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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Julie Drizin

Hello everyone. Glad to be joining you. I'm a longtime public radio producer who is currently working as the Talent Manager for the public radio makers quest (MQ2) a project of the Association of Independents in Radio, Inc. MQ2 was a CPB-funded initiative to spark cross-platform producer-led innovation that would lead public radio to become public media. AIR is a membership organization for producers, editors, freelancers, audio artists, etc. As we prepare what we hope will be a new RFP, I'm reaching out to expand the circle of people who know about our work. We're offering a Webinar through the National Center on Media Engagement next week ( Also, you can read my blog or watch an 8-minute video about last year's ground-breaking projects at

Julie Drizin
Twitter @AIRMQ2

Doug Block

Welcome, Julie and Piers. Great to have you both here with us.

Piers Sanderson

Doc wise not much John as there is not much in the way of funding in Italy (i am here for family reasons). I'm traveling between here and the UK where i'm working with a production company based in London and North Wales (I grew up in Wales). Film Agency Wales have just funded the trailer for my next feature and i am hoping to get the full funding in place soon. We have a 2nd meeting with ZDF Arte in Berlin next week and strong interest from A&E in the US.

Niall McKay

Hi Everyone
My name is Niall McKay. I am from Ireland but live in the SF Bay Area where we have a production company called the Media Factory. We do am mix of docs for PBS, films for non-profits, and dramas. Currently we are working on a film about the Filipino Farmworker Movement called the Delano Manongs. I've just finished a personal film called the Bass Player for RTE Television in Ireland. Nice to meet ya'll

Doug Block

Nice to meet you, too, Niall. Welcome to The D-Word!

Belinda Bonazzi

Hi All

My name is Belinda and I live in NY. Decided to join the documentary-making world a couple of weeks ago and heard this is a great source of information so here I am! :)

Talk to you soon!

Christopher Wong

In reply to Niall McKay's post on Sat 6 Feb 2010 :

hi niall... i remember reviewing your project as a member of the CAAM Open Call committee. even though you didn't end up getting funding in the past cycle, i have to say that i really liked what i saw from your work-in-progress sample. and i usually don't really get interested in historical docs. so, i hope you are still doing well with it!

Lukasz Kulec

Hi All,

My name is Lukasz and I live in Edinburgh. I am polish and I came here to study photography and film. Still exploring the field of film and finding that documentary is something I enjoy the most. At the moment working on a project about the boy with Duchenne Muscular Distrophy.
I joined D-World to explore more.