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Tessa Moran
Tue 10 Jun 2014Link

Looking for a last-minute translator to help us for a week on a documentary film in Michoacan, Mexico. Will pay daily stipend, food and accommodations in Zitacuaro. Could be based in Mexico City or Morelia. Ping me at info(at)eidolonfilms(dot)com

Edited Sun 15 Jun 2014 by Doug Block

Niam Itani
Wed 11 Jun 2014Link

Anybody by any chance has names or information about production crew and/or staff in Kazakhstan?

D-Word database returns no hits :(

Maria Chiu
Thu 12 Jun 2014Link

Could anybody recommend a PA in New Orleans for June 20-24? Please give me a shout – maria[at]blackvalleyfilms[dot]com

Michael Rossato-Bennett
Thu 12 Jun 2014Link

We are looking for older people for a short shoot in order to finish our film! We want to do a shoot with elders and youth on Roosevelt Island in NYC dancing together as an optimistic credits sequence.

There will be a few elderly dancers and a few people with Dementia-

We are going to shoot at sunset some evening the week after next- there will be food, transport and comfort stations for all participating. We really need some beautiful elders- Please let us know if you know anyone who could participate-

Here is what we need-

- beautiful elders 80+ years old, lines on faces.... best if they love music
- perhaps just for a quick shot, an elder with dementia and their loved one (maybe someone not too far gone)


Lizzy McGlynn
Fri 13 Jun 2014Link

Hi D-Worders. I'm seeking someone who can translate/transcribe an interview done in Arabic by early next week. Anyone know a great Arabic speaking transcriber?

Elizabeth Westrate
Fri 13 Jun 2014Link

In reply to Niam Itani's post on Wed 11 Jun 2014 :

Niam, my husband may know someone. I will ask him...

Elizabeth Westrate
Fri 13 Jun 2014Link

Niam, I just absentmindedly responded with info in the professional classified topic. Sorry, I'm posting from my phone.

Doug Block
Sun 15 Jun 2014Link

In reply to Tessa Moran's post on Tue 10 Jun 2014 :

Tessa, remember to write out email addresses in longhand in the Public topics. You'll be sorry when search engines (and spam) seek you out, otherwise.

Niam Itani
Sun 15 Jun 2014Link

In reply to Elizabeth Westrate's post on Fri 13 Jun 2014 :

Beth, thank you! I still need it. Headed to Prof Classifieds now!

In reply to Lizzy McGlynn's post on Fri 13 Jun 2014 :

Lizzy, I just emailed you, in case you still need help :)

Michael Sheridan
Wed 18 Jun 2014Link

New Internship Opportunity at Community Supported Film!

We are currently seeking an Administrative and Communications Intern for the Summer or Fall semester! Please view and download the full internship description here:

Please submit a cover letter, résumé, and contact information for three references to with the subject line: Administrative and Communications Internship.
*Applicants without a separate and attached cover letter will not be considered.

Jim Feeley
Wed 18 Jun 2014Link

In reply to Michael Sheridan's post on Wed 18 Jun 2014 :

Why aren't you paying this "intern" to do the work you're asking?

Rafael De La Uz
Fri 20 Jun 2014Link

In reply to Jim Feeley's post on Thu 19 Jun 2014 :

Will Carruthers
Mon 23 Jun 2014Link

Hello, I am an intern with GUSH Productions. We are currently seeking an affordable spanish-language transcription service for a new feature documentary about a girls school in Paraguay.

We have approximately 50 hours of documentary interviews conducted in Spanish that we need to have transcribed into Spanish transcripts with timecode marked every minute or two.

We would also be interested in how much more it would cost to have the Spanish transcripts translated into English in addition to having the Spanish transcripts delivered.
We can deliver small video files or audio only files.

If you are interested, send an email to me here: will[at]gushproductions[dot]com



Valeran Lothaniel
Mon 23 Jun 2014Link

Documentary film production based in Los Angeles is seeking an Animator and a Motion Graphics Designer for upcoming film about Alcoholics Anonymous.

Animator will be in charge of animating short cartoon sequences of interview subject stories.

Motion Graphics Designer will work on title sequence, quotes, transition slates and other text-based designs.

Please send cover letter, resume, link to reel and full rate info to valeranlothaniel[at]gmail[dot]com.

Erica Ginsberg
Mon 23 Jun 2014Link

In reply to Jim Feeley's post on Thu 19 Jun 2014 :

Jim, I see Michael has not responded here, and I can't speak for him since I don't know the circumstances of his organization, but I have some thoughts on this. I prefer not to post my thoughts in the public topic though, so please follow me to Our Daily Bread in the professional topics.

