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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Raymund Gerard C. Cruz

In reply to Doug Block's post on Wed 23 May 2012 :

(Regarding the combat helmet) Haha! Indeed Doug!

Welcome Elissa, I will view your work when I get home. VIMEO is blocked off in my office. There are tons of talented doc filmmakers that are part of the D-word, and we welcome one more (with a bad-ass headwear too)!

Hoping to see more interesting works from Kabul. Keep making them!

Niam Itani

Welcome Elissa, Buhoro, and all the Mzungus from Rwanda. Great to have you here on The D-Word :)

MBABAZI Aime Philbert

I'm MBABAZI, a freelance filmmaker from Rwanda, I'm attending James Longley's workshop which is almost ending in Kigali, I leran a lot and I'm ready to put it in practice in my upcoming projets, as learning never end, I hope I'll keep learnin from this website

Adam Maurer

Hey all!

It's nice to be here. I stumbled in on this website while checking out an article about the Hot-docs pitch forum. This looks like a great site to discuss and debate docs and all of the methods and practices that come along with it. Hope you are all well, and working on exciting projects! I've been working on a documentary for the past 4 years. It chronicles two school years at a small charter school that teaches refugee children alongside local American kids. You can check out the trailer here:

Looking forward to the discussion!


jakob Frank

Hi everyone!

Glad to be here, I was recently the director of photography on my first feature doc, "Just Like Being There."

It was my first taste of documentary film-making and what else can I say but I am addicted. Hoping to soon be able to film many more documentaries!

Looking forward to chatting it up with everyone on the message boards.

Carla Sanchez

Hello D-Word Community,

I am a big fan of your work Doug Block, I love your style of pitching. Can I take you with me to La Rochelle, France to pitch our project "Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business? @TheSunnySideOfTheDoc ??? Hehehe...

Doug and everybody in this community, I am the Creator and Director of this Documentary and would love your feedback on it:

D-Word community we would love your support of our film, can you please go to this link, watch the 3 Mins Video and Vote for us? "Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business?

Thanks everybody,

Ben Blair

Hi everyone. I'm a filmmaker living in LA, but about to head out to Malawi, Africa for a year to film my first doc. I recently met the very talented Nick Higgins who tipped me off about this site. Looking forward to digging in and learning as much as I can from everyone. Looks like a great community.


raymond bell

Hello everyone, Im Raymond Bell the founder and Administrator of the HOPE Project a career training program for socially and economically disadvantaged young people in DC. I'm not a filmmaker I'm looking for a filmmaker to help us with a documentary about this amazing program that has become a movement in DC. The unemployment rate in the area we recruit our students is 30% on paper but actually much higher, the program is only 3 years old and has been nicknamed the Harvard of the Hood, by young people because of the success of the graduates. we really need a professional to help with this project. We have footage since we started and pictures. The website is, here is the most recent news story about the program.

if there is a talented student in the DMV please contact us, we really need some help. We want to shed some light on the lack of quality job training in the country and celebrate the success of the HOPE Project students.
email is raybelljr [at] gmail [dot] com

Doug Block

Adam, Jakob, Carla and Ben, great to have you all joining us at The D-Word. A warm welcome to you all.

Great program, Raymond. Hope you find the help you need here.

Kiley Kraskouskas

My name is Kiley Kraskouskas, I am documentary filmmaker living and working in Washington, D.C. Right now, I am in post production on the documentary, Essakane Film, which is the story of the Taureg music festival, The Festival in the Desert, and the rebellion that ended it. We began the project with a Kickstarter campaign that funded most of our three-week shoot in Mali in 2011 and continue to fundraise while also scripting and rough cutting as our story continues to change!

I love documentary films and doc filmmakers, so I am not sure why its taken me so long to join the d-word, but I am happy to be here. In addition to this film, I also the co-founder of Thinking Forward Media, where I consult and teach on crowd funding, (my other passion) proposal writing and budgeting for films.

Recently I became a board member of Docs in Progress and love their mission and the community that surrounds it.

Doug Block

Welcome, Kiley. Be sure to register for professional membership here so you'll have full access to our 50 discussion topics.

Rob Rooy

Kiley, welcome! Hope we meet soon; maybe at Silverdocs?

Anna Kelaidi

Hello everyone!
my name is Anna Kelaidi, photographer and beginner in the art of documentary. I live and work in Athens, Greece. I am happy to join your community, and I am sure I am going to learn a lot of this encounter!

John Burgan

Welcome Kiley and Anna. Anna, your background suggests you know quite a bit about documentary – tell us about your current area of study

Anna Kelaidi

Hello John!
Currently I do a research on greek documentary filmmakers. I want to find out about the reasons that made -or make- docs, about their personal stories that lead to their personal "truth" and view of life. I am interested in the filmmaker's intimate thoughts and feelings that push him/her to create a documentary film.
Hmmm, what else? All in all this is my field of work right now :) (I hope I didnt took advantage of the space here in the "introduce yourself" topic!)

John Burgan

This is exactly the place to tell us! Where are you doing your PhD?

Anna Kelaidi

At Aristoteleion university in Thessaloniki, Greece, in the school of fine arts.

Dave Melonakos

I happened to find this website last week and have thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts of D-Word documentary filmmakers. The same week, I found a copy of Doug Block's latest documentary, "The Kids Grow Up" at our local library and totally related to the interaction with his daughter before she started her university studies. In April, I attended the 2012 Full Frame Film Festival in Durham, NC. with the panel discussion that included Doug, Ross McElwee and Alan Berliner and was impressed with the great filmmaking that can be done about an individual's family.

In recent years, my part-time film making, has trended towards event documentaries in my community. For the last two years, I documented the local high school marching band in their pre-season practices, performing at football games and at the their competitions. This has led to opportunities to film weddings and, of course, I'm always the uncle who doesn't put the video camera down at family events (everyone always enjoys the finished product).

My on-line blog contains links to some/portions of the films I've completed:

My other passion is watching documentary films. I have a list of all of the nominees for the Academy Awards Best Documentary Feature films since the 1940's and have been methodically watching each of these that I have been able to locate. I especially enjoy watching the filmmaker's commentary (when included on the DVD).

John Gyovai

In reply to Kiley Kraskouskas's post on Sun 27 May 2012 :

Welcome Kiley.

Nice to quickly meet at Docs in Progress a couple of weeks ago. I stepped inside to buy a boom pole off Tessa and say hi to Erica. I mentioned to Erica that I was looking for a project with some non profit money I had. We exchanged cards. You did not mention Tinariwen when we met, just a festival in the desert. Of course I love those guys and just caught them at the 9:30 club!

Look forward to the screening on the 7th.

Kiley Kraskouskas

Hey John,
I remember meeting you at DIP. Would be great to meet in person again, thank you so much for coming to the screening!

Yes, Tinariwen's story is a big part of our film, although they did not attend the festival the year we filmed due to the death of Ibrahim's son right before the festival started. However, we caught up with them on their tour last summer. They are playing at the Howard Theatre on June 14 and we will definitely be there and hopefully interviewing them again, so we should coordinate.

Hope your project is going well!

In reply to John Gyovai's post on Wed 30 May 2012 :

Justin Ervin

Hi Everybody!

My name is Justin. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all. I'm a cinematographer and filmmaker in NYC and currently at work on a couple of projects that I look forward to sharing with you all sometime soon! If you wanna check out some of my past stuff at the Vimeo link below, please consider yourself invited.

All the best!