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Help, Suggestions, Future of The D-Word

Difficulties with The D-Word? If you can't find the right answers on our Help page, please post in this topic. Ideas for future D-Word releases or projects can be posted here as well.

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Michael B. McGee
Sat 22 Oct 2011Link

In reply to John Burgan's post on Wed 14 Sep 2011 :

can you elaborate on "double posting"? is there a time limit? i posted my availability back in April. can i post it again after a certain period of time?

thanks in advance,

Doug Block
Sat 22 Oct 2011Link

Sure, Michael. We mainly mean posting in two or more topics with the same message within a short period of time (say, a few days). You can, of course, get creative with changing the posts so it doesn't feel like double posting, but you didn't hear that from me.

Laura Moire Paglin
Fri 4 Nov 2011Link

Hey Doug – I'm trying to post a video in "work in progress". I'm posting the vimeo url (not the code) – but I'm getting an error message that says it's not a valid url.

Peter Gerard
Sat 5 Nov 2011Link

We have been having a problem with Vimeo's embed API. I'm working on a fix and will post here as soon as it's solved!

James Longley
Mon 19 Dec 2011Link

Uh Oh. The Doc Bar and Grill is doing that thing again where you can't see the last post.

Margot Roth
Mon 19 Dec 2011Link

The farmer and I posted at the same time which caused the space-time continuum to implode.

David Herman
Mon 19 Dec 2011Link

In reply to James Longley's post on Mon 19 Dec 2011 17:12 UTC :
Let's just continue here, I was the last poster unless you posted after me in which case I wasn't the last poster though I keep on getting a message that there is another post after mine and so maybe it was yours. Or not. So where the fuck is Jet City and I have an unopened bottle of Jura awaiting a partner. And then this post wouldn't post because Roth is posting. GET HER OUT OF HERE! Unless she joins us for a Jura (only another $14.99 for you my dear.)

Margot Roth
Mon 19 Dec 2011Link

-opening door for Herman-

No, after you.

-waits till Herman is mid-doorframe then squeezes thru at same time-

James Longley
Mon 19 Dec 2011Link

Jet City – aka Seattle – they make Boeing planes here.

Marj Safinia
Mon 19 Dec 2011Link

alright people. move along. nothing to see here.

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