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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Mikal Jakubal

Hey, Chris, what D-Word member discount?...uh, I mean...oh yeah, right! Of course! The discount! Yes, well, Jason, that's something you should know about—75% discount. Ya know, time honored D-Word tradition, S.O.P. and all that. Gee, how could I almost forget!

Lenville O'Donnell

But that's above and beyond the free dvd or book for the first five D-Worders who welcome new members, right?

Welcome, Jason!

I'll e-mail you the address to send my book to...

Jason Osder

Well, on the real, Amazon is offering a 34% discount:

And on the realer, the book was pirated and available illegally on the web before it ever hit the shelves.

For anyone thinking about writing a book, there is about as much money in it in making documentaries!

Doug Block

Welcome, Jason. I'll be in DC for a screening and workshop with the International Fellowship in June. Hope I'll get to meet you then.

Jason Osder

For sure, Doug – I had not made the connection, but now I know why your name was familiar – fantastic!

The fellows are arriving this weekend. We are all nervous and very, very excited. This is totally new territory!

Gerry  Potter

I'm Gerry Potter, from Edmonton, Canada. I worked in theatre for 30 years as a director, writer, dramaturg, producer , teacher and actor, ran a theatre company for 17 years and have been a part-time university teacher of drama for 17 years. Way back, I worked as a newspaper and radio journalist for a couple of years and have been an amateur photographer since I was a kid. I started taking filmmaking courses about 5 years ago, and am active with a film/media co-op called FAVA in Edmonton. Have now made 2 short dramas with another in post, and one short documentary with another longer doc in post. My dramas have played at festivals in North America, and my short doc is being used on a website for a cultural organization. In the two years I've started to get paid for script consulting and doc work, but am not actually making a living at it yet. While I love making works of fiction and imagination, my documentary work appeals to my interest in engaging with the world more directly, and has rekindled my interest in observing and reporting, the things that led me to journalism in the first place.

Joe Moulins

Welcome, Gerry.

Which theater company did you run?

I grew up in Edmonton and worked at a couple of Edmonton radio stations back in the early 80s, K97 and CJAX. I was the sports department and 1/3rd of the news department respectively.

Tania Waisberg

My name is Tania. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina but I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I work in educational videos and do documentaries with my husband as well. You can check our work at We have done one short documentary so far, and are on the pre-production/ research phase on the second one. Back in Argentina we used to work on advertising, shooting commercials. After we moved here to do our MFA we decided that documentaries is what we like to do.
Looking forward to "meet" you all,

Gerry  Potter

Hi Joe

Thanks for the note--great to hear from an ex-Edmontonian. I started and was Artistic Director, and sometimes General Manager, of Workshop West Theatre for 17 years. I left the company in the mid-90's to teach, write, and, a little later, explore film.

Do you make sports documentaries now?


Jason McGeown

I am Head of Acquisitions for international documentary distributor, MercuryMedia and for the online pay-per-view documentary channel

Mercury is a boutique distribuitor specialising in high-end one-off documentaries and has been operating for 8 years. launched 2 weeks ago. We are partnered with The Independent newspaper in the UK, who are running a version of jtd via their site. We have launched with 60 films and will be adding 5 – 10 per month. Our next batch of films include the Oscar winning Born into Brothels and the Oscar nominated Waco: Rules of Engagement.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any films that you are looking to distribute or that may be suitable for We are pay-per-view and work on a revenue share basis.

Best wishes,