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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Doug Block

Welcome to The D-Word, Joanna. I'm fascinated by casting so can't wait to see your doc! Please keep us posted on when and where we can see it.

As to your question, it's always up to you, but if you want to learn what's standard I'd simply watch a few other documentaries and see how they do it.

If the credits are at the beginning, it generally ends with Produced by and Directed by. If at the end, it begins with Directed by and then Produced by.

Justin Prymowicz

Hello everyone, I am an audio engineer that has worked on documentaries and other post audio projects. I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know if you needed any help of info about sound i would love to help!

- Justin

Constance Ryder

Hi, I've edited many many hour-long documentaries for French TV, and am currently working on my third one as a director (réalisatrice). The economic crunch is pretty disheartening right now. Would like to stay in touch with other professionals, share information, develop international potential for our films.
My current project is a portrait of an amazing artist who spent over 10 years doing the reproduction of the prehistoric Lascaux caves.

Anthony Rydzon

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony Rydzon but my friends call me Tony. I'm a documentary film producer, director, and writer living and working in Chicago IL. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas, making new 'Doc-Head' friends, learning from some of the best and brightest minds in the doc film community today, helping other filmmakers by passing along information to screenings or crowd-sourcing links, bouncing around new ideas with you guys in the discussion rooms, and whole lot more too.
Whew, I shouldn't have had that last cup of coffee!
Currently, I am working on my first feature length doc,"Finding Vivian Maier", a story about a "French-American" nanny who took over 100k photographs of people she encountered in the streets she walked in both NYC and Chicago- all the while keeping her passion and skill a secret till her death in 2007, when her archive of black and white negatives went to auction and was purchased by a young man living in Chicago's north side. You can learn more about the story at
Production is moving right along.
I also ran a successful Kickstarter campaign with my friend and director of the film and was selected to pitch at HocDoc's 2011 in Toronto, Canada.
Thanks everyone for giving me the opportunity to say hi and inviting me into your community. I promise to upload a profile pic soon and feel free to email me here or at mmadocfilms AT yahoo! Cheers!

Doug Block

Wow, a wave of newbies today. Justin, Constance, Zeljko and Anthony, a warm welcome to you all!

victoria  campbell

Hellooooo documentary community

my name is Victoria and I have completed one feature length doc. titled 'House of BOnes' on my family and a house. I am currently enrolled in the SVA MFA doc. program which is a wonderful program thus far. Have been learning a great deal. HAve some projects in the works and trying to finish a small film I am making on a neighborhood in port-au -prince. HAve been going there over the last 3 years since earthquake. I'm in NYC and delighted I finally signed up to be part of this. Hi D.


Doug Block

And we're equally delighted, make that even MORE delighted, to have you joining our virtual doc shindig, Victoria.

Having been one of the lucky duckies to have seen "House of BOnes," (I'll spell it your way, it's more fun) I can attest to the enormous talent of Ms. Campbell.

However, one demerit for posting a photo so dark we can barely see ya.