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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Houston Cypress

As a greeting, we could ask:

CHeehantaamo = How are you?

or we could ask:

Hee(th)oklo? = Is it good?

It's also important to remember that we have no word for "GOODBYE" in our language: because we will see each other again. Tomorrow, next month, or in the next life. So instead we say:

Teheechoolaka! = We'll see each other again!

Doug Block

welcome alissa, adrian and huey. hello back, comfort (winner of the shortest intro in d-word history).

Ben Kempas

Heethoklo, Comfort? I think you need to post a bit more in order to attract attention here...

Laurence Solomon

Hi, I just finished editing a documentary on gay/straight marriages, and have edited and co-produced many films, sports, arts, TV Magazine shows, historical and am happy to join D Word. Larry

Nikos Stamboulopoulos

Hi everybody. I'm an all around player based in Athens, Greece. Currently producing and directing a doc for the last remaining fishermen at a village in a Greek island. I recently attended the Pitching Forum at Thessaloniki Doc Festival (organized by EDN), where I had the chance to pitch my project for international funding.

I own a small production company called "Yperoptix", which specializes in creative documentaries and corporate videos. Will also do location management and second unit photography. Anything you might need from Greece, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Cynthia Winings

Hello, i am pursuing my interest in making documentary films by attending the Maine Media Workshop's documentary course this summer. (i want to use this medium for education and outreach for non-profits and ngo's.)
i was looking for doc. film-making internship possibilities online when i came across your website! i'm happy to have found this community and will check here often to learn more about what is going on – Thank you! cynthia
(ps. i love the 'enthusiast' banner beneath my pic!)

Mario Berlinguer

Hello doc makers, it took a while to introduce myself, but I wasn’t sure I could so I had to ask Doug first. So here I am. I love films that open your mind about things, that’s what documentaries are for and that’s why the label “enthusiast” is perfect for me. As a composer, I’ve always wanted to write the score for interesting documentaries, so I’m here if anybody needs that, unfortunately it’s the only field I can contribute in. More infos about me on my website (which is here and also linked on my profile).
Best luck with your projects.

Peter Gerard


Adrian, EDN organises great development workshops, like the one in Thessaloniki that Nikos mentioned. I know they have been putting some emphasis on Eastern Europe and there are other organisations focussing on your region. Either way, EDN is a great place to check for upcoming pitching forums and workshops.

Doug Block

Welcome Mario, John, Cynthia, Nikos, did I miss anyone? Sheesh, I can barely keep up.

Burt Kempner

Hello, all. I'm Burt Kempner, and I currently live in Gainesville, Florida. I've been in the business for over 30 years, primarily as a writer/producer, and my stuff has appeared on PBS, Discovery, CNBC, History Channel and European TV. I try not to pigeonhole myself, but my main areas of interest are documentary, environmental, educational, travel and non-profit programming. And anything else that calls to the heart or the human spirit. So glad to have found my way over here and look forward to getting to know as many of you as I can.

Matthew Ludvino

Hey I just posted elsewhere and figured I ought to introduce myself. I'm a film editor by trade, but am in the thick of producing and directing a feature titled "We Are The Shods!" It's my first time alone in the field so I'm sure I'll have all kinds of questions down the road.

Christine Foster

Hi everyone. I'm not a film anything yet, but have an intense desire to learn about documentary film-making. My background is political and cultural anthropology, and I've been in Indonesia for over fifteen years, so I hope I can tease out some interesting and meaningful stuff from the chaos and beauty of my adopted country. Am starting initial research on what I hope will be my first film...Cheers!

Doug Block

greetings and welcome, christine. good to have you here.

Brian Regienczuk

Creative/Design manager at large company. Interested in advice on how to find right person and fund a small documentary style effort and what might be interesting goals / benefits that makes it a win/win for company and film producer.

Draft goals for company might be:
+ capture creative energy, attendee excitement and messaging around people focused innovation at large/major event in Eastern Europe
+ capture value design is adding to business
+ possible feature interviews with CEO/CMOs from top companies
+ many other areas that could be mutually interesting if discussed...

Uriah Ocean Peterson

Hello all,

I did stumble across this site after visiting James Longley's website. I hope to learn and absorb all that I can from the D-Word community. It seems impressive.

So as for me, I am starting my second degree this fall in either film or music (scoring and such). Not sure what direction to go for. I have studied music since I was seven (suzuki method) and have developed a love for Doc's over the years. I am very much inspired not only by Longley's impressive work on "Fragments" but also the fact that he wore many hats when making his film. This is very encouraging.

Well, I hope to see what D-word is all about and perhaps this site will point me in some good directions.



Doug Block

Welcome, Uri. Always interesting to see how people find their way to The D-Word.

Karen Elizabeth Price

Yana Gorskaya among others pointed me here. We just picture-locked my first feature doc, HouseQuake, and are starting the festival/distribution path. Thanks for being here!