skills.
I can offer passion, creativity and humour as well as giving feedback and input to your projects. These days I'm writing and editing a 45 minutes travel documentary about searching for home in a foreign place. Working title: "Wiener Wuerstel in Tel Aviv".
My life time project is a doc movie about the forgotten and murdered Jewish humourist "Wauwau" and my search for a long time ago lost suitcase with his heritage.
I'm happy to have come here and curious about where it will lead to.

John Burgan

You've certainly got a talent for film titles, Christoph - Smells like Wien Spirit! Have a look around The D-Word, you'll find it a supportive community  and useful resource. No need to "sign" your name after each post - it's always at the top

Christoph P. Schuetz

In reply to John Burgan's post on Sat 25 Feb 2017 (

Glad, that you like my titles, John. You seem to be a multilinguist - how come Farsi? Thanks for the sign hint.
--Christoph :-)
P.S.: Is here also a section where to watch free online documentary movies?

John Burgan

Well, the fact that I'm a Brit (with an Irish passport) living in Berlin, married to an Afghan (with a German passport) might explain it...

Click on the Watch Films link on the left hand side menu of the page to access links to our online docs....

Christoph P. Schuetz

In reply to John Burgan's post on Sun 26 Feb 2017 (

Wow! This could be the base of a documentary language farce...
My project "Wiener Wuerstel in Tel Aviv" could be of your interest - is home just a place or more sort of a feeling that you can take anywhere you go?
"Watch Films" I already found but the first clicks I made - mostly trailers out there. Can you recommend me an inspiring and well told doc movie? Recently I watched and enjoyed "Man on wire" (Petit and Marsh are great storytellers in this work) and "Salesman" of the Maysles brothers.

Tim Bennett

Hi everyone...

I'm brand new here and just introducing myself.  My day job is producing short corporate videos, but my real goal is to make more documentary type content.  I've been involved in video production, photography, and music production professionally for about 10 years now, and although I have a variety of technical skills at this point, my real challenge is applying it to longer form content and building storylines...which is how I ended up here.  

I'm looking for motivation, ideas, encouragement and to challenge the way I currently do things.  I'm currently in the process of attempting to put together a feature length documentary based on a year of travel and keep running into hurdle after hurdle, but am determined to get it done.

I'm looking forward to learning more and sharing some knowledge myself!

Judy Seaman

Hi everybody,

I was a member of D-Word several years ago and now am back. I moved from NJ to western Massachusetts 6 1/2  years ago. Before that I worked at WNBC News Channel 4 as an editor and other TV stations. I've made corporate and educational videos and also two documentaries of my own (in 2000 and in 2004). One did pretty well in a little niche market. It's called "A Clear Road to Birth." The other, about two people with Cystic Fibrosis who receive double-lung transplants, sadly never went anywhere. One claim to fame of mine is my participation in the D-Word's first collaborative project. My piece is about 50 seconds.  Feel free to look:

I have to say that I've been feeling pretty alone in a work situation I've found myself in and thought I'd share what happened in the hopes that someone might offer insight. Please let me know if I can share this and where it would go on this site.

I'm looking forward to meeting other filmmakers here, learning and sharing (as Tim Bennett has expressed).

Thank you!


Doug Block

In reply to Judy Seaman's post on Sat 11 Mar 2017:

Welcome back, Judy!  There's no such thing as a former D-Word member, you sign up here for life - whether you want to or not :)  And you may have been gone a while but certainly were not forgotten!

Feel free to post about your situation in Our Daily Bread

Niam Itani

Welcome back to The D-Word, Judy. As Doug said, once a D-Worder, always a D-Worder! 

Nicholas Czerula

Hello all,

I am new to D-Word. I run a small commercial production company serving the automotive aftermarket, sport industry and local businesses. I have created a handful of short narratives on people and hope to continue doing so. Usually self-funded and distributed. I love charcter studies and telling people's stories.

