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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy here. I am a doc filmmaker in western Canada. I've been in and around this racket since the age of 11. I carried a tripod and loaded film mags across Europe and Africa for my father's small production company. I don't recall ever being paid, but I didn't have to go to school. Forty years later and this is what I have to show for: I put in 20 years doing docs at Canada's public broadcaster, CBC and now work on science and history docs for Discovery and National Geographic through production companies in Montreal and Vancouver. On the Discovery series, Mars Rising, (currently airing in Canada) I was asked to write and direct two of the six hours. It was great fun. Just went to Global VIsions, doc fest in Edmonton Alberta. Some very moving work. I hope to become a contributor to this site.
Brian Murphy

John Burgan

With all that experience you're very welcome to join us as a full member, Brian

Neil Garrett

Hi all,
My name's Neil, I recently quit my comfortable and secure job in TV News to test myself in the turbulent waters of independent production. I've just pitched my first film to Britain's Channel4, so crossing everything in the hope of a callback. Will no doubt be asking for plenty of advice over the coming months, but hopefully, I'll be able to offer some back to my fellow members as well. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

David Felix Sutcliffe

Hello Fellow Doc-ers,
I'm working on a film about a 16-year-old Muslim girl who was arrested by the FBI in 2005 for being a "potential" suicide bomber. I've been shooting for almost two years and am now preparing to wrap up shooting and launch head-first into finishing the piece (my first full-length). It's nice to (virtually) meet everybody, see that I'm not the only one up to my neck in footage. Hopefully I can find some folks here to partner with either on this project or on future projects.

Aaron Soffin

David, nice to see you in these parts. Welcome, and I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your project.

Danielle Fab

Well hello everyone,

Today is a big leap of faith as not only is this the first time I am posting my name on the web, but with a picture to boot!
Anyway, whilst I'm at it, I might aswell jump in at the deep end.
I've been working in television for the past 15 or so years and have reached the grand old position of Shooting Assistant Producer so far, in factual programming. Aside from this, I've also made two personal projects, one being a 50 min documentary about the inner workings of a kooky hotel/hostel in SE England, and a 10 min film for the UK Guild of Goldsmith about the processes of creation.

I'm passionate about documentaries. I think they are a wonderful platform for the free expression of creativity and a strong medium for exposing and exploring stories.
I'm particularly interested in Human Rights and Socio-Cultural issues and am an avid reader of factual books which serve as a great source of inspiration.
I am open to being contacted for potential collaborative work as I'd like to find a partner in crime to make films with.


Erica Ginsberg

Danielle and David, welcome. How serendipitous for two people, each looking for a partners on their films to post introductions in rapid succession. Maybe the fastest D-Word collaboration ever?

John Burgan

Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome. Are any of you going to attend the Sheffield Doc Fest?

Doug Block

David, Brian, Neil and Danielle... welcome one and all! Danielle, be sure to become a Member here and not just an enthusiastic Enthusiast. You've certainly got the professional creds.

And I don't see your picture ;-)

Niam Itani

Welcome everybody! Looks like an interesting project you got there David. Can you tell us more about it in the Works In Progress Topic?