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Caroline Elizabeth Savage

I met Doug Block at DIY Days and decided to join D-Word because of the Peter Broderick distribution seminar. I am continually educating, mentoring our Philadelphia filmmakers so they can sustain their filmmaking careers. Am very glad to see PIFVA member, Jon Foy, to be screening his film, Resurrect Dead, a film PIFVA funded and a film that Doug is producing, at Stranger Than Fiction on March 29. So, I am joining this powerful conversation to learn, observe and network.

Doug Block

Great meeting you, Caroline, and glad it turned into becoming a member here. Welcome.

Hugh Chatfield

Greetings all.

At age 68 I managed to get a post graduate certificate in Documentary Production here at Algonquin College in Ottawa. My first DOC of significance is an extension of my major class project. "Daniel's Journal – History Rewritten" – takes a look at one Daniel Daverne – the first secretary/stores keeper at the first military settlement in Canada – at Perth. Ontario in 1816.

History portrays him as a criminal, a scoundrel. Yet a journal discovered in 1995, in the rubble of an old building being renovated in downtown Perth is the start of a number of serendipitous events that lead to new discoveries about Daniel, his living relatives – and perhaps a rewrite of History.

This project is a multimedia project. The related web site is meant to provide additional information about the subject and allow the viewer to buy the DVD, watch the additional material and decide, as a member of the "jury" whether or not Daniel is guilty of the charges brought against him.

The web site is
The Facebook page is

Some illness has put me about 1/2 year behind on this project – but I am up and running again, and will push to get the DVD produced shortly.

Read about other film work at Hugh's World:

Doug Block

Welcome, Carolina and Hugh. Both of you should feel free to register for professional status, which will give you access to all 50 of our discussion topics.

goro toshima

hi all,

i'm a doc. filmmaker based in L.A. my last film ('a hard straight') received best doc. feature at SXSW and broadcast on 'independent lens'.

my current project 'broken doors' just received best short at Big Sky.

also, i'm a very good shooter who is always looking for more documentary work--so if anybody needs shooting, please get in touch.

looking forward to meeting people here...

Doug Block

And we're mighty glad you're here, Goro. Congrats on the Big Sky award.

Victor Huey

Hi, My name is Victor Huey, I am making a documentary about the underground music scene in China, called "Rocking the Great Wall" Shot over a 25 year period form 1986-2011. We are now entering post production. Besides releasing a traditional feature length documentary,I have been thinking about new strategies such as distribution via a interactive documentary social network site based on my content.

Jon Foy

Hey Caroline. I just noticed that you joined D-Word. Cheers.

Doug Block

Welcome aboard, Victor. Noticed your post about your distribution plans in the Peter Broderick discussion. Very intriguing, hope you'll share more in the Marketing and Distribution topic.