Hoping to connect with folks in the doc world to grow and develop my craft.

John Burgan

Just watched the first two minutes of your World War II: The Last Frontier (2017) which starts off in a traditional manner with WWII archive and voiceover describing the world situation in 1943, but then talks of John F Kennedy (born 1917) as POTUS and Lenin (who died in 1924) as if he were still alive. So it's probably intended as a spoof or an ironic joke ("trustyoursources") but to be honest I lost interest in watching any more. 

Rick Meghiddo

We are all visual people, so I guess I'll start from the here and now. I just entered a video contest titled "Inspired by Israel." My entry is Normality Lo-Normali: Everyone can vote. Watch it (4:56') and if you feel like voting, please vote. It's a two phase competition: phase 1 by popularity and phase 2 by a jury. Only the 10 top in popularity will get a chance to be judged. Every vote counts! Why is this important? because it shows aspects normal life in Israel rarely shown by the media, and it will challenge misconception and distorted views. 

Wanda Acosta

Hello there. I am a visual artist and event producer currently collaborating on my first documentary film as director and producer. The film captures a historical moment in lesbian/queer history in downtown NYC in the early 1990s.

Kate Prendergast

HI All, I am working on my first film and looking to connect with others doing the same for feedback, support , encouragement etc. My project is focused on an artist active in the period of American art when it transitioned from abstract expressionism -to POP, performance, multimedia etc. more information about that at . As a first timer I am excited and often overwhelmed with some problem- thinking it probably has some super simple solution that I don't know about - and thinking there must be so many challenges ahead that I am not yet aware of. Glad to have found the forum . I have been filming and editing for about 6 months. I recently got a whole $200 honorarium for showing a clip of my film as part of an arts program (does that make me a pro?) . Recently I am surprised to discover that I have actually learned a thing or two in the past half year and looking forward to learning more.  Kate

Dave Merson Hess

Hi All,

I'm jumping into my first feature-length doc editing gig, and thought it'd be a great time to join The D-Word. I'm also in production on a short animated documentary about a mixtape (as writer/director), and planning the second edition of an animation festival here in Houston.

My personal site:
My animation studio:
The animation festival I mentioned:

Abhi Singh

Hi everyone, 

I am a documentary filmmaker working on stories about artists in the Bay Area. Just finished a short film No Vacancy that screened at CAAM (Center for Asian American Media) here in San Francisco about two weeks ago. Prior to that I created work for KQED as a Media Producer on their arts desk. 

No Vacancy explores the struggles of San Francisco artists as they contend with exorbitant rent prices, developers looking to convert art spaces into luxury condos and a city that isn’t paying attention to them.

I'm happy to be a part of this community. A shout out to Aaron Soffin who recommended this community to me. 

My work can be found at

- Abhi


Claudio Ragazzi

Hi everyone, good to be here;

I am a Film Composer with tons of experience , I also teach Film Composition at Berklee College of Music and produce / perform in a regular basis nationally as well as internationally. You can hear my music in films like "Somethings Gotta Give" featuring Jack Nicholson and Dianne Keaton; "Next Stop Wonderland" with Phillip Seymour Hoffman; and Social Docs like "The Last Mountain" or "The Price of Sugar".
I would like to connect with all of you to offer my music, original Film Scoring as well as pre existing music from my personal music library.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting in this forum.

My website is:


John Burgan

Great to have you here, Claudio; as you're new to The D-Word, you've overlooked one of the few rules we have which is not to make duplicate posts in multiple topics. The basic thing is to choose a Topic and stick with it - this is fine here, but the other two have been deleted. 

Peter Rhodes

In reply to Claudio Ragazzi's post on Mon 3 Apr 2017:

 I just want to say that I have worked on several docs with Claudio and can highly recommend him.  A lovely guy who is easy to work with, very creative and great at writing in many styles of music. He is also an amazing guitar player.

