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Kiley Kraskouskas

Hey John,
I remember meeting you at DIP. Would be great to meet in person again, thank you so much for coming to the screening!

Yes, Tinariwen's story is a big part of our film, although they did not attend the festival the year we filmed due to the death of Ibrahim's son right before the festival started. However, we caught up with them on their tour last summer. They are playing at the Howard Theatre on June 14 and we will definitely be there and hopefully interviewing them again, so we should coordinate.

Hope your project is going well!

In reply to John Gyovai's post on Wed 30 May 2012 :

Justin Ervin

Hi Everybody!

My name is Justin. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all. I'm a cinematographer and filmmaker in NYC and currently at work on a couple of projects that I look forward to sharing with you all sometime soon! If you wanna check out some of my past stuff at the Vimeo link below, please consider yourself invited.

All the best!

Justin Ervin

Special shout-out to Doug Block! Thanks a lot, sir. I appreciate your encouragement!

Doug Block

A pleasure to have you here, Justin. Someone do yourself a big favor and hire this dude.

Elissa Sylvia Mirzaei

Justin, I just visited your Vimeo page, have marked some of your videos to watch later (i.e. soon).

Justin Ervin

Hi Niam. Nope, I didn't enter it into any festivals. I'd love to see the one you're speaking of.

Niam Itani

Their film links from last year aren't working anymore, but this is a one liner I found about the film:

“Missed Connections,” by Mary Robertson — On Craigslist’s “Missed Connections” forum, those who regret their timidity make appeals to the Ones Who Got Away.