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Christina Katsiadakis

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay!
Yes, 30 something refers to age. Our characters are 10, which is a much more reasonable number, I guess!
Our generation of 30 something here in Greece has a difficult task. We grew up believing that things will only get better, at least on the financial front. Unfortunately, for the last few years the financial situation is grim and no one can be sure what will come out of it. In a country run mostly my 50 or 60 something old politicians, who have more than their share for the current situation and still try to convince us that they also have the solution, we decided it was time for our generation to speak up. Because at 30 we are no longer kids, that's for sure. Let's hope we get our message across!

Niam Itani

Good luck Christina! Sounds like an interesting project for a just cause.

You don't want to make a revolution like the Arabs are doing? ;)

Ben Kempas

Christina, I happen to have a number of friends in Greece all of whom are in their 30-somethings, and I my feeling is that you're telling a very important story here.

Christina Katsiadakis

Thank you very much guys! Let's hope it works out well! I'll keep you posted.
Niam, I am not sure Greece is ready for a revolution yet! What we need is a major change in our way of thinking! Hopefully in a few months I will be able to say that at least young people have started that process.

Stephen Troy

Hello! My name is Stephen Troy, I'm a young filmmaker who recently created his first feature, a documentary titled Dale and the Duds. Now, as I prepare to sell it and send it to festivals, I am faced with many many questions that I cannot find answers to. Mostly about legal issues. This is a problem that I must deal with! So I have signed up for this site, hoping to get some answers.

My website is:

You can view some of my older short work online.

Ernst Gossner

Hi. Am new here. We are finishing up GLOBAL WARNING. A filmmaker's journey into war. We are looking for a sales agent who can help us with it. Any leads kindly appreciated.

Why are societies predisposed to war? And why are completely unrelated wars fatally similar in their making? These questions are on Global Warning's agenda as director Ernst Gossner inquires into his native Tirol's own last war – the war between Austria and Italy on top of Tirol's mountains a hundred years ago. What at first seems like just one more episode of WWI slowly reveals its relevance towards present events, and the grand tragedy of war in general.

Pete Gleeson

Hi folks. Well I'm sitting in my Toronto hotel on the eve of Hot Docs 2011 – what better time to introduce myself to D-word!

I'm an "emerging" filmmaker (I hope!) from Australia with an interest in all things doco – but especially the observational format. If anyone is interested is seeing a very short example of my work, come along and see my film!

It's called "Something To Tell You" and is screening with "Open Secret" 9:30pm Tue May 3 at Cumberland Cinema 3 & 11am Thu May 5 at Isabel Bader Theatre.

The film is about a guy (Gary) who has struck up a relationship with a woman he likes on an internet dating site. As the time for them to meet draws near, he must reveal to her that he has a severe physical disability.

If you want to catch me during the festival to discuss the film or for a beverage, my cell number (till May 9 only) is 647.961.8639

(I'm here by myself – can you tell?)

While much of my work has been connected to disability in some way, I am
interested in all social/human themes and am currently developing projects with themes such as JOURNEY (our attraction to remote journeys and the conscious/subconscious reason people undertake them at particular times in their lives), and the WORKPLACE (the tussle between the personal/workplace "self" in an age of corporate compliance).

I'm also working on a medium-length observational film about disability and romance (an extension of my HotDocs short) which is due for completion later in the year.

For all those at HotDocs, good luck – hope to see you 'round. For all those who aren't – I hope to see you (virtually) 'round soon!

Pete Gleeson


Hello all,

I signed up for the D-Word a couple months ago, but never had a chance to introduce myself.... so, here goes. I am a filmmaker based in Missoula, Montana – I recently returned to Montana after 10 years in NYC working with a number of great people, many of whom are probably here on the D-Word.

My company is called BACKTRACK films, and we are pursuing some new ideas for documentaries out here in the West. We also do commercial work (gasp!), and are also working towards some narrative fiction (double gasp!). But my background and first love is documentary, so need to fret.

If anyone is ever out my way and needs any production help, please let me know. As many documentary filmmakers, I have had a hand in all aspects of filmmaking. You can view our portfolio on our website at, or email me at elgin(at)

Glad to be on board, and look forward to listening to all the other expertise out there on the forums.