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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Patrick Inhofer

Hi D-Word'ers,

I just signed up. It's great finding this community. After surfing through several of the forums I'm blown away by the quality of the discussions and the good solid advice being passed around.

While I do have a doc on the back burner – I'm a post-production guy who does a lot of work with documentarians. Doc work is my most satisfying work... and often the most challenging.

I run my own boutique post house in NYC, specializing in Final Cut Studio workflows. I am also the President of The Moving Pictures Collective of NYC ( ), which is 501c3 and a D/B/A of the NY FCP User Group. Its mission is educating digital filmmakers through monthly meetings and educational events.

Since I'm a vendor-type guy as it relates to docs, I'll cut short the details of my business life and just say: Thanks for having me! I look forward to helping out when I can. And I'm sure I'll have some questions for all of you!



And... what's this hidden section?

Doug Block

Good to have you here, Patrick. Glad you found us. Feel free to jump right into the discussions.

Nigel Hulett

Hi everyone,

I'm a filmmaker from Zimbabwe and I've been in the industry for almost 5 years. I've been researching two docs for about a year now both focusing on our capital city, Harare – one on water and the other on garbage/waste management, both hot topics here. We hope to start shooting in the next couple of weeks.

It's really exciting to find such an incredible resource on the web – thanks so much to all of you D-Worders who make it happen.


John Burgan

Welcome to Nigel and Patrick. I remember your posts at Creative Cow, Patrick, your expertise is welcomed. As Ben says, you're our second member in Zimbabwe, Nigel, so go out and spread the D-Word!

The hidden section? Oh yes...'s for hiding things. No, actually it's if you have a very long post or a text copied from elsewhere that would break the "flow" of the discussion otherwise.

Marian Evans

Good day to all, I am fuelled! Is that the way I should begin? I have written a book and script which tells true accounts of the wrongs within the justice system. There has been a great deal of interest in hearing this story. Now I am searching for direction as to how to get this very important film out there. After reading many of the posts, I am confident that forum will help me acquire knowledge that will guide me.

...and for now, I thank you


Doug Block

No rules on how to begin, Marian. Good day is as good as any ;-)

Is your script for a fiction film or doc? Is it finished?

Nigel Hulett

Thanks for the welcome and kind words Ben , John and Simon. Glad to have found the D-Word treasure chest, even though my fellow countryman was keeping it secret!

Norman Hoffmann

Hi, I have an idea for a documentary short that has 1st place at Sundance etc written all over it. It's called "The Holy Ark of the Covenant – The Crystal Meth Controversy."

I have been able to prove on paper that the Ark of Covenant (and the Batteries of Baghdad) were used to manufacture amphetamines in a process similar to the way Crystal Meth is produced today. You can read all my evidence here at to see that I am not kidding around. This is a very real and bonafide Biblical, Archeological, Societal, Anthropological etc bombshell. This information will literally change the way we see the ancient world and just might influence the shape of the modern and future world for all times sake. This discovery is that important.

A little about me. First of all I don't know anything about film making. I have worked before as a production assistant and back ground extra on some feature films before but that certainly has not prepared me for anything quite this spectacular. I do have an associate of arts in creative writing and a diploma in business administration. So, I should be able to pull this off with a little help from an organized producer. What I need is someone who 'sees the light' and really believes in this project for it's cultural significance. But, more importantly I need someone who can make this thing work financially and just get it done and off to the market because I know already this film will be a big hit and very controversial. So, in other words it has what it takes to make it big.

If this sounds like a project you are interested in then just email me and let me know.

I am ready to start work on this anytime.

Norman Christian Hoffmann