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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Liam Leahy

It will be a film on the upcoming election, John. Thanks for the referral!

Jo-Anne Velin

Perhaps google Monique Mbeka Phoba- she is based in Brussels often, but has been mentoring film students in Kinshasa. She may help you. She directed the film Entre la coupe et l'élection.

Aaron Porteous

Hi everyone, I'm a videographer entering the Documentary Film world. Currently working on a documentary about religion and atheism in Toronto. Looking for tips and tricks to become successful in this industry. :)

Christa Majoras

Hello all. I am very excited to be introducing myself to such a great group of filmmakers. I recently moved to New York and have been working freelance, camera and editing. Additionally, I am in pre-production on my first feature length film about an community of electronic musicians in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am looking forward to gaining advice, interesting discussion, and collaboration through the d-word!

Doug Block

Welcome, Christa (Aaron, too). Nice to have you joining us here.

Tara Watney

Hi, I last logged on a few years ago.... sorry for disappearing! I have managed to escape the clutches of the big city of London and escape to Africa where I plan to concentrate on making some documentaries..... so thought it was time I said hello again!
If anyone out there is based in West Africa or is interested in collaborating on a project in this part of the world... then I'd love to speak to you.

John Burgan

Hey Tara – I think we met at the Sheffield DocFest in 2007 – welcome back to The D-Word. Interesting time to be in North Africa...

Doug Block

Welcome back, Tara. Great to get an update and hope you'll come back often (virtually, at least).