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Doug Block
Tue 30 Aug 2005Link
welcome, marco. glad you found us.

Kylie Purcell
Mon 26 Sep 2005Link

My name is Kylie Purcell and I am a third year Television Production
at Charles Sturt University in NSW, Australia. I am currently
working on a Research Paper in which I have decided to focus
on 'Editing the Documentary', and the different approaches taken in
cutting a doco as opposed to say a fictional work.
If anyone has any info or knows where I can find some i'd be very

Doug Block
Mon 26 Sep 2005Link
Well, Kylie, you might start by reading our conference: The Art of
the Documentary Editor {LINK NOT IMPORTED}

Kylie Purcell
Tue 27 Sep 2005Link
wow- i should have looked around more. This is place is excellent!!

Doug Block
Tue 27 Sep 2005Link
well, we think so ;-)

Robert Lampe
Fri 30 Sep 2005Link

my name is robert, i have made a couple shorter documentaries, combining
elements of docs and experimental film. i am in the VERY early stages of
a (hopefully) feature length doc, and i am writing a script which i
would like to shoot in the documentary style, because not only is that
stylistically appealing to me, but i find that it is the best
environment for everyone involved in the film to truly be at their most
creative, but i could write a novel on my theories about that, so i will
just stop right there. this place looks like a wonderful community.

Steve Holmes
Fri 30 Sep 2005Link
Welcome, RObert. Sounds like you have big plans.

Michael Lieberman
Fri 30 Sep 2005Link
I'm Michael Lieberman, from Binghamton, NY and recent college

Currently working on a documentary about an Iraq war veteran,
who's now speaking out against the war.

I enjoy the process immensely, as if every day shooting is an
education in life skills and cinema, which is more than I ever
got in college, believe me.

This is the best forum I've seen on documentary filmmaking and I
look forward to spending time here.

Steve Holmes
Fri 30 Sep 2005Link
Welcome, Michael. Go Binghamton Mets! Yeah, there's a limit to what
a college, even a film school, teaches you about making a film. The
rest is here on D-Word.

Doug Block
Sat 1 Oct 2005Link
Welcome, Robert and Michael. Wishing you both good luck on your

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