Rebecca Romani
Mon 23 Jun 2014Link

In reply to Lizzy McGlynn's post on Fri 13 Jun 2014 :

Lizzy- did you get anyone yet? I know a few people here in San Diego. What dialect is it?

Kali Holloway
Wed 25 Jun 2014Link

Hi. I'm looking for a shooter and editor for a comedic NYC-centric webseries about the (funny) realities of living in NYC. Experience shooting and editing a must – and a huge plus if you’ve had that experience on comedic projects. This is not paid work, but you’ll get a credit, have the opportunity to be involved with a cool project with the potential to go far, and have something for your reel. (Also, this is more a collaborative thing than a normal hired gig.) If you want to make something / create your own opportunities, this is a good chance. And it’ll be fun. If interested, send your resume, links to stuff you’ve shot and a note with a few things you find funny. This is less about highly tuned technical skill and more about “getting it.”

Lauren C. Ruth
Thu 26 Jun 2014Link

I'm looking for someone willing to accompany me during a week of night shooting in the Eastside region of Riverside, CA. During that week (ideally in July – you can choose the exact dates), you could stay in my Riverside apartment rent-free. I've already got the gear and the plan – just looking for a buddy or two, for safety reasons!

About the project: We're examining the interplay between California's recycling infrastructure and homelessness. Half of the film documents the lives of those homeless in Riverside who support themselves by exchanging bottles and cans for cash. (The other half takes place at local recycling centers and processing plants.) In the street scenes, I'm going for the feel of "Foreign Parts" by Verena Paravel and J.P. Sniadeki.

Email me for more details! LCRuth222[at]gmail[dot]com

Lauren C. Ruth
Sun 29 Jun 2014Link

In reply to Lauren C. Ruth's post on Fri 27 Jun 2014 :

I should add: If you're not free next month but could help out in August or September instead, that would still be great.

We can discuss payment and film credit over email.

And I misspelled "Sniadeki" – it's Sniadecki!

Edited Sun 29 Jun 2014 by Lauren C. Ruth

Jasmine Bryant
Sun 29 Jun 2014Link

Free Color Grading Offer

As a launch promotional I'll be offering professional level color grading for music videos and short films for a short time only. If you're interested shoot me an email at

Yance Ford
Sun 6 Jul 2014Link

Hi D-Word,

I'm looking for an Atlanta based rock solid production assistant/coordinator ASAP. They will coordinate a shoot in Monroe, GA- about an hour east of Atlanta. They must be able to drive and start work on a location tomorrow. I've been trying to land this interview for four years and need to move quickly before my subject gets cold feet.
I can pay a modest day rate i.e not below the standard PA/PC rate for a small doc shoot in Atlanta but not above.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Please pass on names to me or pass on my info:
yanceford [a t] g m a i l (d o t) c o m


Edited Sun 6 Jul 2014 by Yance Ford

Yance Ford
Sun 6 Jul 2014Link

Hello Again,
I'm all set for crew in Atlanta. Don't know how to delete my previous post though.

Daniel McGuire
Tue 8 Jul 2014Link

Wondering if anyone on Nantucket Island is available as PA / sound anytime this week June 10 – 11?. Interesting project. 774 454 4 0 1 9.

Benjamin Lear
Wed 9 Jul 2014Link

ADVICE NEEDED. I am flying to El Salvador tomorrow night to film for two days with the family of a subject in my film. I will be staying with the family in a "relatively" safe neighborhood and plan to stick with them the whole time I'm there.

If anyone has filmed in Central America and can give me any safety guidelines that'd be much appreciated. Would also be interested in hiring a translator/guide for while I'm there.

Thank you.

Koen Suidgeest
Thu 10 Jul 2014Link

Benjamin, I have worked in Central America extensively, among which on this quite-complicated-and-riddled-with-safety-issues festival favorite.

In general, it sounds like you should be fine. Despite its respective reputations, Central American countries are not the war zones we are led to believe. Certain areas however have high crime rates. So here are some pointers:

- The locals know best. Ask the people you are with about safety. Make them aware of the risks of openly carrying a camera might involve, and ask them to help you be extra alert. Accept their guidance on the matter.
- In order to be unattractive for common thieves, don't wear your favorite golden watch, a fat wallet in your pocket and leave your phone at home. Dress down. Keep car windows up at traffic lights. That being said, it's good to carry a cheap phone and some notes on you in case you need something to offer a mugger. Unless you will be travelling on public transport or going out to bars alone, the risks are low though.
- When shooting, try to remain as inconspicuous as possible in public spaces. Avoid using a boom. Rather use lavelier mics or the camera mic. Use a mono-pod instead of a tripod. You catch my drift...
- Finally, I don't think it's needed if you go for only two days, but the many times I've gone several weeks or months, I always made sure my embassy knew who I was, where I was and how to reach me and my loved ones.

