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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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kesang choki

Thanks Dough! i didnt know that!!! well that means i guess i should concentrate more on my grants. Any way thanks for the warm welcome, i look forward to interacting with you more.

joseph Santarromana

Hi my name is Joe, I'm in the development stage of my first feature length documentary.

rich Lerner

My name is rich lerner, I am a longtime documentary dp and film maker. I was recommended to the site by Jill Morley. My web site is The latest doc I shot is about health care reform and will air on PBS in 2012. I also have experience in features and music.

jessica miller

When you reckon audio transcription services of any array; audio and video interviews, conference calls, dissertations, business meetings, seminars, focus group meetings, podcasts, insurance claims, depositions or police investigation; should be on top of your contact list.

John Burgan

Welcome to The D-Word, Rich & Jessica.

Jessica, this is where we introduce ourselves to fellow filmmmakers – please note our FAQ

Do not use The D-Word only to pitch your product or service. Feel free to recommend products and services in the course of conversation, but do not offend other users by coming in only to sell something.

You have also made multiple posts advertising your services in Public Classifieds – another rule is not to double post. As you're new here we'll let it stand, but please don't make it a regular habit.

BTW is that a photo of you ?