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Jeanie Finlay

Hello D-Worders

I'm and artist and filmmaker from the UK. I make films about music, outsiders, strangers and people who change how they look to be themsleves. I made large scale video artworks for years before moving into docs about 7 years ago. My films include TEENLAND (BBC4), GOTH CRUISE (IFC). I'm currently making two films – THE GREAT HIP HOP HOAX for BBC and ORION: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING.

my latest film is SOUND IT OUT, a crowd funded feature about the very last record shop in my home town, Teesside (North east UK) which will be premiering at SXSW in March.
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I'd love to hear from any other D-Worders with advice for SXSW – and I'd really appreciate it you could help spread the word about our campaign on Indiegogo to get there.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting some new doc folks! JF

John Burgan

Welcome to The D-Word, Jeanie. Sounds like you're in the right place – check out the Documentary Festivals Topic for more on SXSW and also use our SEARCH function to see what advice people have been giving in the past.

Doug Block

It was great talking with you the other day, Jeanie. Glad you followed up and registered. Welcome.

Your trailer is charming and beautifully made, it so makes me want to see the film. Hope you raise oodles of money. And get the list of industry people attending from the festival (on the password protected part of their website) and contact them about a week before it starts.

Christine Daley

Hi! My name is Christine and a friend of mine suggested that I get on here and see if anything clicks! I have been an actor for years and about two years ago I took off across the country and abroad volunteering at various not-for-profits. Changed my world. Now I'm looking to get involved in hosting, writing and creating work that's about real people. This is a link to my most recent hosting gig on solar energy. If anyone has any leads, knowledge of where to look or projects, I'd greatly appreciate any advice!

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Christine. Glad that you found us. You can check the Public Classifieds topic here, as people occasionally post about projects they're looking for collaborators on. You might also try the NY section of Shooting People:

jennifer folks

Hello all! My name is Jen and I am from small town USA in Kansas. I am looking for some advice/help. I have an idea for a documentary but have no idea where to begin. I would like to make/produce this myself but cannot quit my job to take this on. After doing some research and many question and answer sessions with parents this is something that many, many parents are interested in. I have no doubt that it would be watched by many as it asks a question that most of us parents as ourselves when raising our kids. If anyone can give me some insight on where to begin, search for funding or pitch my idea it would be wonderful. Thanking you again! Maybe soon you just might see something on TV from this small town USA Mom. –Jen

Nick Fitzhugh

Hi Everyone!

I was referred to this site by a new business partner who couldn't say enough about it and I can already see why. I'm looking forward to leveraging the community and sharing what I can with it too as I get to know it and everyone it it better.

To introduce myself, I'm an independent filmmaker and producer currently based in Washington, DC. After ten years in the media industry running a company I started in college that was acquired by National Geographic, I have turned my full-time attention to filmmaking––something I've always wanted to do. I have one completed project (though I'm still looking for domestic distribution for it) and a couple others in various stages of development/production. All docs thus far but I do aspire eventually to do narrative films along the lines of City of God (or that style).

Feel free to check out my work at and see you all around the topic boards!


Jeanie Finlay

In reply to Doug Block's post on Fri 18 Feb 2011 :

Thanks so much Doug – can't believe I took so long to get here! – This is an amazing resource.

I've been getting my lists together and my plan is forming. We will get to Texas by hook or by crook!

I'm going to write a blog for Filmmaker Magazine about my experiences as a virgin SXSW-er so will post a link here. So excited, not long now.

James Tseyah

Well i must say that i am flattered being part of a world of experts. I can say that being part of this wonderful and exciting site, my dreams of becoming a professional documentary filmmaker apart from acting, is partly completed. Thanks so much for welcoming me. Please kindly advice and guide me so that i can be the best in Cameroon.As you people can realise, i am seemingly the only one from Cameroon, that is why i want to do my best to carry my country up thanks to D-World. I am so happy.