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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Marian Evans

Hi Doug,

Thank you for emailing.

The script is a completed true story dramatic film dating back to 1979, Sexual assault by a uniformed police officer. This was a groundbreaking case that set three precedents and changed law across Canada. There has been great interest in the case that people are getting hold of me and asking an awful lot of questions so I have begun speaking to groups about the legalities and assault of 1979 and the civil suit of 2008.

Some individuals have suggested that I do a documentary first and a film later, anything is possible.

I could go on and on about this – enough about me.

Thank you for asking.


In reply to Doug Block's post on Sun 28 Mar 2010 :

Joe Cultrera

Hey all-
I'm a doc filmmaker and TV doc/series editor (pays the bills) and programmer for a sweet up & coming, invitation-only doc fest I helped create three years ago here in my old hometown of Salem, Massachusetts (I'm back here after 30 yrs in NYC). Since returning, all those juices I put into my doc making have been diverted into community actions and the creation and sustaining of Salem Film Fest. Looking for new inspirations here to re-juice my filmmaking; and wanting to keep my eye on films for year 4 of our fest (March of 2011). We have kind of a different model for our fest – no application fees, and everyone who screens gets an honorarium paid by a sponsoring local business.


Christopher Wong

welcome joe. sounds like a very refreshing take on film festivals... please, please invite me ;)

Andy Schocken

Welcome Joe, Marian, Jeffrey, Phil and Norman! Lots of new folks around here. Norman, could this be an explanation for Jesus walking on water?

Joanne Feinberg

Hi Joe! Joe directed HAND OF GOD, an amazing doc that played at our festival a few years ago, and won our audience award for best documentary. It's a very compelling and personal look at Catholic Clergy abuse. A timely subject given recent headlines...

Joe Cultrera

Hi Joanne-
All hail the Ashland Indie Fest!!

Funny how the subject of HoG just won't go away, huh? I guess it's clearly no longer an "American problem," which is how the Vatican tried to explain it away before.

Jim Crum

Hi, I have been producing and directing documentaries since –can't be true! – the early sixties back in the days when network owned TV stations were fearful enough about losing their valuable franchise on the public airwaves that they put some of their ill gotten gains into what used to be called Public Affairs programming. Was a fantastic opportunity for a guy right out of Journalism school to learn and learn fast. At WCAU in Philadelphia we had a weekly doc series, four major documentary specials a year, three shooters and three editors and won our share of Peabodys, Ohio State, Emmys and film festival awards. Moved on to Westinghouse station in San Francisco to head up a four man unit that produced four or five documentaries a year, where I got my first Steenbeck editing experience. Since then spent too many years producing and directing syndicated magazine formats with doc segments and couple of reality based kids shows for syndication and PBS.
Couple of years ago formed JC Productions, fancy name for a one man band, writer-producer-director, DV shooting, Premiere and Avid editing – producing affordable short documentaries for non profits like the Salvation Army and Make a Wish group Sunshine Kids Foundation and non profit housing developers.
Right now taking a big leap, self financing a process documentary on a LA African American Dance Company's production of a ballet based on Laurence Dunbar poem about having to "Wear the Mask" to get by in the white world.
Exploring non profit status thru the IDA but finding funders is a whole new ballgame to me, love to find a co producer who is a pro.

Doug Block

Welcome aboard the good ship D-Word, Jim, and good luck with your funding.

Marina Pessoa

Hi, I'm Marina, and I'm a producer in Brazil. Now I'm producing a documentary film wich has footage in Lima, Peru; Washington and Michigan, US. Wolud like to recive informations about procedures filming in these cities. Mainly about Temporary Importation, because of the equipaments My directors will take.

Cory Kelley

Hey D-Word types,

I just joined up after leaving my job as a Interactive Creative Director in advertising. My background is in documentary film making and motion graphics. I've got lots of ideas in the works and am writing proposals and treatments like crazy right now. I am really interested in the potential of interactive, non-linear story telling in documentary. If you are into the interactive possibilities as well, hit me up. Interactive story telling is the wild west right now and anything can happen. I'd love to kick ideas around.