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Welcome to The D-Word! Stop in and sign the guest book - let us know a little (or a lot) about yourself.

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Sarah Lerato Katz
Mon 19 Nov 2001Link
Oh right. oops. well hi to "the public" anyway.

IDFA Guest User
Tue 20 Nov 2001Link
For our public conferences:

Whoever will post under the "docsonline" user name during the next
two weeks is a guest at the Amsterdam festival using a special user
name and password.

Doug Block
Tue 20 Nov 2001Link
Hopefully, they will identify themselves in the body of the post.

Ben Kempas
Tue 20 Nov 2001Link
Or just replace the IDFA Guest User line by their own name ...

Please put your name here
Tue 20 Nov 2001Link
I have changed it. Instead of "IDFA Guest User", it says "Please put
your name here" now. The user name remains {docsonline}.

Stuart Watson
Mon 26 Nov 2001Link

I'm Stuart Watson, an investigative reporter working in local TV news.
I learned of the D-Word Community from a group of filmmakers who were
producing a documentary about our television newsroom for PBS.

I'd like to learn how to edit with Final Cut Pro.

Any ideas on the best way to get started are appreciated.


Doug Block
Tue 27 Nov 2001Link
Welcome, Stuart. Was that Local News, perchance? David Van Taylor
and Brad Lichtenstein from Lumiere are D-Word members.

We have a thriving FCP topic in our D-Word Community (which you
certainly qualify for) where any and all your questions will get
answered. Email me if you want to join:

Donna Andrews
Thu 6 Dec 2001Link

I am an independent writer/producer from Iowa. Past work has included
corporate, training, marketing, educational and some local public
television work. I am now focusing my career on environmental
education and documentary. Iowa is not a great place to be for this
kind of work. I am lacking a "community" of independent/documentary
producers. Therefore, I look forward to checking in regularly with
the d-word community, to network and learn from you all.

Doug Block
Thu 6 Dec 2001Link
Welcome, Donna. Nice to have you come all this way to join us ;-)

Robert Goodman
Fri 7 Dec 2001Link
I guess frequent trips to Chicago are in order?

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