Niam Itani

Welcome to The D-Word, Claudio & Abhi. Good to have you here! 

Evan McGillivray

Hey, Just wanted to say hello. I am living in LA getting my start in Commercial editorial, working on my first feature doc, in the development stage. 

Jem Moore

Hi All,

I jumped into making films in 2008 by editing together some footage for a small classical music festival in KC. I loved it so much I bought a camera and off I went. I have one feature doc that played some festivals, and a gaggle of short docs that are mostly character studies. I love all the aspects of film making, and I am looking forward to learning more here from all of you. This is my third career, and hopefully not my last. Cheers! 

Sharon Wood

Greetings all,

After lurking for years, I plan to be a more active member now that I'm starting to put together a trailer and rewrite my treatment for a feature doc about a 17th century Ottoman travel writer named Evliya Çelebi.  Curious, cosmopolitan, funny, a great storyteller, and devout Muslim, he saw the Europeans as the Other -- which didn't stop him from talking with them.  Take a little Cervantes, a pinch of Rebelais and Shakespeare's comedies, and you'll get a very general sense of how Evliya wrote -- though he's also remarkably unique in his ability to bring his world vividly to life.

I've been slowly edging toward the film for some time, and got a boost this past year by a Fulbright Fellowship in Turkey. Evliya traveled for 40 years and wrote a 10 volume manuscript, of which more than enough has been translated to English for filmmaking purposes.  Here's hoping I won't have to travel anywhere near as long as I'm getting started at a much older age than he did.  If you're interested in Evliya, there's some posts about him on my blog:

Down the road I'll be pursuing European co-producers but for the next few months, it's trailer and treatment time.  Glad to be an active D-Word member at last.  My pal Vivian Kleiman has always sung your praises and I look forward to doing so too.


Fausto Garcia

Hello Community,
I am a universitary professor, and participated as producer in fiction films, and discovered the educational power of documentary films in recent years. So I started studying and then working on educational films. I recently produced and co directed an internet episode of a documentary about Argentinean Youtubers ( I am also working on some small fiction and non fiction projects related with ethics and decision making for entrepreneurs. Hopefully these projects will be finished by august 2017.
I usually develop these films in spanish, but I wonder whether it could be a good idea to translate them to English.
I recently discovered D-word community and hope to be helpful. Just starting to understand how it works.
Thanks for reading and best regards!

Sergio Salgado

Hi D-Word! I'm an independent filmmaker based out of Chicago. I do commercial and documentary filmmaking under the name: Furnace FPS. I've done several personal documentary shorts and I DP'd my first feature doc in 2015. I hope to learn and contribute to the community. I joined D-Word a while back but I am always a bit slow to join in the conversation. Hi!

Bryce L Taylor

Hello, I'm new to the D-Word.  I am currently an educator and mostly make educational videos to show off cool projects that teach engineering and science.  I'm hoping to expand the kinds of projects I'm working on in the near future, including doing more documentary work.

Helena Diógenes

Hi, I'm a independente Photographer and filmmaker. I Live in Brazil and always travel for a lot of places. I like people and real life. Hi, I'm a independente Photographer and filmmaker. I Live in Brazil and always travel for a lot of places. I like people and real life. Now I 'm making a documentary about life in the street.

Subhash Todkar

I am 72 years old Indian journalist. I travel throughout India for historical study & search. I saw 280 miles from Mumbai (India ) on Allamprabhu mountain, one oil lamp burn continuously  from last 850 years. It is a wonder of world. Priests of Allamprabhu temple take care of this lamp by using groundnut oil. In 11 th century honorable Allamprabhu founded parliament, which is the first parliament in the world. This wonder is unpublished yet. Any producer is interested to make documentary on above subject please contact me along with details of documentary production experience.


