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Doug Block
Sat 18 Feb 2006Link
welcome, linda and al. linda, we received your registration to the
community, so we'll see you there. al, feel free to join. this is
where the doc pros hang out:

Diana Weilepp
Sun 5 Mar 2006Link
Hi everyone,

I have been a member for some time, but did not really use the forum.
But here I am now. currently I am still a student trying to finish at
the Munich Film School - studying documentary and camera. My last film
"Flight into Redness" was shown at Silverdocs last summer. Right now I
am planning to shoot my next film in my home town Hamburg. And I
decided to join the Forum for good now to be able to have more
exchanges with other documentary filmmakers.

Doug Block
Sun 5 Mar 2006Link
welcome, diana. having made a doc, you're certainly invited to join
the private d-word community, where the pros hang out. please
register at:

Steve Holmes
Mon 6 Mar 2006Link
Welcome, Diana. Congrats on Silverdocs.

Ben Kempas
Wed 8 Mar 2006Link
Diana - you're already a community member, no need to re-join.

Greetings from across the street...

Erica Ginsberg
Sat 11 Mar 2006Link
Hi Diana. We met at Silverdocs last year and I loved your film.
Look forward to seeing you in the D-Word Community.

Mike Grant
Sun 19 Mar 2006Link
Hello to all here.
We have just finished our doco and its been a 5 yr struggle..self
funded and 100% indi with all the usual sweat and in its
ready to unleash on the unsuspecting viewing first timers
we are relying on advice from others that are in or have been in
similar here we are ;-) .. our website is
( requires flash 8 ) kind regards..mike

Doug Block
Sun 19 Mar 2006Link
congrats and welcome to the d-word, mike. you'll do better joining
the professional forum, though:

Mike Grant
Mon 20 Mar 2006Link
Thanks Doug , will give it a try.

Steve Holmes
Wed 22 Mar 2006Link
Congrats and welcome, Mike. Pre-war TV? Pre-WW2? Didn't know TV was
around then. Would like to have such a vintage model.

Joe Scherrman
Fri 24 Mar 2006Link
Greetings from Dyersville, Iowa. Home of the Beautiful Basilca of
St. Francis Xavier, Farm Toy Capital of the World and home to the
baseball field made popular in the movie Field of Dreams.
Just checked in. Thanks to Steve Holmes.

Doug Block
Fri 24 Mar 2006Link
welcome, joe. see, if you build it they will come.

Steve Holmes
Fri 24 Mar 2006Link
Joe, your beanie and secret password will arrive in about six weeks.

Joe Scherrman
Sat 25 Mar 2006Link
This should be fun. You guys crack me up.

Joey Kneller
Mon 10 Apr 2006Link
Hi all, I had been trolling other sites such as DV forum etc. etc. but
what was missing, I found, was a Doc "site specific" home such as this
forum and the D-Word community. I've been in the trenches for years,
mainly with CBC and was on 'Canada A Peoples History' and other
projects for the Doc Unit out of Toronto, as well as doing A&E and
Drama/Comedy on the network. I struck out finally to do my own project
a few months ago, about a couple of modern day troubadors; puppeteers
actually, and followed them [2 camera] though their day up to an
Indian reservation in Northern Ontario. There was a puppet making
class for the children and then a show put on by these two artisans.
The easiest part was the shooting, funny how that worked out.
Anyway cheers all and I hope I can contribute and learn from the
others that find the art of the doc so drawing.

Doug Block
Mon 10 Apr 2006Link
welcome, joey. you'll want to register for the professional forum:

Joey Kneller
Tue 11 Apr 2006Link
Hi DB [ I just like the sound of that ;-) ]
I did register earlier for the proffesional forum and was
waiting to hear back, for the yay or nay.


Cliff Knopnik
Tue 11 Apr 2006Link

I'm planning out a documentary/drama and am interested in finding
resources on what you can / can't include in documentaries from
existing works, and how to go about purchasing licenses for
copyrighted works. For example: How do you include a news clip about
current news? How do you get the rights to include a clip from an old
John Wayne movie, etc.

I'll find a more accurate topic to post this under too.


Ben Kempas
Tue 11 Apr 2006Link
Welcome, Cliff.

Answers to be posted in {LINK NOT IMPORTED} ...

Don Stroud
Wed 19 Apr 2006Link
Hi everyone. New to the forum, and new to the world of documentaries.
I'm just starting research on a small documentary for a studio in Los
Angeles, and I'm looking forward to tapping the brainpower and
experience of my fellow filmmakers.


Doug Block
Wed 19 Apr 2006Link
Welcome to the brave new world of docs, Don.

Steve Holmes
Wed 19 Apr 2006Link
Welcome, Don. Does Los Angeles have a film community?

Just kidding.

Monica Morales
Thu 20 Apr 2006Link
Hi everyone! I'm new to this and also new to making documentaries
but I'm working on one right now and hoping to find more resources
and learn as I go...

Steve Holmes
Thu 20 Apr 2006Link
Glad you're here, Monica. You've come to the right place.

Doug Block
Thu 20 Apr 2006Link
good luck, monica. care to tell us what the doc is about?

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