No doubt you'll quickly fall in love with the people of El Salvador and you'll want to return! Good luck.

Edited Thu 10 Jul 2014 by Koen Suidgeest

Rafael De La Uz
Thu 10 Jul 2014Link

I've worked in central America as well. And besides everything Koen said, something else will be to hire a trusted driver, recommended by the people you are staying with, so they know him and how to locate him too. if there is not driver, a taxi driver that is trust worthy is second option. You need somebody that know how to get to places and how to get out of places, and when. Local taxis in latin america can be unreliable, and some times they will be part of the crime network.
You don't need to hire the driver full time, just offer a generous compensation when you need him, if he makes more money driving you than going to work, he will call it a sick day. And you will enjoy a good time of very informative conversation during your commute.

Koen Suidgeest
Thu 10 Jul 2014Link

Agreed Rafael! Good point.

Tracy Heather Strain
Thu 10 Jul 2014Link

We are looking for two experienced associate producers to work with me and Randy MacLowry on two different historical documentary projects here in Boston—one is an independent project and the other will be an American Experience. All the details are on the two attached notices. Thanks!

Emily Lobsenz
Fri 11 Jul 2014Link

We have beautiful workspace available- $400/month- around the corner from Barclays stadium in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
The shared studio is about 500 sq ft.hardwood floors and high ceilings + small kitchenette within the studio and A/C
The building is 24 hour access, extremely secure, quiet and beautifully maintained.
We are 3 creative professionals in film, writing, tech. We really enjoy each others company and sometimes collaborate.
The building is a mix of architects, filmmakers, designers, writers and painters, all very friendly and helpful to one another. The landlords are wonderful, they live upstairs and are both artists.
Transport: 4/5.2/3.B/D,N/Q/R and LIRR + buses
please be in touch if you'd like to check it out or pass along to anyone you think might be interested.

Beth Levison
Mon 14 Jul 2014Link

In reply to Lizzy McGlynn's post on Fri 13 Jun 2014 :

Lizzy – Do you still need help with translators? I've been working on a project in Arabic for the last year – happy to help if you still need it!


Beth Levison
Mon 14 Jul 2014Link

Hi D-Word

We recently shot a batch of footage in Cairo, Egypt and I'm looking for an Egypt –> NYC traveler who can possibly hand deliver a drive for us; it's the only way to get a drive safely back. Anyone know anyone traveling there for production ... who might be able to help out?

Thank you!
Beth Levison

Mariah Wilson
Tue 15 Jul 2014Link

Long shot perhaps, but.. anyone know a fixer in the Maldives?

Niam Itani
Tue 15 Jul 2014Link

In reply to Beth Levison's post on Mon 14 Jul 2014 :

Hey Beth,

Is the drive in your relation to the Women in the Arab Uprising project?
If so, I will be happy to put a word up for you on my FB profile.

Maybe people will be enthusiastic to help if that is the topic :)

Let me know!

Beth Levison
Tue 15 Jul 2014Link


Thank you so much. Yes, it is for THE TRIALS OF SPRING (formerly known as AWAKENING) – the project about women of the Arab uprisings. Let me think on this generous offer. I like to keep all of this on the down-low and haven't ever posted on FB. Let me run this idea by my team and get back to you?

Thank you!

Niam Itani
Tue 15 Jul 2014Link

In reply to Beth Levison's post on Tue 15 Jul 2014 :

Sure. I can post something like this:

"A fellow filmmaker in NYC needs a drive shipped from Cairo for a film related to the Arab Spring. etc etc..."

And if you don't want me to post an email address, I can have anyone interested write to me directly.

Erica Ginsberg
Tue 15 Jul 2014Link

Keep in mind this is the Public Classifieds which does come up in Google searches. Just saying.

Marc Charles Joseph Glassman
Tue 15 Jul 2014Link

Dear D-Word filmmakers,

I am one of the programers of The Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. We're looking for new documentaries for our 2014 festival.

