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Avatar_17f889c2a71a_64 Distrify and The D-Word announce strategic partnership

Members of The D-Word documentary community can now "sell movies socially" with Distrify. The Distrify player can easily be embedded in film profiles and postings on The D-Word.

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Cameron Hickey
Tue 19 Jul 2011Link

What about coupons or some kind of gifting of the films. I see a scenario where I would like to sell my film generally, but also be able to make it free to view for certain people who i provide a code to. I think a private vimeo or youtube video could serve this need, but it would be great if a similar feature was available in Dristrify. I realize there is still an inherent cost – your streaming bandwidth – so perhaps the filmmaker can pay?

Joshua Z Weinstein
Tue 19 Jul 2011Link

Oh gotcha, miss understood. The later section is just showing the streaming, I thought it was charging the same price fora download.
If I want a download version, if have to reuplaod my file?

That is a great idea! Filmmakers would be happy to pay that cost, to give out to people that we need to see our projects.

Peter Gerard
Wed 20 Jul 2011Link

Presently it has to be a separate upload to sell a download, however I'm working on a solution to make this easier. Should be ready in a week or so.

Cameron, We've had a number of requests for this and it will be added to the list. We need to work out acceptable pricing for these "tokens" and a usability approach that makes it work smoothly and avoids potential abuse.. You're right that for now you can use YouTube or Vimeo for this kind of thing, but of course the pseudo-streaming offered by those platforms is not as robust for feature films, so we will come up with a solution in time.

Beth Humpert Dunn
Sat 23 Jul 2011Link

Peter, Ben,I've been considering Distrify for the future, but looks like the time is NOW with this great opportunity offered to us here. So I am very glad to hear about this new partnership and look forward to seeing how it develops. It's also good to have the chance to learn more about your vision for Distrify. I have a couple of questions right off the bat. 1. Can the affiliate share be adjusted, if the filmmaker wants to offer them more and is willing to do so by lowering his/her own percentage of return? 2. If the filmmaker has a digital newsletter or email blast for fans, can the Distrify button be used within it? Thanks.

Peter Gerard
Sun 24 Jul 2011Link

Hi Beth,

1. Yes, the filmmaker can offer more (or even ALL) of their percentage as affiliate commission. Distrify always pays the first 5% and the rest comes out of the filmmaker share.

2. We have a handy tool that lets you make an image version of your player so you can embed it in an email blast. You have to link it to the real player, since you cannot embed video in emails. Our partner Edinburgh International Film Festival used one in each of their email newsletters to great effect.

Beth Humpert Dunn
Mon 25 Jul 2011Link

Peter, thanks, that flexibility for affiliate commission is super and also good news abut the tricky tool.

What are your ideas about distribution of a film that is actually a web series? I have been wondering about ways to present a web series that is in post-production now. We could share episodes on YouTube and then offer a DVD of the entire series via Distrify. I am thinking this is the best way to start, because we have to market and build viewership.

To distribute episodes individually, via streaming or download, how best to do that? With the Dsitrify model, we would have to present each episode with a button using a trailer. Or would we? Might there be a way to present a series of short films, with a listing that looks something like an album with individual songs for sale? There are some services out there for music, like Top Spin and partners, but a filmmaker has to make the adaptations, as far as I can tell. I would appreciate hearing your perspective.

Steve Ladd
Mon 25 Jul 2011Link

I'm wondering what the maximum stream capacity is at a given time. I'm working with a producer who may get a huge amount of national and international publicity for his film concentrated in a short period of time. Thanks.

Peter Gerard
Tue 26 Jul 2011Link

In reply to Beth Humpert's post on Mon 25 Jul 2011 :

You can add a number of short videos to one Distrify player. Just keep adding a "new product" and you can add as many videos as you like. Then you just need the one player/preview. You can either sell the shorts individually or group them together as a "package" like a deluxe edition. You can choose to make products "only in a package" or they can be $0.99 each or $5.99 for 10, just like an album. We haven't made a how-to video for this feature yet, but it's all there and some filmmakers are using it to great success. I'll embed an example below (note: this one does not show the packages to Germany, Japan or UK, due to geo-restrictions).

In reply to Steve Ladd's post on Mon 25 Jul 2011 :

Steve, we can handle pretty much any capacity. If you expect some extra publicity, please let us know and we'll boost up our resources, but they should expand dynamically anyway. Please let us know when you expect the extra hype though, and we can join in.

Beth Humpert Dunn
Tue 2 Aug 2011Link

Peter, thanks for the info. Distrify handles the streaming and download of movie files only, is that correct? Sales and fulfillment of physical product are left up to the filmmaker. How are payments handled for these various sales, since you collect and distribute to filmmakers and affiliates?

Have there been customer service issues develop on streaming product, and if so, to whom does a customer go for a solution? Mini example- when I tried to sign up for email on Adventures of Power from the button you embedded above, I had problems. Could not 'continue.' Will try again later. Thanks.

Peter Gerard
Wed 3 Aug 2011Link

We handle all payments through the player, and presently for physical merchandise you get an email notification to fulfil the order. This can also be sent to your fulfilment company, or you can get in touch with us and we can look at deeper integration options. As soon as payments clear to our account you can request a withdrawal from the Income Report on Distrify.

For customer service on streaming and downloads, we handle that for you. If there's a problem with a DVD or other merchandise, we will contact you and ask you to get in touch with the customer to solve the problem.

I will look into the Subscribe issue you are reporting..

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