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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Nick Story

Am a gringo in Brazil, and have lived here since end of 2006. I have a UK registered company, but am a bit far from the UK/French/European commissioning circus. Am a DP and animator, and own an XDcam HD PDW350 for dry or wet hire here in São Paulo.

Since arriving in Brazil, I have helped local brazilian producers develop coproduction projects in the animation field, did a stint of distribution for the Brazilian market and now am back where I love best which is behind the camera.

Last month we did some executive production/camera work for Best Boy Production from Newfoundland on their Soccer Shrines series and I shot/edited a piece for the Financial Times on agribusiness.

And last but not least, I design/animate maps for documentary makers.

Am loving being in Brazil, discovering every day a bit more about this continental country.

Me on youtube:

Fateh Ahmed

Dear All,

My name is Fateh Ahmed, I am an audio engineer/music composer, and currently attending a filmmaking college program where I am working on my first documentary.

I was looking for some help and direction if someone would have stock footages/photographs any of the following I would be grateful:

1. the first gulf war in 1990 when iraq invaded kuwait.
2. Swiss air crash in Peegy's Cove in 1999.
3. Halifax explosion December 6, 1917.

Thank you:)

Mathea Jacobs

In my 9-5 (1.5 years now) I am a shooter/producer/editor for a large hospital. I do anything from covering events, filming surgeries, to miraculous survivor stories, and profiling programs at the hospital. I have also done some commercials.

I spent a year in marketing that I'd rather forget.

Started out in local news for 3 years as a graphic designer, editor, and producer.

Beyond the day job I'd love to make a documentary. Of course I don't have any money, equipment(outside of work), or help. Have pleanty of ideas though:) I am saving up for my own equipment.

I have always been lacking a mentor in this field and usually figured things out on my own.

After reading some earlier posts I'm wondering if I should I look for help in making a documentary or just do what I have always done? Me, a camera, and a good story?

Lauren Henderson

Hello! I'm a writer/filmmaker from Los Angeles currently working on a documentary about life with my service dog. I've logged about eight million hours of tape and I'm just about ready to begin editing. Wishing you all the best and thanks to Doug Block for sharing this site with me! It's great!

Doug Block

Hi Lauren, glad you followed up and registered. Now go all the way and sign up for professional membership here. When you do, check out the Face 2 Face topic, since there will be a small gathering of D-Word members in L.A. tomorrow night who you'll definitely want to meet. Service dogs especially welcome!

While you're at it, fill in your profile a bit more when you can.

Lauren Henderson

I am now officially a professional! And today I'm up to nine million hours of tape. Double win!

Douglas Blush

Hello all...Doug Blush here, editor of WORDPLAY, IOUSA, OUTRAGE and others. Directing a feature doc with my wife on bipolar condition for later this year, and proudly premiering FREAKONOMICS Friday April 30th at Tribeca (I edited the Eugene Jarecki segment). Glad to be aboard!

Doug Block

Glad to have you, Doug. Some nice credits you bring along, too. Curious to hear more about your own film (in the Works in Progress topic) if you care to share.

Alice Crowe-Bell

Hello all
I'm working on a documentary film in Rocklkand. Will be filming next week. Getting tired of trekking to NYC to rent cameras. Does anyone know of any local avenues to rent , buy or borrow cameras?

Matt Groff

Hey everyone. I'm Matt Groff, a writer-producer-director working in New York. I premiered my debut feature doc, U.N. Me, at IDFA last November (wonderful festival) and done some follow up festivals along the way. Looking forward to connecting on issues surrounding doc production and promotion.

Doug Block

Welcome, Alice and Matt. Alice, you're better off asking questions like that in the Classifieds topics.

Seth  Shire

Hi Everyone. I am Seth Shire, a post production supervisor and film critic with a special interest in documentaries. I look forward to discussing all aspects of documentary filmmaking from the technical to what's new and exciting in all of your work. Speaking of which Doug Blush I was at the "Freakonomics" screening at Tribeca on April 30. Nice job. In fact I have an article on my blog in which I mention it –

Doug Block

Great to have you here, Seth. If there's any justice in the world, you should definitely be called The Paid Film Critic very soon!

Jeff Bush

Hello everyone
I am Jeff Bush. I work at The Wall Street Journal as a multimedia producer. I shoot and edit video stories that the print reports write as well as do a little of my own reporting. Even though I have been shooting and editing for the past 15 years or so, I have always been in more or less ENG.

I want to expand my skills by volunteering to work on a documentary in a more extreme environment. I want to learn some of the practical skills when it comes to shooting in less than ideal locations.

Jana Kadrevis

Hi everyone, I'm a website editor with the Prague-based Institute of Documentary Film... Hoping to make a lot of you interested in documentary developments in Central and Eastern Europe. Please visit our portal for articles, interviews, trailers, and more...

John Burgan

You're welcome Jana. You've definitely got an interesting venture going on there in Prague.

Beat Oswald

Me and my friend just got back from greenland where we were filming for our first documentary. Before that, we did snowboard movies. so we met this guy from australia, murray fredericks (great guy, check out his work) and he told us about the d-word. great that such a thing exists and i am looking forward to profit and contribute to and from it..

check us out on and read you around, thanks