Now in our 15th year, Planet in Focus is an environmental media arts organization with year-round programming whose mandate is to produce, promote and disseminate artistically made films that tell stories about the world in which we live. The Planet in Focus Environmental Film & Video Festival on November 6-9th 2014 showcases outstanding environmental films. More info about the festival can be found at our website –

If you would like us to consider your film for our festival, and do not have a screening or broadcast booked from October to November 2014 in the Greater Toronto area, please contact with a pre-screener link. Submit all production info via using the waiver code: GWFJFPC

2 DVDs should also be submitted for inclusion in the Planet in Focus Archive Fonds. Please mail your film to:
33 Mill St.
Suite 1209
Toronto, ON

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Marc Glassman
Film programmer and editor of POV magazine

Beth Levison
Wed 16 Jul 2014Link

In reply to Erica Ginsberg's post on Wed 16 Jul 2014 : Blrg – Erica. Thanks. To keep this more private, which classifieds should I then use? I thought these were the only ones on D-Word (in my 10 years of using it)!

In reply to Niam Itani's post on Tue 15 Jul 2014 19:18 UTC : Let's do it! Thanks, Niam!

Doug Block
Wed 16 Jul 2014Link

Use the Professional Classifieds topic, Beth.

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Anna Savittieri
Wed 16 Jul 2014Link

Looking for a Korean translator for a Brooklyn-based short documentary

please contact me at

thank you!

Jon Fordham
Wed 16 Jul 2014Link

Navigating HD is a seminar with Jon Fordham and Evan Anthony, two hard working online editors/colorists here in New York City. Get all your questions answered and find out what's behind all that mysterious technology in post production. Next seminar is Monday July 21st. Contact here, or on Facebook at Navigating HD, or at (at) gmail (dot) com.

Doug Block
6 days agoLink

My daughter (having typical difficulty finding fulfilling, paid work in NYC) is contemplating a short-term move (6-12 months) to Mexico. She's looking for an organization doing local, community-based environmental/social justice work. She's also interested in urban planning. Ideally, the organization would house her so she can sustain herself (and of course, pay is not unwelcome). Does anyone have any ties to Mexico, any ideas, or friends who might know of something?

John Grabowska
6 days agoLink

Bit longer term – 24 months – but Peace Corps has been in Mexico since 2004. Housing and a stipend are part of the deal, plus a readjustment allowance and (some) student loan forgiveness.

Helkin Rene Diaz
5 days agoLink

Dear friends,
I want to share my new demo reel.

Please enjoy!

Niam Itani
5 days agoLink

In reply to Anna Savittieri's post on Wed 16 Jul 2014 :

I emailed you, Anna.

John Burgan
5 days agoLink

In reply to Helkin Rene Diaz's post on Fri 18 Jul 2014 :

Helkin – great to see your showreel but please note that one of the few rules at The D-Word is not to post the same post in multiple topics – with the exception of Professional Classifieds and Public Classifieds – the way these boards work makes such duplicate posts superfluous as we all read all the topics. I've deleted the others.

Mitch Teplitsky
5 days agoLink

Hola Dougcito, El Patron del D-Word:

I have some ideas/people for your daughter (man, I remember seeing her off to college in your movie). And if she would want to also consider Peru....well, that seems to be my mission in life. Have her email me, Happy to help.

Mariah Wilson
3 days agoLink

Another fixer/translator request – anyone have contacts in Far East Russia/Siberia?
(Still looking for a fixer in the Maldives too)

Email any recommendations to me at mariahewilson at gmail dot com

Francisco Bello
2 days agoLink

Research Internship Position for NY Based Candidates:

Independent documentary film in research and development phase seeks NYC based intern to assist with logging and organizing archival materials pertinent to our story. Ideal candidate is organized, able to take direction, proficient with Microsoft Office and Google Docs / Drive. Knowledge of Adobe Premiere is a bonus. A great opportunity for individuals with professional interest in documentary research, writing and development, and topics covering the law and journalism. Candidates would ideally be able to work alongside director at studio location in Queens, NY during training period, supplemented with work from home with self managed hours, provided weekly minimum time is met. Candidate must use own computer with internet access.

Film is produced by Oscar and Emmy nominated filmmaking team. Position is unpaid but will be credited and director will work alongside intern and provide professional mentorship during work phase. This is NOT an internship getting coffee and other “gophering”, this is hands on research!

Applicants, please send pdf formatted resume and cover letter to:

Resumes and cover letters sent seeking other work, soliciting services, or pitching original projects or scripts will immediately be deleted.

Mattie Akers
1 day agoLink

Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced recording studio in Los Angeles?
For voiceover recording.
Please email mattieakers(at)

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