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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Robert Goodman
I'm a documentary writer/producer/director living in Philadelphia. I'm
currently in postproduction on a feature doc entitled, "Gifts in the
Mail," about the 100 year history of the American Picture Postcard. My
other credits include: America's Dream Highway, The Road Taken,
Philadelphia Green, From Seed to Flower, and Going Digital. I'm also a
contributing editor for The Independent Film & Video Monthly,
Videography, and Digital Cinema (a new magazine launching in October).
And one of the authors of "A Guide to Digital Television" and the
forthcoming "American Society of Cinematographer's Digital Video
Leif Utne
Welcome to the Café, Doug and Robert. Here's hoping the
D-Word community really takes off.

Also: here's Doug's website, unwrapped
Doug Block
Thanks, Leif. Welcome, Craig. I should add that Robert and I are
members of The D-Word Community. I'll let the folks there know to
identify themselves as members when they sign in here in the future.

Feel free to contact any D-Word Community member who comes in here by
clicking on the link next to their name, which will give you their
email address.
Ben Kempas
*** WARNING *** This is a D-Word Community member. *** I bite, but not
on a regular basis. ***

I'm Ben Kempas from Munich, 27 years young.

I'm somewhere between graduating film school and establishing as a
documentary director, earning a iving from all sorts of camera work
and editing, both of fiction and factual stuff.
Our company is which also gave me that im-pressive
So far, my documentaries have been in the political/social/cultural
I am kind of bound to Scotland ... three of my last four documentaries
dealt with Scottish issues, and we even have a branch there.
Mark Birnbaum
I produce, direct, shoot, and edit documentaries from my home base in
Dallas, Texas. I'm currently shooting an ITVS-funded film, "Larry v.
Lockney," about a small town in West Texas that has adopted the
toughest high school drug testing policy in the US. Also shooting
"¡Salsa Caliente!", about the art, lifestyle, and music of salseros,
who live to dance.

Small format digital cameras changed my life. And now, with the
advent of desktop video, like Final Cut Pro, I'm living the Socialist
Dream: the tools of production in the hands of the workers! I am a
truly independent producer.

Looking forward to continued discussions, here at the Utne Cafe.
John D. Williams
Hi, Mark! We're neighbors. I live in Cleburne, Texas about 57 miles
down the pike (U.S. 67).

Glad to see D-Word up and running. I was a member of the original
incarnation having seen Doug's film at the Hot Springs Documentary
Film Festival in October 1999. At the time I was teaching video and
film classes and managing the university's LPTV station. Since then,
however, I've returned to graduate school to pursue a Ph.D. in
Rhetoric at UT-Arlington. I no longer teach the production classes
or run the TV station. When I learned D-Word was moving to a new
host, I decided it was best not to follow. Then Doug e-mailed me (as
a current member) that at Cafe Utne there would be a public space.

This part of D-Word will be perfect for me. Whoever thunk of it is a
prince [bet that's you, Doug :-) ]

Doug is responsible for getting me connected online with a lot of
wonderful folks. One year later my life is much different. Much
richer. I'm a trained conference host and run a conference for my
students and alumni. Thanks, Doug. [Ha-ha! made you blush!]

All for now, I guess.
Deleted User
Hi, My name is Greg Pierce from Portland,Or. I have only produced a
few short films at The Northwest Film Center in Portland Oregon, but
very good ones I must say. Although I am rather inexperienced in the
film industry, I have so many people here in Portland that are very
excited about my current project. The film is called "e" How much do
you really know? This film focuses on the "many truths" surrounding
ecstasy, a highly unkown and controversial drug. It hopes to show
both pros and cons, and focuses on the unexplored aspects of the past
and present. We are 10 months into the projects and have interviews
with Users, Dealers, Goverment Officials, Raves, Psychiatrist,
Doctors, Researchers, Harm-reduction activist, and many more.

I am currently a member of a group of independent filmmakers at AMP
Studios. We have a full editing suite, cameras, lighting equipment,
and a fabulous staff of creative talent. I am even using one of the
3D animation specialist there to create a virtual walkthrough of how
MDMA interacts with the brain and possible neurotoxicity when over
used. We are being very careful to follow what has been the latest
research, and my God it's been a very painful process. The science is
always changing. Everyone at AMP pays a membership fee per month and
we get access to tons of equipment and invaluable talent from
compassionate artist willing to spend a day or two on another members

As far as where this film will be shown, we have high hopes that HBO
or Showtime will pick it up here in the States. PBS would be a last
resort. I am up for other suggestions though. I feel HBO has the best
target audience and we can show the film in it's entirety. Another
edited down version which would be shown through the school systems
would be another goal of mine. I will also be touring with the film
to different documentary festivals around the country. Resfest may be
the first since we have shot most of this film on 3 chip digital

My next trip out from Portland would be to Wayne State University in
Detroit. There is a neurotoxicity study being done there. From there
I would come out to Montreal and get an interview with a couple of
authors of the latest book on E. If other funding becomes available I
would be looking into the UK ectasy scene. I would also be going over
to Holland and Switzerland as well for other purposes.

My main concern as of now is the lack of funding to finish this
project. I want to have complete control of the content of the film
and the way it's edited. My hope is that one of you who may have a
passion for this subject would help in guiding me to the right
source. I am also wanting some information on distribution matters. I
have no clue what a company like HBO would pay for a feature length
documentary. If you can help, please give me a reply.

Hope to hear from one of you soon.


Greg Pierce
Stephen Colvin
Greg, Hang in there baby! If you make a specific request, maybe one
of our editors and producers can help finish your project, mindful
that you want control of the final cut...Steve at
Jen Williams
Hello. I might be the only non-professional posting here so far. I
am here because I love to watch documentaries. I'm a writer, and I
appreciate the tremendous capacity for storytelling inherent in this
unique artform. These films have brought me into worlds and
experiences that in some cases I would never have had. They can
illuminate history beyond the power of a textbook, comment on current
events without the sensationalistic tenor of news media, show us the
humanity behind art, and the heroicism of simple existence.

I am a devotee of public television, mainly because of the
documentaries. I like the biggies--Ken Burns' work, American
Experience, Nova, Frontline, etc., but I also look forward to P.O.V,
which showcases some lesser-known talents. I'm always scanning the
video shelves at the rental places and at the library for things I
might have missed. If I ever get cable t.v., the access to more
documentaries would be a factor in my decision.

I'll probably lurk here more than anything, because there are other
places on Utne for people like me to talk, and i'm interested in
hearing about life behind the camera. I'm really happy to see this

Good luck with your projects, everyone! Maybe one of these evenings,
i'll have the opportunity to settle into the couch and let you take me
somewhere. You have my admiration.