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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Great to have you here, Adam, and glad to see you're posting.

I was introduced to Adam at Silverdocs by Wendy Ettinger of Chicken & Egg, who raved about him (out of his earshot). I can't think of a better recommendation. In talking with Adam, he mentioned he does general PR but his specialty is social issue films and in hooking filmmakers up with national organizations out of the DC area.

Nicole McCuaig

I’ve been making docos in Australia for the past fifteen years. I’ve followed a family of boxers, a heart transplant recipient, a fantastic group of war veterans from the states who visited Aus in ww2, a group of police who investigate cattle duffers (thieves), some renegade downhill skateboarders to name a few.
Last year I went to china twice to follow two giant pandas to Australia – although the story was a little light I enjoyed following the people aspect – the negotiation between the vets, zookeepers and officials of the two countries – a great experience personally.

Now I’ve embarked on the scary project of my first child – 14 weeks old – eeak.
Looking forward to reading more from you all – this is an impressive bunch of people.

David Dewhurst

My name is David Dewhurst and I have been in the still photography business since leaving college in England back in the early seventies. I specialize in cars, motorcycles and planes and I'm based in the Los Angeles area. For the last six years I have also been shooting PR b-roll for many of the major car companies. Now I have the chance to produce a one-hour documentary on one of those companies with an insiders perspective of the troubles they face. It's a throw-him-in-at-the-deep-end project that seems extremely daunting t me. I'm sure I'll be coming back with all sorts of questions. Luckily I seem to have found a very knowledgeable group that appears to have most of the answers. I look forward to the discussions.

Doug Block

Welcome, David. Don't worry, I'm sure we'll just come back to you with questions like, "So, what digital still camera do you recommend for under $500?"

Corine Dhondee

Hi everyone. Great to be here. I'm hoping I can get your support. My recent doc is called The Queen's Suite. I'm currently raising the finishing funds on Kickstarter. One comment on the doc is, 'The vid on Kickstarter is the most inspiring thing I have seen in all my adult life." Please view Kickstarter. I've organised lots of great gifts from acknowledgments, online downloads, DVDs, photos, lunch with the UK's leading doc exec producer, a recording session at Premises Studios, one to one sessions in doc filmmaking and camera plus more. Pledges start from $3 (£2). It's taken 18 months to make and it was done so without funding. It now needs funds for the online, dub and release of archive. We have until the end of August to raise the funds.

Doug Block

Welcome, Corine. No need to double post on The D-Word, it's one of the few rules we have here. This topic is more for telling us about yourself rather than pitching for your project (which you did well in the Classifieds topic). That said, good luck with raising the funds to finish.

Ann Husaini

Hi all,
My name is Ann Husaini and I'm a freelance editor and post-production manager for documentary based in New York. I worked on a couple of great docs in years past that had good festival lives and were both selected for Whitney Biennials, ALMA and CARNIVAL ROOTS. One was about the healing of a mother-daughter relationship that had been scarred by mental illness and sexual abuse, and the other about Carnival in Trinidad. (Let me also mention that Meg Reticker, who is awesome, finished CARNIVAL when I went off to film school.) I went to Columbia for an MFA in film, directed many narrative shorts, and I've done a lot of reality tv in the past to pay for that lovely education! Right now I'm working on a couple of probono music doc projects. One's cutting a fundraising trailer about amazing jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and the other's a co-editing a doc about 80's band/conceptual artists Devo. In the future I'd love to do human-rights oriented doc work too, and to teach teens and young adults about filmmaking. So if people need help with either, do feel free to approach me. I'm really looking forward to meeting the community on this site and I'll definitely look out on the board for ways I can help others. I hope to enjoy being a part of things here for many years to come!