Mobile - ( 91 ) 982 201 8041

Julia Guest

In reply to Subhash Todkar's post on Sat 29 Apr 2017:

 It does sound intriguing.. and a quick google search on the temple suggests it has a significant place in Indian culture too, being a shrine where Muslims and Hindus prayed together and both still visit.  It sounds a great idea for someone to develop.  I think the Greek democratic forum predates this by a few hundred years though.  Channel 4 did a very good two part series on the history of democracy in Greece.  However I am deeply committed to another development.. good luck finding the right partner for this.


Marilia Angove

Hi, I have just become a member of D-Word. Portuguese by nationality although self-adopted Welsh, living in Cardiff, where I am an academic and a documentary producer amongst others things. I am looking to network and develop my producer skills. Currently on post-production phase of my second feature documentary.  

Bill Suchy

Hello Everyone, I've been writing, producing & directing documentaries for over 30 years, mostly for or in partnership with various PBS channels. Most of these docs are owned by PBS.  I am now making docs independently so I retain full copyright and am looking forward to working with distributors to sell my docs and other projects to the national and international markets.  I hope to expand my knowledge and network by participating in some of the conversations on D-Word.    

Marcus Thorne Bagala

Hey folks! 

I'm an NYC based composer and sound designer. I'm a contributing music composer for NPR's This American Life and for NYTimes The Daily, I've also composed music that was featured in NFL Networks show The Timeline. 

I got my start in narrative films and tv as a additional music composer for shows like The Affair and Ray Donovan. Since then I've scored numerous narrative shorts and a feature but recently I've been trying to shift my focus towards more documentary work and am hoping to hang around this board and learn more about the doc scene in NYC and in general! 

If anyones looking for music for their film and wants to give a newbie doc composer a shot, I would be happy to cut you a great deal! 

If you want to learn more about me or hear some work examples, you can check out my website here:



Nilosree Biswas

Hi Fellow Fraternity, Greetings from Bombay. I am a documentary filmmaker/ author. I am passionate about telling stories that many wont connect with India. After a hiatus of few years I am just starting to plan a documentary in the backdrop of Kashmir conflict for which I am looking at co-producers and building a team comprising of members who have a knack for stories from conflict strife societies. My last independent work was "Broken Memory Shining Dust". All the best to all.

Kelsey Marsh

Hello Y'all!  I'm Kelsey, an emerging filmmaker in Washington, DC. Currently freelancing at Discovery, and am completing production on my second independent doc ROLLING OUT. Eager to learn and collaborate, and look forward to being an active member of the D-Word community. 

Faustin Niyigena

Hi everyone here.

It's nice to join this platform of professionals.

What do I bring? Nothing really big coz I am a very young filmmaker. I've gone through to many of your introduction messages and I salute you all guys. I will learn from you. I hope I will be able to volunteer on some of your projects as well as asking you to do the same for me whenever possible. Nice to meet you all!

Here is my first pro short documentary that I filmed, edited, produced, directed....It has gotten so far one award and different nominations. It is called Fastest Woman in Africa - Rwanda's First Female Cyclist;

Francesco Da Vinci

This is photojournalist and first-time documentary filmmaker Francesco Da Vinci.  Currently I'm looking for an established Producer for my documentary film that tells the story of my conscientious objection to the Vietnam War.  The film also pays tribute to conscientious objectors throughout American history.  So far there are about 20 celebrities in my film who have given on-camera interviews.  Any interested Producers should contact me at the following email: 

I'm based in West LA.  Among those in my film now: Richard Dreyfuss, Forest Whitaker, Muhammad Ali, and the Dalai Lama.  My film promotes

diversity and global nonviolence.  

Looking forward to hearing from you!  




Tiffany Jackson

Howdy folks!  I'm Tiffany, and I'm on the verge of completing my first feature length doc entitled THE GOOD DEATH (it's not as morbid as it sounds!).  It looks at how Afro-Brazilian religions were persecuted for centuries in Brazil, then turned into culture or "roots" tourism packages targeting Black Americans in the 1980's.  Glad I finally joined, I've been hearing about the D-word through so many avenues for some time now.  Looking forward to figuring this platform out and chatting with you all!

