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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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nishant pagare

Hi I am Nishant from New Delhi, India. I am a documentary filmmaker and a production person. I also handle an online DVD store showcasing exclusive Indian documentaries –
Currently I am working on a new documentary on use of Technology in the rural India.

Stefan Immler

Hi all!

I am working on my first doc about jazz in Washington DC. I am a big jazz fan (and saxophone player myself), and it always bugged me that nobody really knows what an amazing jazz music history and lifely jazz scene there is in DC, so I decided to make a doc about the history and current status of jazz in the DC area, and by showing the amazingly talented young lions. Another reason I picked that topic is that I was looking for a project that I can shoot locally without a big travel budget.

It's been fun so far and I hope that I will have a doc that viewers will enjoy soon.

I am not trained in film making or journalism (I ran an audio recording studio for a few years), but thought that I can learn what I need on the fly. Not easy, but challenges are always a great opportunity and fun. During my "day job" I am a space scientist with very flexible working hours which helps a lot shooting the doc.

Looking forward to learning from you all and to talking to you!

Erica Ginsberg

Hey Stefan, welcome from another DCer with another career and also working on a DC-themed film. Hope you'll consider submitting the rough cut for a Docs In Progress workshop when it's ready. Glad to meet you here in D-Word.

Sudarshan Chhotoray

hello Everybody,
I am Sudarshan from Bhubaneswar,India,I am a Journalist and a Filmaker.I have made 13 Documentary films on Social issues like Tribal rights, Displacement,Water issues,Child Labour, Right to Information, Migration etc.I am happy to be here.Pls.
visit my site
Thanking you ALL
Sudarshan C

Doug Block

A warm welcome to you, Sudarshan. No need to sign your posts, your name appears automatically above them.

Larry Vaughn

Hi. I worked in newspaper photojournalism in the 80's, in the 90's did 7 years as a theatrical photographer and a couple years as a TV news videographer and editor. Then I got a tech degree and worked in the IT business as a desktop support guy and now am learning digital video editing and the related software with the intent of finding a position as an Avid editor somewhere, likely not Florida. There are few to no filmmakers where I live in Gator country.

Mary Ellen Davis

Hi, thanks for your interesting initiative. This is who I am:
Mary Ellen Davis grew up in Paris and lives in Montréal, directs documentaries, teaches part-time at Concordia University's School of Cinema, Montréal, helps organize the film and video program of the Montreal First Peoples' Festival Présence autochtone, in collaboration with André Dudemaine, the Festival's director; and Regards palestiniens (Palestinian Perspectives). Her works: “Nelson Symonds Jazz Guitarist” 1984; “The Devil's Dream” 1992; “Tierra Madre / Sacred Earth” 1996; “Mexico, Dead or Alive” 1996; “Haunted Land” 2002; “Los Músicos” 2007; “Territories” 2007; “A Day in Palestine” 2007.

Brian Pienkoski

Hi. I'm Brian. I've been working in broadcast television for the past twenty years. I've produced and directed commercials, newscasts, sporting events and children's shows. I've also been a standup comedian, a member of two improvisational comedy troupes, and a competition chili cook. I can also say "I am going downstairs" in seven different languages. Eight if you include sign language. After nearly half a century on this planet I've decided that what I really want to do is tell stories. I could make up my own, but there's so many interesting ones out there waiting to be told. My main focus for the short term is finding funding and learning how to 'pitch' my ideas.

Thanks for a great forum