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Help, Suggestions, Future of The D-Word

Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

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James Longley
Wed 24 Aug 2011Link

Thanks. The same problem seems to exist elsewhere in the site. For example, I was unable to embed a YouTube video in the Cameras topic although the URL exactly matched the formatting of the example in the error message.

Edited Wed 24 Aug 2011 by James Longley

Peter Gerard
Wed 24 Aug 2011Link

I put in a fix for both YouTube and Vimeo to ignore the www.

Faith Fuller
Thu 25 Aug 2011Link

Hi there –
Does anyone know if I can post my documentary on D-Word if it's a Dynamo Player? Or is Distrify, Vimeo and YouTube the only options?


Peter Gerard
Fri 26 Aug 2011Link

We support a wide range of embeds that use the oembed protocol, including Hulu, Flickr, Viddler, and more. As far as I am aware Dynamo does not support this secure and open standard.

Faith Fuller
Fri 26 Aug 2011Link

Thanks Peter.. so it sounds like the dynamo player won't work here on D-Word.. (right?) (Are you saying Dynamo is not secure?)

I've been meaning to upload it to Distrify anyway..
Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback.

Jill Woodward
Mon 29 Aug 2011Link

Howdy Faith, I couldn't help but respond when I saw your post. We were at FSU together. Sorry I don't have an answer to your question but just wanted to say HI!

Peter Gerard
Tue 30 Aug 2011Link

I can't speak about the security of Dynamo, but we don't support raw embeds because these are not very secure in a semi-public forum. For a technical explanation see the hidden section...

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Faith Fuller
Tue 30 Aug 2011Link

In reply to Jill Woodward's post on Mon 29 Aug 2011 :

Hi Jill.. WOW.. this is too cool!! Thanks for your message. I checked out your bio and you're doing some really cool stuff. Who knew you were right down the road from me in Atlanta. I hope you're enjoying NY. Thanks again for reaching out! :)

Faith Fuller
Tue 30 Aug 2011Link

In reply to Peter Gerard's post on Tue 30 Aug 2011 :

Ahhhh... okay, Peter. Makes sense now. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

Michael B. McGee
Wed 14 Sep 2011Link

are we allowed to post are availability and/or services on The D-Word? if so, where?

thanks in advance,

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