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Tom Hall

Hi all,

My name is Tom Hall and I am Director of Programming at the Sarasota Film Festival in Sarasota, FL. I am excited to finally stop lurking in the public forum and become a part of this site. Needless to say, I am honored to be here and hope that our festival will continue to grow as a place for non-fiction artists to share their work with an appreciative audience.

I also write a blog on the indieWIRE blog network called THE BACK ROW MANIFESTO, which tends to languish this time of year as the pressures of the festival get more intense and strip away any time I have for writing, but I do hope you'll check it out. Anyway, If I can offer any feedback or you want to give me your thoughts on any subject, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks for having me here!

PS- That Oscar is real, but it is not mine. One day...

John Burgan

Always great to welcome a lurker, Tom – don't be shy about publicising your blog (the address is in Tom's profile)

Doug Block

Oh, hell, let's just make it real easy for everyone. It's a great blog and Tom is truly one of the great festival programmers around, bar none (and Sarasota one of the most fun festivals for filmmakers, especially if you like glitzy parties with grilled shrimp and mojitos and the like).

Welcome, Tom. Hope you'll hang out here a lot.

Al Ronzoni

Hi everyone,

I was just surfing the web trying to find info on documentary filmaking when I came across this site. Looked like it might be a good place to get some advice/feedback on an idea I've been kicking around for a long time.

My background is that of an (amateur) historian although I do have an advanced degree in the discipline. I've been studying a major character from 19th century European history for years and have a very strong conviction that he would make a fantastic subject for a documentary. I have it from a very reliable source that absolutely nothing has ever been done on him in the U.S. and that whatever European documentaries have been made are of poor quality.

On the plus side, there is a surprising amount of primary source, photographic and illustrative material right here in the U.S. But obviously in order to do the kind of quality job I believe this person is entitled to, a lot of the work and filming would have to be done in Europe.

So, once again, I would love to get some advice on how to get a project like this going or if it would even be possible for someone like me who has no background in filmaking or production (i.e. should I start with a far more scaled down project on another topic and see if I can even get that made?). I know I have a great idea here. But I realize that sometimes that is not enough.

Claudia Farrell

Hello! i am new here+. I am researching nature/envornmental documentaries worldwide, and I don't know where to start. I want to know the names of the biggest/most important/most famous ones in countries like Italy, Greece, Denmark, Could anyone help me?

John Burgan

Google "environmental documentary festival" and you'll get an instant list of useful titles.

Suzanne Wasserman

Hi! My name is Suzanne Wasserman. I'm an historian and film maker. I am the Director of The Gotham Center for NYC History at the CUNY Graduate Center. I'm in the middle of making my 3rd documentary film called The Sweatshop Cinderella. It's about the Jewish immigrant writer Anzia Yezierska. My other films are: Thunder in Guyana (2003) and Brooklyn: Among the Ruins (2005)

I'm happy to join The D-Word. My experiences in the doc film world have been wonderful. I've been so busy the last few years between the Center, family and making films! Now, I'd like to become more active in the doc film makers community.

Doug Block

Welcome, Suzanne. And greetings for the second time today (Suzanne and I are old friends and had coffee this morning).

Suzanne has the great idea of holding occasional work-in-progress screenings at the Gotham Center for docs that are centered on some aspect of NYC history or have a heavy NYC flavor or character. It will be a great way for a filmmaker to get feedback from its core audience (and not just other film folks) and to start building an email list of core supporters early on in the process.
She'll be in touch soon with a general announcement, but I'm sure she would welcome anyone interested with a doc that fits to contact her directly:

Hande Gumuskemer

My name is Hande. I have been in documentary production/distribution/marketing business since mid-90s. I am curious what filmmakers are thinking about the state of documentary distribution and distributors.