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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Eliaichi Kimaro

Hi everyone, I'm a long time fan/recently turned Member of the D-Word. I'm a first time doc filmmaker as well, and feel fortunate to say that after 7 unbelievable years, my personal doc--A Lot Like You--is finally enterring its home stretch.

My friend Basil, whom many of you know, helped us design our movie website (, which contains our latest trailer. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on our trailer and/or the website, which we are currently beta testing...

What a tremendous resource this is. Thank you all for being here!!!!!

Kiira Benzing

Hello All:

I am new here to the D-Word and currently in production on a feature-length doc about an inspiring medical maverick.

We're looking for a DP. Is this the best place to post for this or perhaps under another topic? I can include a synopsis and where interested DPs can contact us.

Cheers all!!

Doug Block

Welcome, Kiira. The Classifieds topic is the place to post for a DP. Good luck with your project.

Theresa Loong

I don't know what took me so long to join!

I am a filmmaker and interactive media professional (web site strategy, redesigns and most recently, managing an interactive toy platform for children).

Currently, I am in rough cut stages of a film called "Every Day Is a Holiday," a character-driven documentary about a WWII prisoner-of-war who also happens to be my father.

I recently attended Loni Ding's NYC memorial – I did not know her, but knew of her work and I have friends who were her students.

Look forward to meeting everyone.

Christopher Wong

welcome theresa! always great to have another asian american documentary filmmaker in the D-Word...

Phoebe  Brown

Hey Ya'll!

I'm a filmmaker in Atlanta, GA. I have a short in the finals of the International Doc Challenge and will be at Hot Docs. If anyone else is going to be in Toronto...Holla! I've got a bunch of stuff cooking--and here's my last film's website Excited to be a new member of the d-word. Also in pre-production (and soon to be production) on a feature doc shooting in India. Would love any "words to the wise" from anyone whose worked or working in India.

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Phoebe and Theresa. Phoebe, you might want to look over the special Hot Docs topic, which I'm sure will get more active as we get closer to the festival. But we'll be figuring out a time and place for a D-Word f2f soon.

Syed Azfar Ali Rizvi

In reply to Phoebe Brown's post on Tue 20 Apr 2010 :

Hi Phoebe. Where in India will you be shooting? I've shot both in Pakistan and India and if you're in either of the two place in summers, you need a lot of sunblock! Also lately there have been a surge in power outages so you might wanna look into getting extra battery packs.