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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Joseph Eulo

In reply to Jake Salyers's post on Wed 8 Jun 2011 :

Hi Jake I am new here too. Watched your film and here is some feedback (I posted it on your vimeo page as well)

Hi Jake, great story, and photography. I think you should let the images in the beginning set the location and tone of the film without the narration. It competes with the visuals.

Your soundtrack is too loud during the first interview, the wind in the boat beach scene is also loud. My suggestion is to remove the audio from this clip, so as not to distract from the narration or music.

On some parts where your narrating, the music is loud, and competes with what you are saying. I would dip the sound down while your speaking, and have it play as a low ambient background music.

Move in on your subjects during the interviews. For example you show a subject sitting down in the first interview, almost her entire body is in the shot, thats great, you cutaway to something else, but when you come back its the same shot, instead I would zoom in closer to a medium shot or a close up shot, that way it makes it more personal.

Lillian  Baulding

Hello Everyone:

My name is Lillian, and I'm developing a semi-personal cross-media project on nonverbal learning disorder (nld/nvld), a neurological disorder similar to Aspergers Syndrome. I signed up for D-word last year and am just getting involved in the community. I'm looking forward to hearing about your projects and getting some advice!

Lillian Baulding

Doug Block

Good to have you leaping in here, Lilian. Welcome and come back often.

eva sweeney

Hello I'm making a documentary exploring the relationship between people with disabilities and their aides. I think I have kind of a unique view on how aides should be hired and directed as employees. Since I spend so much time with my own aides I want us to become friends but also maintain the balance of a professional relationship. The most important thing is mutual respect which many people with disabilities and their aides don't have. This documentary will feature an awesome comedian and playwright who will talk about her own experiences, my own exploration of my relationships with my aides, and you will hear from the people who have worked for us. Please spread the word. or thejoyofaides (at) gmail (dot) com

Doug Block

Welcome, Eva. Great to have you here with us.

You may not realize the Introduce Yourself topic is in the public area of The D-Word and thus your post will show up on search engines. So I edited it to make your email address unavailable to spammers.

Ursula Liang

Hello all. I'm a journalist turned filmmaker and I'm working on my first documentary, "9-Man". Looking forward to being part of this community!

Beth Balaban

Hi! I've been on here for a while, but I never introduced myself. I'm a little forum-shy.

So I usually use the old finger quotation marks when I tell people that I'm a "filmmaker". I'm finishing up my first doc, called PEACE AND THE QUIET, this summer ( It's an intimate portrait of two women in the dusk of their lives struggling to make their work matter in a climate of irony, greed, and disillusionment. Looking forward to going through the finishing process with Modulus this fall, and submitting to festivals.

I also work with the Principle Pictures team as a shooter, assistant editor, and associate producer. (

Looking forward to meeting you on Monday at the Docyard, Doug! I'm thrilled they programmed your film, I have been wanting to see it.

Beth Balaban

Marth Christensen

Hi Beth,
Interesting trailer. Can you tell me what the speaker (~1:50 in the trailer) says. "The reason that 2% of .... is because they were ... before they went off to war." I've played it a couple times and can't hear well enough to figure it out.

Doug Block

Welcome, Ursula, and glad you overcame your shyness, Beth. Look forward to meeting you on Monday, too, so don't be shy in person, please introduce yourself. In the meantime, I highly recommend you drop the quotation marks. If you're a D-Word professional member then you're a filmmaker, period.

Sharon Weaver

Hello everyone! I am very excited to join d-word!
I have degrees in journalism and film, and have loved documentaries ever since I was little.
The only thing I love more than watching documentaries, is making them. :)
I look forward to collaborate with fellow documentarians in interesting projects.