Lisa Harewood

Hey everyone, I'm Lisa, originally from Barbados and currently studying in Bristol, UK. I've been in video production (mostly corporate and development agency video) for nearly 15 years. About 7 years ago I finally pursued my youthful ambition of being involved in filmmaking and since then I've produced one feature and written and directed one short. Those experiences were great and brought me some success but I recognised that I preferred non-fiction storytelling so I am in a postgraduate program in documentary and interactive factual storytelling, which is another keen interest of mine. I'm currently making my final MA film, which is short character study of an LGBT performer in Barbados that I hope to expand to a longer form after graduation. 

I'm looking forward to exchanging with everyone here. Being from a small island with no filmmaking infrastructure, community becomes really important to keep me going. Hopefully I can also share with you the things I've picked up from having to be a jack-of-all-trades-microbudget filmmaker :-)

Doug Block

Francesco, Tiffany and Lisa, a very warm welcome to The D-Word to you all!

twinner tiger

hello D-word i am new to the community but i do photography for more than 4 years now and am really interested on doc films 

Katrina Dawkins

Hello the D-Word Family,

I am a new member of a new art district in Atlanta - Artlanta - and though I am not new to the Arts & Entertainment industry, I am brand new to film making and am new to learning about how to write a documentary. I found this site by researching how to make a documentary. Since I am just beginning to work on my documentary so I don't want to reveal what it is about, but it is unique and creative and something close to my heart. Also, there will be a series of documentaries with the same topic, but different situations.

I have a son who is a Broadcast Engineer and have performed broadcast work in sports and music (concerts) as wells as performed

  • The Tiny and Toya Show (Reality TV)
  • Family Hustle (Reality TV)
  • Little Women of Atlanta (Reality TV)
  • The Secret Princes (Reality TV)
  • 1st Cameraman at the 2014 Emmys in Los Angeles
  • 1st Cameraman at the 2014 Golden Globes in Los Angeles
  • Recently broadcast two Drone competitions as a Lead Cameraman in both Georgia and Boston
  • Atlanta Braves
  • Atlanta Hawks
  • ESPN Sports
  • CBS Sports Network
  • 3 years broadcasting the Hangout Festival, including May 2017 in Alabama

and numerous other shows, events and projects over the past 10 years.

Has worked on film (movies) and will be directing my documentary. He loves my documentary idea and wants to see it become a reality.

I'm glad to be here.

Mike Harrison

A gracious good afternoon. Thanks to the hosts for allowing me to join the family.

I'm a voice actor/narrator who was initially in radio broadcasting before moving to the world of corporate multimedia production (where I was in-house narrator and Audio Producer). I've been using my voice for all kinds of commercial and corporate applications for several (ahem) decades. But telling interesting, compelling stories is what I want to do now.

Thanks for having me. Hope to have the opportunity to work with some of you very soon!

Monty Dobson

Hey everybody!  **waves a friendly hand** I'm fairly new to the D-Word. I'm an archaeologist and historian who has accidentally become a filmmaker. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Am working on the second season of my doc series America from the Ground Up this summer. We are filming in 3 time zones, nine states and 30+ archaeological and historical sites in the American west. check out season one at 

Rachel Miller-Howard

Hello, D-Word!

I'm glad to be among your ranks.

I recently finished a year as Associate Writer at a small documentary film production company in Portland, OR. I'm looking to stay deep in the field, so am starting a digital publication about women documentarians (film and audio). I'm seeking ideas for resources/topics/themes I can offer, routes for seed funding, technically savvy people to help advise website construction, and writers who are interested in interviewing and crafting stories about women media makers. I love finding collaborators, and look forward to joining this (thriving) hub!



John Burgan

Welcome, Rachel. BTW, no need to "sign" your name, it's at the top of every post you make

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