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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Hello all,

I signed up for the D-Word a couple months ago, but never had a chance to introduce myself.... so, here goes. I am a filmmaker based in Missoula, Montana – I recently returned to Montana after 10 years in NYC working with a number of great people, many of whom are probably here on the D-Word.

My company is called BACKTRACK films, and we are pursuing some new ideas for documentaries out here in the West. We also do commercial work (gasp!), and are also working towards some narrative fiction (double gasp!). But my background and first love is documentary, so need to fret.

If anyone is ever out my way and needs any production help, please let me know. As many documentary filmmakers, I have had a hand in all aspects of filmmaking. You can view our portfolio on our website at, or email me at elgin(at)

Glad to be on board, and look forward to listening to all the other expertise out there on the forums.


Doug Block

Glad to have you finally pipe up, Elgin. Keep it coming. And if only someone would hire me to direct commercials (gasp!).

Doug Block

And a warm welcome to Ernst and Pete, as well.

Roselly Torres

Hi. My name is Roselly Torres and I've been working in independent film distribution for ten years. Currently I work at Third World Newsreel and I am responsible for acquiring documentary films made by or about people of color. If you wish to submit your film for educational distribution, please email distribution [at]

Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Roselly. We love people who acquire docs!

Ling Lee

Hello everyone,

I just recently graduated from the National Film & Television School, UK in Documentary Directing but have been working as an editor for about 5 years now. One of the biggest projects I have edited is The Edge of Dreaming by Amy Hardie (one of producers is Doug Block).

Now I am sending my documentary Miles Apart out to festivals which I shot in China and developing a new chinese documentary about a chinese investigative journalist.
Because of my Chinese Malaysian origin I always wanted to connect myself with my chinese roots which has been tricky as a born German. So last year I went for the first time to China to make this film about a rural family that is effected by the industrialization and I really fell in love with this country.

Am happy to be part of this group and am looking forward to chat about more things with you!

John Burgan

Welcome Ling. That's quite a journey of discovery, we're glad it has led you to The D-Word.

Doug Block

Fantastic to have you here, Ling. I can't tell you the number of compliments we've received for The Edge of Dreaming, and it's in no small measure due to your efforts. Looking forward to your new film.