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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Rahul Chadha

Hi everyone. I actually registered a few years ago but am just now discovering what a great resource and community Doug has built here. I'm a print journalist and aspiring (and self-taught) filmmaker. In the past two years I've participated in both the Third World Newsreel production workshop and the UnionDocs collaborative project; discovered Bill Nichols, Dziga Vertov, and Walter Murch; and made a short that was screened at the Documentary Fortnight program. But I'm most proud of serving as the volunteer editor of the film "A Future For Meher," which was made by nonprofessional volunteers and so far has helped raise more than $3,500 for the medical care and educational fund of an impoverished girl in New Delhi. I also recently became the blogger for the Stranger Than Fiction film series programmed by Thom Powers. (Doug, I heard you speak at the Resurrect Dead screening a few weeks ago.)I look forward to conversing with you all.

Doug Block

Welcome, Erum and Rahul. Great job you're doing with the blog, Rahul. Look forward to meeting you at one of the upcoming STF screenings.

Italo Baudo

Hello everyone! My name is Italo Baudo, from Wishaw in Scotland.
I am new to the D- World, as well as to anything related to film making, especially in the computerised era of documentary filmaking.
I studied animation and handled a traditional 16mm camera some 40 years ago and since then I was working as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer.
The seed of Documentary Film making has been planted and stayed dormant for all those years though. Now, gradually, I would like to explore the field and see which educational material I can find to start reading first, and experimenting afterward and try out a short documentary film (1 to 3 min. long) to publish in You Tube and see how it goes. Thank you for reading!

Doug Block

Good to have you back in the fold, Italo. Welcome.

Rodrigo Dorfman

Greetings everyone,

I was introduced to this site by my friend Deirdre Haj from Full Frame where I'm having the world premiere of my latest film One Night in Kernersville – a jazz doc/poem! I'm a filmmaker, screenwriter, ethnographer, multimedia documentary producer and father of two lovely daughters. I've had the pleasure of filming all over the world and working with NGO's making advocacy documentaries for them. I know quite a lot about Mystical Islam and have done some groundbreaking work on the Gnawa in Morocco ( I am currently working on 20 (yes that's twenty!) ten minute documentaries of 20 members of the Latino Community Credit Union in NC highlighting financial empowerment. I've worked with the BBC, HBO and Salma Hayek doing narrative screenplays and nothing, truly nothing compares to working in the field and collaborating with people who struggle and still retain their dignity. It reminds me why our work matters.

I speak french and spanish fluently and I look forward to interacting with filmmakers from all over the world and sharing their experiences. You can find some of my work here . Peace

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Rodrigo. Any friend of Deirdre's is certainly a friend of ours. Lots of D-Word members going to Full Frame so check out the F2F and Festival topics and hopefully you'll make new friends.

Juliana Piccillo

Hi Everyone,
I'm Juliana Piccillo, filmmaker, writer and activist – sex work is my cause. Planning to bust through the shorts ceiling with a feature length doc and I'm so incredibly excited to find this community!

Stephanie Frederic


My name is Stephanie Frederic. I'm a director/producer/writer based in Los Angeles.

I'm a firm believer that – a laptop and a dream can take you anywhere. As a former TV news reporter, I've been telling stories all my life. If there's one thing I know, I was born to do just this. I own FGW Productions ( and we are visual storytellers.

Some of the docs I have produced included, "Rwanda Rising," "From Darkness to Light – The Donnie McClurkin Story," and "Planet LA."

I'm here to help and to learn.

Feel free to reach out. I'd love to know more about you and my new doc family.


Doug Block

Juliana and Stephanie, how nice to have you both find us. A warm welcome to The D-Word.

Christina Katsiadakis

Hello. My name is Christina. I am a new at this. Two days ago I started shooting my first documentary and I am excited, stressed and hoping for the best. It is called G30 and it is following the life of 30something people in Greece during these times of financial hardship. We are hoping for a positive message out of this documentary! Let's see what happens!