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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Adrien Blondel

Hey everybody!
I'm Adrien, I'm french. I've been studying cinematography for five years in Paris and I'm now a documentary director/cameraman. I just moved to San Francisco a few days ago, that's why I came here. I'd like to find jobs as a cameraman for documentaries (or even fiction actually) around the city. I already worked on a couple of movies, about a massai tribe in Kenya or the Freedom riders in the US for example.
Don't hesitate to contact me for any information, I need to meet people here!

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word (and the U.S.), Adrien. Good to have you here.

Maren Wickwire

I just moved recently to Chicago with my husband, originally I´m from Germany. At the moment I´m trying to get connected to Chicago filmmakers and get involved in local documentary productions.
My desire is to find other people that have a passion for doc. films and work together on projects.
I already finished a couple of my own independent films with topics around the middle east, a holocaust surviver, lung transplantation, churches in Turkey and also informational films for not for profit organizations. I`m a cinematographer and editor. If someone has a film idea in the Chicago area I would be interested to hear about that and see if there is a possibility to work together on a project.

Doug Block

Welcome, Maren. You should definitely register here for professional membership which would give you access to our member's database. You could do a search of Chicago members and read their profiles, might well be helpful. As will participating here on the various discussion topics, which you'll get many more of as a pro member.

Tal Levitas

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tal Levitas. I have experience in the film festival world, as I have worked in various capacities with the Silverdocs film festival for several years. Since moving to Los Angeles, I've been working on narrative productions as a Production Assistant.

I am working on an independent documentary project and while my production skills are fairly green, I probably have some insights related to the film festival process.

I have a passion for documentary film and am excited to meet with others who share this.

John Burgan

You're in the right place, Tal. Welcome to The D-Word.

Kelly Amis

I am producing/directing (and so far, just about everything else) my first film, a documentary about race-based inequities in the American education system. I started out as a teacher in South Central, Los Angeles and have been working as an advocate for urban, minority students ever since.

I decided to make TEACHED because it seems to me that much of the public doesn't really understand the racism inherent in our system--or dismisses it, blaming inner-city kids (in particular), and their families, and their culture, for their lower academic performance instead of making sure they get as good of an education as their white and wealthier peers.

Stepping off my soapbox now.....a new friend (an experienced editor) introduced me to the D-Word as a good place to look for an editor for TEACHED (and a place to find general advice, contacts, etc.). I will post an ad today– hoping to finish TEACHED before 2010 is out!

Cool site. Very happy to be here.

Doug Block

And we're happy that you're here, as well, Kelly. Sounds like an important film you're making, so hang in there.

Feel free to register as a full member which would give you access to all 50 discussion topics.

Marth Christensen

Hi Kelly,
I'll send you a copy of our "walk Right In" if you will send me an address.

W. James Meagher

Hello all,

I am eagerly about to dip my toes in the documentary world and in need of some advice I found this site. I'm sure this isn't the exact place to post questions so I'll end my intro here and figure out where to go next.