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Paul Cypert
Sat 14 Oct 2006Link
Hey Guys,
My name is Paul Cypert. I'm an american living in Bangkok, Thailand.
I am a photographer getting more and more into documentary films.


Doug Block
Sat 14 Oct 2006Link
welcome, paul. glad you found us.

Paul Cypert
Sun 15 Oct 2006Link
Do people still use this forum? Doesn't seem like there's many
posts...I'm trying to find a good community for doc stuff.


Doug Block
Sun 15 Oct 2006Link
This is The D-Word's public forum where all newcomers are welcome.
The forum for those with professional doc experience is The D-Word
Community, and that's where the lion's share of posts are. You're
pretty much limited to The Mentoring Room topic here. And of course
you can read the special guest topics we have from time to time.

Hope to have a makeover of The D-Word in a few months where the
public forum will be expanded. Stay tuned.

Paul Cypert
Sun 15 Oct 2006Link
I guess I'll just have to wait till I'm approved or whatever for the
other forum. Pretty sure I did things correctly, but not sure...


Doug Block
Sun 15 Oct 2006Link
did you apply?

Paul Cypert
Mon 16 Oct 2006Link
Well I sent something where I detailed out my doc experience and all


Richard P. Alvarez
Sun 22 Oct 2006Link
Okay, having a bit of a time navigating the pages, but I'm trying to
jump through the right hoops to become a community member.

I found the site through a posting on, where I usually
hang out.

I have more than twenty five years of professional experience in
radio, television and film. I've worked as a television
cameraman,audio engineer, radio newscaster, actor, theatrical
producer, stunt coordinator, screenwriter and yes, filmmaker.

My first first long form doc, AMERICAN JOUSTER won some awards, and is selling well - so I
am happy with it.

Hoping to make some connections and always looking for new friends.


Doug Block
Sun 22 Oct 2006Link
richard, welcome. to register for the community, go to:

Steve Lickteig
Fri 3 Nov 2006Link

I work as a radio producer to pay the bills, but I currently have two
documentary films I'm working on. The first, which is nearly
completed, is called Waiting for Hockney directed by Julie Checkoway.
I served as assistant director on the film, conducting about one-third
of the interviews. You can learn more at

The other project's working title is Open Secret. It's a personal
story about a secret kept from me for much of my life. Here's the
brief pitch:

What if everything you thought you knew about yourself was wrong? Who
your siblings were? Your parents? Even your heritage? Now imagine that
everybody in your community knew the truth except you. Open Secret
tells the true story of how a farm boy from Kansas discovered who his
adoptive family really was, his connection to the Holocaust and why it
took 30 years to uncover the truth.

A very short "trailer" (something I submitted for a grant a couple of
years ago when I didn't know anything about making a film can be
viewed here:

Now, I have a real director of photography and much more footage.

Anyway, I've been a lurker here for years and now I'm diving in.

Many thanks,


Ana Da Silva
Sat 4 Nov 2006Link

I too have a day job to pay the bills (and after grad school those
are many) and want to work with documentaries, mainly focusing on
underpriviledged children around the world. I've wanted to work
with helping children and tried joining Unicef but hey, I'm not the
office diplomat type. I want to be on the road.

So I googled and ended up here. I know the basics of video
production and have worked with the media in different capacities.
I find that documentaries are a way of being a journalist with
creative room.

I'm very passionate about social issues and am one of those people
who's not happy with her job being just a job. I need to be
involved with my work. I'm figuring out where to go next and being
in NYC helps of course. I'd like to research and write (perhaps
eventually produce).

I'll keep it at that for now and if anyone has any suggestions,
ideas, or comments please do share. Thank you for having me here!


Doug Block
Sat 4 Nov 2006Link
Welcome Ana and Steve. Glad you found us. Ana, hard to give
suggestions without specific questions. Maybe you could take one or
two to the Mentoring Room topic.

Ana Da Silva
Sat 4 Nov 2006Link
Thank you Doug! I'll try that.

Robert Murdock
Wed 8 Nov 2006Link
Hello all,

I am a 30-somthing guy from Seattle Wa. I've recently taken up an
interest in documentaries. I'm going to try to take the creative
plunge and see what I can do with making one or two or ....?

I actually was looking for a place to post some specific questions
but found this topis, so, just sayhing hi!


Doug Block
Thu 9 Nov 2006Link
howdy, robert. post your questions in the Mentoring Room topic.


Andrew Corica
Sun 26 Nov 2006Link
Hi, I am Andrew, 16 years. I hail from PA. I have just started with
documentary's. My first one was on Myanmar in 8th grade. And I am
working on my second and third this year.

Robert Goodman
Sun 26 Nov 2006Link
That's terrific. Welcome. The hosts will chime in soon but they are in
Amsterdam at the moment.

Doug Block
Sun 26 Nov 2006Link
greetings from amsterdam, andrew. great to have you aboard. good
luck with your docs!

John Burgan
Tue 28 Nov 2006Link
Greetins from Denmark too. What was the story of your Myanmar doc,

Robby Bailey
Thu 30 Nov 2006Link
Hey everyone. I am an aspiring filmmaker, in the process of doing
what I can to get into film school, but until then I am trying to
absorb as much knowledge as I can about film. I find myself at the
begining of what I hope is an amazing journey.

Allison Wilson
Thu 30 Nov 2006Link
My name is Allison. I moved to Eugene, OR after graduating from
Webster University with a degree in Audio Production. I am currently
working with a lovely lady here in town developing a documentary
about Gnostic Christianity. I have some experience from school, but
am lost as to where to start, really. Where do we go for funding?
That's the big question. How do we get the ball rolling? We've found
a producer and other community members willing to help. My hope is
that this film will give me the experience to start making my own
very soon. Any advice is greatly appreicated.

Doug Block
Mon 4 Dec 2006Link
Welcome Robby and Allison. The Mentoring Room is the place to ask
those sorts of questions, Allison. Generally, though, there's private
money, grants and broadcast money. And broadcast money, if any, won't
come until you're considerably further along.

Joel Heller
Mon 11 Dec 2006Link
{erased by joelheller Mon, 11 Dec 2006 14:31:27 GMT}

Nishtha Jain
Sun 17 Dec 2006Link
I'm a documentary filmmaker from India. Just learnt about this site from
a fellow filmmaker. I have been making independent documentaries for the
last 5-6 years. Before that I was doing TV shows and docu-series. Just
finished a film recently that premiered at IDFA called 'Six yards to
democracy'. My last film 'City of Photos' too did a fair amount of
travelling. I'm really keen to be part of this forum. I have registered.
Are there any more formalities before one can become a member?

Doug Block
Mon 18 Dec 2006Link
Glad to see you registered for the professional community, Nishtha.
It may take up to a few days, but you will definitely become a member.
Please be patient. Look forward to seeing you online again soon.

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