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This is a Public Topic geared towards first-time filmmakers. Professional members of The D-Word will come by and answer your questions about documentary filmmaking.

John Burgan

I don't know anything about this specific course, Fania, so can't comment on it but there are other similar short courses in London at the London Film School and Met Film School you might consider as well.  

There's a limit what you can do in a month but it could be a valuable experience. It's likely to be fairly traditional in its approach, which is no bad thing; what you're planning, however, is rather more ambitious and not just a standard "documentary".

Are there any other films you know that resonate with you? Jonathan Caouette's Tarnation is worth looking at. You can also learn from Doug Block's work, also his checklist for "personal docs"


Kelsey Killeen

Hi everyone. I'm reaching out to see if anyone on here has their master's in social work, or if you know anyone with their MSW who has transferred their skills into documentary production. Social work and documentary film/storytelling seem to go hand in hand, and yet I'm struggling to find social workers in the creative field. I'm a clinical social worker on a mission to be involved in documentary film or audio production, so I'm looking for some guidance. Thank you!

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