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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Good to have you come out of the darkness at last, Adams.

Jill Woodward

Hi Adams, saw On Coal River at STF last year. Great job, good luck with your new film.

Steve Deline

Hello everyone – Thanks to a tip from another doc maker I've been lurking about the forums for months now, trying to soak up as much wisdom as possible, but as 2011 dawns I figure it's time to wave hello.

I'm a writer/director currently stationed in Los Angeles and am in post on my first documentary project: a series about five starkly disparate elementary and high schools in New Orleans and Baltimore, the unusual historical origin they all share, and the stories of what it's like to educate inside their respective walls today. Thanks, all of you, for creating such a great collective resource and community, and Happy New Year!

Doug Block

Welcome, Steve. Feel free to register as a professional member. You'll gain access to all 50 discussion topics.

Doug Block

Good to have you joining us, Steve. Say goodbye to all your free time ;-)

Stephen Grynberg

Hi D-Word. Happy to be here. I just finished my first feature doc this past year and its been on the festival circuit having a pretty good time. The film is called A Life Ascending. You can find a trailer at Im starting to enter the world of hybrid distribution and anxious to learn from others and share what Im learning along the way. Im also looking for some interns to share some of the experience with and to help with some of the research and marketing work. cheers, Stephen

John Burgan

Congratulations on completing your film, Stephen and welcome as a full D-Word Member too – feel free to explore the place. You may also wish to re-post your request for interns (perhaps with some more details) in the Public Classifieds Topic

Mandy Rose

I’ve just joined the D-Word, thanks to John Burgan for the connection. It seems like a terrific space/collective resource. I hope to make a useful contribution. Here are some headlines re my background.
These days I work at the intersection of documentary and participatory media. I was co-founder and producer of BBC2’s award winning Video Nation project, for which people across the UK recorded everyday life in the 90s, which we edited, with their approval, into over twenty hours of diverse TV output. I was Executive Producer of the BBC Capture Wales digital storytelling project, the first major initiative of its kind in the UK, which was informed by the work of The Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, and resulted in a wealth of autobiographical stories made in workshops around Wales, and contributed to a storytelling culture here.
I still live in South Wales though I’m now a Research Fellow at the Digital Cultures Research Centre, at the University of the West of England in Bristol. My research explores the emergence of collaborative online documentary. I’m interested in how a collaborative approach and the online network might enhance documentary’s role in the public sphere.
I blog at
In the 90s I was a producer/director of documentary and arts TV. My work pursued themes of culture and identity – in Hilda at Darjeeling for Channel Four British women looked back on their role in India under the Raj, in Meeting the Masai Mob for BBC2, Aboriginal Australians met with Masai people to share experiences over land rights. I’ve also made work about culture and media – Pictures in the Post (BBC2) was a history of the 20th century told through postcards and their messages. Verite Today (BBC2) looked at ideas of truth in British documentary and included interviews with Jean Rouch Nick Broomfield and Richard Leacock. How the West was Lost (Channel 4) looked at Native American representations in Hollywood, and in Navajo Media.
Right now I’m looking for participants for a web based collaborative project. Within my practice based research I’m revisiting Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin’s seminal 1960 documentary, Chronicle of a Summer, in particular the question which opens the film, in the classic vox pops sequence, Are you happy? You can see a clip on the site homepage –
I’m seeking collaborators who are interested in getting involved by asking that question on video in their locality. This could be an interesting brief for media studies or documentary students. 
If that interests any teachers here I could offer a briefing via Skype, and could put the call to action into context, both of the original film and of the growing field of collaborative online documentary. (I should mention that I have some teaching experience. ) 
Thanks for reading. 
My email –