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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Welcome back, Tara. Great to get an update and hope you'll come back often (virtually, at least).

Tara Watney

Yes we did meet at Sheffield. Hello! It is an interesting time to be here.... not too much happening in Morocco though... although during a protest on Sunday the shop Zara got smashed up. However yesterday all the streets were lined with people welcoming the king back to the city.... so I think they like him. Although you never know for how long! Thanks for the welcome back.

Rick Janzen

Hello, my name is Rick Janzen and I've recently have started making Documentaries. I have two in the early stages of production at this time. I've been involved in the film business since 1987 as a scenic artist and sign painter, but decided to start shooting my own stuff two years ago. After spending countless hours learning to use my camera and editing system (not to mention spending a small fortune), I decided on a couple of projects. I have always thought the best way to learn a craft is to surround yourself with people who know what their doing. I know the road to discovery is going to have a lot of potholes and curves, but that's what makes it so interesting. I look forward to being part of the community and learning from your experience.

Doug Block

Great to have you here, Rick. Hope we can help support you in your career shift, it's an admirable thing to do.

Blaire Johnson

Ahoy there! My name is Blaire Johnson. I'm co-producing a new documentary with my good friend, Linda Booker, to help bring Industrial Hemp farming back to the US. We are very proud that the nation's first hemp house was just built in the mountains of our home state- North Carolina. We are focusing on hemp's abilities to build the healthiest houses while taking a look at the toxic chemicals used in building materials and everyday products.

Through Linda, I have heard great things about the D-word from her good friend, Mark Barroso. I've just ventured into HD with Panasonic's AGAF100. It's great to be here!

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Blaire. Nice to have you joining us.

Franco Consales

Hello Everyone, I'm videmaker and web designer based in Sicily, I've produced 2 documentaries in Africa like in Uganda and Tanzania and of course also in Sicily. I used to work and collaborate with associations and other professionals.
Always I'm looking for new collaborations. Please contact me if you are interested in some co-production about some social or cultural issues regarding relation between different cultures.
I work with my Panasonic professional equipment.
Best wishes,