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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Ilka de Laat

Hi there,

I'm a voice from the broadcaster's side of the biz. I currently work at CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) assisting the senior producers with commissioning original Canadian documentary programming for "Doc Zone," CBC-TV's flagship documentary series.

I produce trailers, promote our docs via social media, vet proposals, provide critical feedback on rough cuts, represent CBC at festivals and more.

I also package-for-air acquired documentaries for CBC's "The Passionate Eye."

I'll be attending Hot Docs this year – my last official hurrah before I take a year off for maternity leave. Hopefully during that year I'll be able to sift through this incredible website!

Doug Block

Welcome, Flore and Ilka (much congrats on the pending addition)! Look forward to seeing you both at Hot Docs (Flore, over many fine whiskeys at the annual Interdoc revelry). And great to have you online with us here.

Ben Kempas

Doug – Flore won't be at Hot Docs. Noé and Sonja and Finlay are going to be there.

Welcome Ilka!

Doug Block

Oh, too bad, Flore. Well, see you online then. We'll just have to drink to your health at Hot Docs.

Flore Cosquer

Now I regret not going to Hot Docs! I would have loved to see your pitch Doug.

Ross Whitaker

Hi Folks,
Greetings from Dublin.
Hope to meet some of you at Hot Docs. We've a short screening at it and very excited to be attending.

Doug Block

Hope to see you there, Ross. Meanwhile, welcome to The D-Word.

Brendan Hogan

Hello Everyone,
My name is Brendan. I'm a sound designer and audio engineer based in Seattle, Washington. I have produced a few short documentaries for radio but what I enjoy most is collaborating with film makers.
I work independently and with a world class post facility in town called Clatter&Din studios. Recently I served as lead sound designer on the feature films "Safety Not Guaranteed" and "Eden". Both excellent films. I also recently did sound design, audio editing and mixing for the documentary "Uncertain Ice" by Cory Kelly. There's a clip from this in my demo reel on my website –
I'd love to find some more people to collaborate with and hope to find some interesting discussions on the role of sound in documentaries.

Lara Hewitt

Hi there : )
I'm Lara, a student at Bournemouth Uni in England. I'm hoping to do a documentary abroad for my final project in 2013. Trying to work out ways to fund it! Any advice would be very helpful.

Doug Block

Ditto. Congrats and hope to see you at Full Frame, Homer. Check out our Full Frame topic to find other D-Word members who are going.

homer etminani

Thanks everybody! Sure we'll enjoy with great films in Durham. See you.

Mahesh Pandey

Hi guyz, any of you interested in making documentaries in Nepal? Looking for collaboration.We do have a hell of interesting topics that will keep you riveted on the spot.

Dieter Bartels

Hello! I am Dieter Bartels, a German-American Cultural Anthropologist and filmmaker specializing in Muslim-Christian relations in Indonesia and worked also extensively with Moluccans in The Netherlands. Together with Helen Huwae I have made a full-length documentary, called Maju Terus! Go For It!, about the failure and success of four generations of Moluccan exiles in The Netherlands. We have been screening the film at film festivals and are on the way to show it at the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival (Florida) and the Ethnofilm Festival in Rovinj, Croatia.

If interested you can find out more about the film and my anthropological pursuits on my website


Jon Betz

Hello Hello!

I'm Jon, I'm currently working as a director/producer at Collective Eye Films in Portland, OR.

I'm a filmmaker and a father of a 1-year old daughter. I've worked as a producer for the past 3 years on the documentary feature, QUEEN OF THE SUN: What are the Bees Telling Us? Queen of the Sun was theatrical released in 2011 and we're now out on DVD & Digital in the US & Canada.

I've been working with the director of Queen of the Sun, Taggart Siegel (The Real Dirt on Farmer John) producing and editing the film for 2 years and as on the distribution leg for the past year and a half. We're now developing two new feature projects.

As I'm sure many of you know, filmmaking is a busy, busy business– and the past few years been WOW levels of busy. I'm just now beginning to feel the time opening up again. I definitely know a few here already (pst Danielle Beverly) and I'm excited to meet more of you.

I'm looking forward to reading up and contributing where I can. So far my experience lies in all of the hats it takes to get a doc made, but Queen being my first feature, I'd say I've had the most recent relevant experience with grass-roots distribution techniques, which we've done a consider amount of.

Douglas Lyon

Hi all, Douglas Lyon here. I am based in Paris, France and have been working for almost 20 years all over Europe and Africa as Producer, Production Manager, Line Producer, Field Producer, Journalist and Director for all the major Japanese television networks. I have worked in broadcast news, documentaries, live satellite broadcasts, variety shows, reality shows, sports events coverage, TV films, commercials, etc.

In the world of Japanese television I have come to be known as an "Africa specialist", but actually I began with Fashion and News, then Variety shows and Reality Shows, and although I love it all, but I must confess a particular passion for Broadcast News, Documentaries, and... well, you guessed it : Africa !

I have been working almost exclusively for the Japanese market, and would love to branch out to the English speaking production world as well... Please have a look at my website, and I am sure you will know me MUCH better with just a quick glance ! :

our alternate website is here :

and we can be found on LinkedIn here :

best wishes to all !

Douglas E. Lyon

Doug Block

Welcome Dieter, Jon and Douglas! Good to have you all with us here.

David Herman

In reply to Jon Betz's post on Fri 6 Apr 2012 :

Hey Jon, was a big fan of farmer john. After much research, the UK govt panel just published a report on bees. Having taken the tests out of the lab and into the field – more than a decade it took, they have realised the true impact of pesticides on the decimation of the bee population. Duh!

Jon Betz

In reply to David Herman's post on Sun 8 Apr 2012 :

Hey David---Yeah just this past week there has been a bunch of "more conclusive" info making pesticides the culprit. Something the rest of us have known for quite some time. I see that you're living in a Camphill community! We have worked with biodynamic beekeepers and the camphill and waldorf communities have been incredible to get to know more. Are you familiar with the Center for Discovery in the US? They do a lot of farm-based work with the disabled.

David Rojas

Hello everyone. I'm new to this and I have no experience in filming/producing any kind of work. I am currently training for a bike trip across the country which will begin late next month. My good friend and I will be raising money for a charity in the process. I would love to film this and create a documentary to show an audience what it's like to travel across the country (NY to LA) with just your bike and a few things. We will have no support vehicle which will make this trip a bit more interesting. I was going to create a project on Kickstarter until it asked me for a goal. Like I said before, I have no experience in this but I think it's an amazing idea. We have a website and that's where we've started. If anyone knows where I should begin or recommends I do anything, PLEASE, feel free to reply. Any advice is greatly appreciated. We really hope this happens. We just want to show people that anything is possible, promote healthy living and raise some money for a charity in the process. Traveling for a cause. Thank you and much love to all.

Peter Brauer

Since you are riding without support you need a very small set up. I recording cycling with a gopro, and would think that is your lightest/easiest/cheapest camera choice. Do you plan on bringing a laptop?

Fund raising for something like this is whole other story that I can't help as much with.